In a previous post we discussed Association that is the first key To Memory Development (If you did not read that post, you can read that here

In this post we are going the second key to memory development that is ‘location’. Location acts like a map for memory. You can think of locations as filing cabinets that provide a natural and efficient means of storing and retrieving memories. This is because we are living in a world that is three-dimensional. We can locate objects physically and mentally by where they reside or by following a set of predetermined coordinates.

Talking on ancient times, location was the first thing that was used for memory development. The ancient Greeks and later Romans discovered that the best way to remember things was to impose order on them. SO they used to choose a series of places (also known as loci) which they were already familiar with. These locations usually consisted of rooms around the houses, arches, balconies, statues, and so on. They used to place the images of what they wanted to recall on various locations. Not only real location but imagined locations were also used to place the images of the things that they wanted to remember.

What locations do is actually to bring order to our lives and without order we can say our lives will be in chaos. Just think about it, if you were instructed to write down every thing you have done today and that too in order. how will you recall every thing in order?. you would probably start retracing your steps and to act as a reference you will most likely use the places you have travelled through.

In a previous post we leant how it is possible to link any two ideas and objects, likewise it is possible for our brain to find an association between any word, notion, object or thought and a location. Take number three for example, at first glance it appears to be just a number, but if you allow your mind to radiate freely, number three can redirect you to lots of associated places, may be you scored a third position in an exam and the place you were awarded on will suddenly comes to your mind.

We saw that location is an indispensable part of memory development process. Because locations has lots of memories associated. If you think of your first school, you may mind lots of memories come flooding back all of a sudden. If you visit any place that you have visited in the past, you will recall lots of memories attached to that place. This is how it works, locations associate memories and our brain associate memories with locations and then locations act as a trigger to recall those memories.

Even if you think of the place where you are right now, reading this post, this place too has lots of memories associated. You have done lots of things here, met lots of people here and i am sure had lots of fun here too.