In this article some of the top gurus will be sharing their killer tips and techniques that will help you boost your self-confidence right away.

Adam Lyons’s Killer Techniques To Boost Self-confidence

Realistically, the easiest and quickest way that I‟ve ever found to develop self-confidence is to actually go out there and practice.

Confidence only comes from experience. No matter how much preparation you do in advance, if you haven’t had the experience in a situation, you are always going to be scared.

On the other hand, if you’ve spent thousands of hours out there practicing talking to people, you’re going to have amazing confidence when it comes to going out and approaching. So the more you go out and do it, the easier it’s going to get. It’s going to suck the first few times, yeah, you are going to be nervous and you are going to be shaking. But trust me, after even two hours of consistently approaching over and over again, speaking to absolutely everybody, your fear of approach is going to drastically reduce, and you’re going to gain that self-confidence.

Another completely off the cuff way is to become a charity worker. Spend some of your time on the weekend collecting money and that’s really a good excuse to go out and talk to random people and it helps you build up that confidence to get used to talking people and actually interacting with people you’ve never met.

Alex Coulson’s Killer Techniques To Boost Self-confidence

It is about how you start to believe in yourself because that is what I think self-confidence is. I think that when you start seeing the fruits of your labors – when you start seeing results – your self-confidence grows. So when you start approaching girls and they aren‟t slapping you in the face and you‟re not getting any verbal confrontation or any physical violence – you might be getting success. You might be holding conversations for three minutes. You might be getting phone numbers. And then you start realizing, “I can do this, and I deserve this girl.” That‟s when you start developing self-confidence. I think that‟s really it: when you start seeing the fruits of your labor, when you start getting results. So it‟s really being results-focused. When you start getting results coming in, that‟s how you grow.

Bobby Rio’s Killer Techniques To Boost Self-Confidence

This is a really simple answer, but I think it‟s really impactful: just create small successes for yourself. I don‟t think you can build artificial confidence. Doing affirmations or self-hypnosis or any of that stuff; I personally haven‟t found any of that to work. What I found to work – and not just in the area of dating and relationships – but in all areas of life is just creating small, little successes on a daily basis for myself. This, in turn, gives you a building block of confidence. Maybe a small success could just be starting a conversation with a woman. Maybe doing that a few days in a row, you start to feel good about yourself because you took some risk. Maybe a small success is getting a phone number. As you build up those small successes, your confidence level will increase every day and to me that is the easiest way to build self-confidence.

Brad Jackson’s Killer Techniques To Boost Your Confidence

There are so many paths to self confidence but it starts with the thoughts you tell yourself every day. Waking up and telling yourself that you‟re worth it and affirmations spoken aloud fool your mind into believing it even if you‟re having trouble at first.

Then those thoughts drive action. Hold yourself with better posture, study body language. If you force a smile, your mind can‟t help move towards happy. If you stand up straight and walk proud, even if you‟re not, you‟ll develop that feeling. The body-mind connection is funny that way.

Lastly, nothing builds confidence more that competence. Get good at something – anything. At I teach guys how to use magic tricks to create curiosity with women. I teach them how to impress women with a skill that most guys don‟t possess and it allows them to bring out their personality.

techniques to boost confidence

But what‟s really happening is that I‟m helping them build “competence” in a skill. Then when they KNOW they‟re good at something, they‟re “confident” in their ability and that confidence starts to show in many other aspects of their life. It‟s like planting a confidence seed with competence.

Brent Smith’s Killer Techniques To Boost Confidence

I think really the number one way to build confidence is to tell yourself that you‟re confident, right? It‟s about having a strong relationship with yourself and the idea that what you tell yourself really matters. That what you tell yourself causes you to believe a certain way. Then you project that vibe when you‟re out and people will also believe what you believe. So first of all, tell yourself that you‟re confident. I‟m super confident. When I go out people realize that I‟m confident and they treat me great. But you have to do that over and over and over again. You have to do it every day.

So I think that‟s the number one thing: to work on that relationship with yourself.

Carlos Xuma’s Secrets To Build Self-Confidence

There are two kinds. There’s pervasive self-confidence that you carry with you most of the time – your ambient level of self-confidence – and then there is skill-specific self confidence such as when you do a task. For instance, when I pick up a guitar now, I‟m pretty confident with that. But if you put some drum sticks in my hand, I’m a total flub. So it’s about doing the things that you do well regularly. It‟s about regular practice with the things you love to do that aren’t even related to women. You do that enough regularly, it seeps into your life, and it creates this foundation of confidence that you really can’t escape if you wanted.

