Ah, personality types! My favorite subject in the world! All of us were not born the same.

Everyone was born with a distinct personality type, which influences how he or she communicates to the world.

There are several different ways to classify personality types but I’m only going to mention a few in this post. I like to keep things simple and there are a couple things you need to know about this.

Take a minute to answer some questions.

1. Are you a quiet person?
2. Do you enjoy your alone time?
3. Does socializing with people drain you?
4. Do you often go home early from parties or not go to
them at all?
5. Does the idea of socializing with people cause a feeling
of dread in you?
6. Do people generally refer to you as a “quiet guy”?

Well, if you answered yes to most of those questions, you are most likely shy and/or introverted. I know because I happen to be very shy and introverted.

So, what’s the difference?

Well, introverts charge their batteries by being alone and they prefer solitary hobbies as opposed to going out and socializing.

Shyness has more to do with social anxiety and those who are shy don’t like being in groups or performing in front of groups. They fear being criticized, so they often don’t speak up at all.

Growing up I was always shy, not wanting to take part in group activities. I always avoided giving speeches in school and would gladly take a zero on them. I had a huge fear of being criticized in a group setting. This also contributed to my fear of approaching women.

It was bad enough having to be rejected by strangers, but having women reject me? Well, that was much worse!

I also happen to be very introverted. I LOVE my alone time and enjoy staying at home working on the house. Going to parties and socializing always drains my batteries and I often have to go be by myself to “recharge.”

Now, notice I said I was shy and I am introverted.

That’s because shyness is something you can overcome by getting out and speaking to groups. I’ve actually overcome my shyness now. I did it by joining a Toastmasters club and giving lots of speeches. Now, I’m a pretty damn good public speaker. I never thought that would ever happen.

This of course, carried over to my dating life. I went out on A lot of dates and got used to talking to women. Now, dates are no big deal and I can talk about anything and everything with a woman.

Now, introversion is something you are born with and it stays with you for life. But this is good news! Once you know you’re introverted, you can use it to your advantage.

couple dating

So you like staying in and engaging in solitary hobbies.Big deal! Nobody is going to come over and arrest you. In fact, most women actually find that attractive.

Think about it. A quiet guy who doesn’t say much ismysterious! It will drive women crazy wanting to know more about you. I used to think being a quiet guy was a horrible thing and no woman would ever accept me. Now I know better.

Now, if you are nothing like the above then you are most likely extroverted and outgoing. Extroverts gain energy by socializing with people. That’s how they charge their batteries. These are the guys who liven up the party. They can go all night! Sometimes they never shut up!

OK, so why am I bringing up these two different kinds of people?

Well, because it has to do with dating compatibility.

When I look back at all the women I’ve dated, I noticed that most of them were very outgoing girls. This was strange because I’m a quiet guy. In fact, me being mellow and laid back never bothered these women at all and it even seemed to comfort them.

All the best relationships I had were with outgoing, free spirited, “wild” women.

So, what does this mean?

It means that opposites attract!

This made so much sense to me once I realized it. Whenever I went out with quiet women who didn’t talk much, the relationship never lasted very long. In fact, it was the shy women who always asked me, “Why are you so quiet? What’s wrong? Is something wrong?”

Isn’t that amazing? It’s counterintuitive!

You would think that quiet guys would freak out really outgoing women but it’s actually the opposite.

Think about it. Social women like to talk, A lot. Quiet guys like to listen. It’s a perfect match!

The woman I’m dating right now is a talker. She’s always the life of the party a performer. She’s also into the arts. I am more of a listener, and I like to avoid the spotlight. I’m also a science kind of guy. So we are perfect opposites and the relationship is great!

So, what this means is that if you want a really fulfilling relationship with a beautiful high quality woman, I recommend you find your opposite in personality type. If you do, it will be a more fruitful relationship.

If you are more of a quiet guy, then look for women who are outgoing and gregarious. It’s not hard to find them; they might even ask you out.

If you are a social guy and are typically the life of the party, then you need to find a quiet laid back kind of girl.

Think right now about the women you have dated and the ones that worked out the best. I’ll bet you anything that your most fulfilling relationships were when you were dating your opposite!