During my many years of internet dating, I’ve seen lots of different types of women. Some are better for longer term relationships and some are short term girls. This mostly has to do with a woman’s character and maturity. Everyone is at a different place in his or her life at any given time and this really has a big effect on how a relationship is going to unfold.

When I was younger, I definitely wanted different things then I do now. I was more wild and more into the sexual part of relationships. I was too goal oriented and getting “sex” was my main objective.

Well, this caused a lot of problems because almost any woman can sense this. If you are after a “quick lay”, she will know this right away. The beautiful, higher quality women will be even better at sensing it. This was why I often failed at Internet Dating during my early years. I was trying to be “cool” instead of just being myself because I had only one goal in mind.

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I’m always amazed at a woman’s ability to tell if someone is being congruent with themselves. The thing about online dating is, everything must be congruent with who you really are, from your headline to your pictures and on down to your write up.

If you don’t express your true self in your online dating profile and emails, you will ultimately fail at attracting a beautiful high quality woman!

Read the above statement again and again until it sinks in deep. Let me tell you something else. I didn’t really become insanely successful at online dating until I expressed my true self.

The key to this is not being afraid of who you really are and knowing that women will still love and respect you for being yourself. Too many guys out there are playing games and using tactics to try and attract women, and while this might get you a low quality woman in the short term, this will not work in attracting a high quality woman long term. After all, how long can you keep up such a charade? Not long!

Because eventually, it will drain you and suck you of your life energy.

Imagine how good it would feel to be with someone knowing you could just be yourself and not have to put on some sort of act. You could go out with a beautiful woman and go with the flow, no worries, and no problems. If it eventually doesn’t work out that’s ok because you were true to yourself and if someone can’t accept the real you then they aren’t good enough for you anyway.

You probably know what I’m getting at by now. As you apply the system in this post, always try and be yourself as much as possible. Use your own words, your own humor and your own real confidence. Women will be so much more turned on if you do and you’ll attract the right woman for you.

And this is really important!

Get over the fear that you aren’t good enough! Don’t be afraid to reveal the real you! The only way to attract the right woman is to be yourself. If you put on false self and act like someone you’re not, you’ll attract the wrong woman for you.

If you’ve been single for a while, think about what you did on New Year’s Eve and Valentines Day last year? Yep, that’s right. It would have been much better with someone special.


So, as you go through your online dating life, think about what you really want and of course, know who you really are and express that. If you follow those guidelines, you’ll be far more successful with internet dating.