Christian Hudson Shares His Techniques For Boosting Your Confidence

Well, I don’t know if there’s an easiest way to develop self-confidence, but there’s a quickest way to develop self-confidence because ultimately confidence is rooted in the belief that when there’s something you want you can achieve it. And so you build a belief system around this. In the past I have done X, Y and Z, therefore I know that I can do X, Y and Z in the future when I’m presented with that chance again. The challenge for many men is that they haven’t tried to approach attractive women or have these women in their life, so their belief system doesn’t have any evidence to support that.

Self-confidence is all about being able to have a roadblock in front of you and clear it, whether it would be in approaching women or being good at math or being good at sports or anything in your life in which you want to get better. So that’s why I say there’s no easiest way because self-confidence is all about getting past roadblocks and understanding that and being comfortable with doing that again and again and again. So really it involves going out there and taking the actions you need to take in terms of approaching women, bringing them to your life, escalating and getting past those roadblocks.

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And in many cases men find those roadblocks are things that they erect for themselves and that aren’t related to them in reality. But in some cases they find that, “Hey, there’s a skill I need to learn or there’s something I need to do better.” But it all starts with your intention and your motivation and your ability to just push yourself to do it. You can spend years and years reading programs, but if you don’t take action on the advice that you read, then you’ll never going to be able to develop that self-confidence. So quickest way to do it is to throw yourself in – total immersion, whether that would be through working with a coach or whether that be just grabbing your balls and doing it on your own, but that is the quickest way to develop self confidence.

David Wygant On How To Build Self-confidence

The best thing to do is to go out there every single day and stop expecting your whole life to change. When you order a product after hearing a guy talk about his life don‟t compare yourself to him. Instead, start doing the exercises. If you can‟t approach women, then go out there and just smile all day long and see how people respond to you. Go out there and say hello. Go out there and observe everything that‟s going on around you and think, “What can I say in this situation?” Start working on your natural instincts. Start thinking about things you can say so you become more of a natural. Do it in small bits and pieces. Don‟t have an unrealistic goal.

I used to coach people on businesses. One guy told me: “I am making $3,000 a month. I want to make $20,000 a month and I want to do it in 60 days.” I told him, “Why don‟t you try to make $3,200 at the end of 30 days?” He said, “Why? That is such a small goal.” I said, “Yeah, but it‟s more than you make right now and that‟s going to build up your confidence and give you the skills to take it further.” So it‟s the same principle. Do things in small little increments, and then you can actually get the end result that you want. But you can‟t just change your life right away. You‟ve got to do the small, little things and that‟s what I did. I used to go out and say hello to women and I realized, “God, they actually want to say hello to me back. Maybe tomorrow, I actually will go talk to them.” And I did and I started building my confidence day by day.

Dean Cortez On How To Attract More Women By Boosting Your Confidence

The fastest shortcut to developing self-confidence is to start achieving some small victories. It‟s like a snowball rolling down a hill, and as it keeps rolling, it keeps gathering more snow, it keeps gathering more momentum. With self-confidence, you‟ve got to realize it‟s not something that some guys are born with and the rest of us will never possess. Really it‟s within all of us. We‟re born as men. We‟ve got an alpha male side to us. But for a lot of guys, it‟s been deeply buried because over the years, all those failures we have with women and all those insecurities we‟ve built up in our own heads and all the limiting beliefs we started to develop – all that stuff just suppresses our self-confidence.

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Start notching up those small victories. Once you become confident in the fact that you can talk to women, you can put smiles on their faces, get to know them and then go on your way without ever being needy or exuding desperation, then those small victories lead to larger ones. It happens in increments. Self-confidence isn‟t achieved overnight. It also helps tremendously to have a game plan for when you go into conversations with women. Don‟t just wing it. That‟s why guys run out of steam and the awkward silences happen and the guys wind up getting blown off.

When you‟ve got some solid techniques and some material to talk to girls about, the conversations will flow much easier and you will gain confidence as a result. All you need to do is get a pen and a pad of paper or fire up your word processor on your computer and make a list of your five most positive qualities. These could be interests of yours. They could be talents. They could be goals that you‟re working towards.

Now in your next conversation with a woman, make it a point to sort of touch on a few of those areas and to get her to share on those topics as well. What is she into? What is she passionate about? What is she working towards?

You never want to enter into a new conversation and do the whole job interview routine: What is your name? Where are you from? Have you been here before? You want to be the one leading the whole interaction, asking her questions and then responding.

You want to have some interesting stories to tell. The better equipped you are to talk to women, the more success you‟ll have. As you experience more success and the conversations get longer and deeper and you start getting phone numbers and getting dates as a result of these conversations, your self-confidence is going to grow in steady increments. So when it comes to self-confidence, there is no magic bullet. There is no easy fix. However, just keep in mind that any guy can develop his self-confidence through applying this stuff. Confidence basically is a muscle that every man is born with, but a lot of guys don‟t exercise that muscle for many years and it atrophies. It gets weak. So the more you exercise this muscle and build it up through conversations and through positive interactions, the more confident you become.