Power Affirmations are basically affirmations said with more energy and emotion behind them. The key to making these work is getting energized and saying them with passion. If you just repeat a bunch of affirmations without the emotional connection, they’ll have little value.

Our subconscious mind acts as a tape recorder. We have years of negative programming stored inside us that we have to overwrite with new positive thoughts.

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Whatever we tell the subconscious mind, it accepts as fact. It doesn’t question what we tell it. Therefore by using Power Affirmations repeatedly, the subconscious mind will actually accept them as facts and your body and life will begin to respond accordingly. The Power Affirmations we’ll be doing are different from traditional affirmations in that we first want to get into an upbeat energized state before reciting them. Think of Power Affirmations as traditional affirmations on steroids. I want you to start by opening up your mind to the idea that all is possible. Many of us grow cynical and set in our ways and this type of thinking can stop real inner growth, so before you perform your affirmations, get into the mindset that anything is possible. Get excited that you have such power over your subconscious mind. When done with great physiology, tonality, energy, and emotion, Affirmations can bring tremendous results. Recite this list 10 times with total passion. Really feel each one and believe it’s real in your life.

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Power Affirmations For You

The past doesn’t matter.

I see an exciting future but live in the moment. Now is all that matters. It’s all that is real.

Approaching women is getting easier for me.

My level of confidence is increasing right now.

I’m a naturally attractive man.

Women are attracted to me.

People love to be around me.

My body language is attractive to me.

I’m accessing my natural male instincts.

I am unlimited energy and potential.

Right now I’m letting go of past guilt and fears.

The past has nothing to do with the future.

People are naturally drawn to me.

I am attracting success and wealth into my life today.

Starting now, I am creating my life exactly as I want it to be.

I exude a positive aura that people feel.

I love others and I am loved.

My mind is at peace.

I’m beneath no one.

Words flow easily and freely from my mouth.

I have unlimited charisma.

My body is strong and I’m getting myself in perfect shape and health.

I have abundant energy, vitality and well-being.

I am free to be myself.

I’m opening my mind to the possibility of a more confident identity.

I have unlimited confidence.

My confidence level is infinite.