This is where you’ll make sure that girl’s attraction meter will shoot up instead of down when she’s talking to you. Listen and react to what she is saying. In my earlier example (previous post), I showed you two women and how they have a conversation. Women start on a subject and then delve more deeply into it,creating a bond between them. This is the exact type of bond you need to create with a woman in order to cause the attraction to rise instead of fall, and you do this by listening.

When most guys approach a woman, they try to create a whole new feeling, thought, and conversation than the one she’s having, without even realizing it. Take, for example, a woman who might be eating a peach at a farmer’s market. A typical guy will walk over and ask her a question about the weather, or try to crack some joke, instead of picking the obvious thing like I’m about to show you.

So let’s put the steps I’ve shown you up to this point (Please refer to previous posts) all together. Pretend you see a woman eating a juicy peach at a farmer’s market. How do you come across as the confident male instead of the bumbling guy who has nothing to say? You’ve already completed the first step, i.e., observed what she’s doing. The second step is to walk over immediately. Walk over with authority and confidence. When you approach her, be playful and say:

You:  “That looks great. Can I have a bite?”

Woman: “I don’t know… I don’t know if I’m in the mood to share today.”

You: “What, you don’t like to share?”

Woman: “I love to share, but I don’t even know you.”

You:” ” “What do you need to know in order for me to get a bite of that peach?”

Woman:” “Well, we could start with your name.”

You: “So all I need to do is tell you my name, and I’ll get a bite of that peach?”

Woman: “Maybe…”

You: “I’ll tell you what. Take me to where you got that peach, and I’ll get my own. Then we’ll compare and see who got the better peach. We’ll go bite for bite.”

Woman: “You’re on… I’ll go bite for bite. I believe in my peach.”

You:” ” “What else do you believe in?”

You started a conversation with her based on your observation, and at this point you’ve now segued away from the peach, and opened the door to her sharing her thoughts with you. You’ve also been very playful and you’ve challenged her. You’ve turned a simple approach into a fun game.

Conversation Techniques

Plus the game was all about something she was already doing. Again, most men fail to create attraction, because they talk in random thoughts, which is not “she talk.”

At this point, I know some of you are reading this and thinking to yourself, come on, a peach? A woman is eating a peach and I’m supposed to ask her for a bite? That sounds so ridiculous. But it really isn’t. It’s about being playful. Many times I’ve sat in restaurants and sat next to a group of people, and I’ve looked at what they’re eating, and I have said, “God that looks good; can I have a bite?” The majority of times, they’ll actually give me a bite! When you’re playful, you’re being different, and that’s the whole point about overcoming your fears and becoming a natural.

Women are very attracted to guys who are confident, and by asking for a bite of food, a sip of coffee, or a bite of a woman’s peach, you’re simply conveying that you just don’t care what other people think, and you’re a playful and fun person. It also gives them the impression that you’re daring and different.

So what have you learned so far about attraction momentum? It’s made up of three simple parts. The first step is all about two things, flashing your confident smile to let her know you’re playful, confident, and open, and then immediately, confidently walking over to her to keep that attraction momentum building. Next you should make an observation about her world, and then join her in that world without breaking her train of thought. Finally, listen and react to what she’s saying!

It really is that simple. Also, don’t be afraid to be different and take a chance, as long as you do it in a playful way! That’s it! So go out and practice building attraction momentum, and you’ll love the results you’ll start to see!