In this post, we are bringing you even more cool and fun ideas that you can use to have amazing and great first dates. All you have to do is to follow the experts who are going to teach you how to have the kind of of first dates that will blow a girl’s mind away. Let’s get started.

DJ Fuji’s Thoughts And Tips For Your First Date

The first date depends on how far you’ve gotten into the interaction. So for example, if you met the girl briefly during the day, you’re going to have a different day 2 than a nighttime thing where you spent three hours with her, right? So it really depends on where you’re going. A very, very good general day 2 is to have her meet at your place or nearby. You forgot your wallet. Have her come in while you go grab your wallet. Shoo her out and go out. Do something where you hit multiple venues. You might go ice-skating. You might go get ice cream. You might go to the coffee store. You might say hi to a friend. Do multiple things and then you come back because her stuff is at your place. And you come back and you hang out and you watch a movie or you cook dinner together. I would avoid actually going out to dinner. I would avoid movies. I would avoid anything that triggers the behaviors of a guy trying to “date her.”

John Alanis Shares His Techniques To Have Great First Dates

When I met women in my 20s, I didn’t like to go out and have any alcohol. But I’ve changed my stance on that simply because I have developed a taste for red wine and occasionally Scotch. So I like going out to a wine bar and I like nice restaurants.

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The thing women hate is when you say, “What do you want to do?” So I’ll say, “Look, I want a good steak tonight. Let’s go here and get a steak. Sound good to you?” She’s still involved, but I’m taking the leadership and personal authority. I like to go to a place where the girl is going to have a good time. Generally any place that I want to go, I let her be involved in the decision-making process. If she says, “No I hate that stuff. That doesn’t work for me.” I’ll say, “All right, how about here? Sound good? All right, let’s go here.” And really it comes back to that old bad movie in the 80’s, „Buckaroo Banzai with John Lithgow, and there is a saying at the end of that, “Wherever you go, there you are.” And it really is a very important thing for attraction, because what it means is that wherever she is with you, that is the place to be. That’s really the mindset that you want to have: “wherever you go, there you are.”

Kezia Noble’s First Date Ideas For Men

It depends on the girl who he’s met. It depends on what she’s like. It depends on where they met. A lot of it has to do with that. For instance, one guy I was teaching is from Germany and he met a Brazilian girl in London, so he said, “Oh, where should I take her, Kezia?” I said, “Look, you’ve got to take her to a very traditional English place – somewhere that’s really, really English.” And he said, “Oh, I don’t want to do that.” I said, “Yes, you must do that so that you two can both make fun of the English and the culture together with these two foreigners connecting on this one thing. I would do it. If you are a foreign guy in America dating another foreign girl, you take her to a cowboy kind of saloon. You know, a typical American Western style of place and you can connect by laughing and being these two people who are amongst all these other people that they might not be able to relate to, so that is quite good.” So that’s one example.

You do not want to take a girl on a big long dinner date. Again, the girl feels that there’s way too much pressure. She feels like she’s got to sit there for two hours minimum talking to this guy. I don’t want to do that. You’ve got this big separation between both of you, like candles and roses and stuff, and although it sounds romantic, it really isn’t. So a packed bar something with a lot of music, a place where you can bounce to other bars is always very effective. If it’s really packed when you’re getting drinks, you can send her on to go find chairs, and when she comes back she has failed the mission, so it’s all these different kind of things that you can do in that respect.

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Going to the park is nice. There is the dog thing. If you’re talking to a girl about dogs sometimes you can – I know this is really cheeky –- go to kennels where dogs are rescued and maybe choose a dog. That is actually really effective because then the girl sees a softer side to you which is very powerful because it’s not directed to her.

Entropy’s First Date Tips

Personally, if it’s more of a casual thing, I take them out for a drink. I’ll take them for a bite to eat and a drink and then sometimes maybe dancing or something like that. It depends on what they’re into and what my mood is. My philosophy on first dates and dates in general is that the whole idea of the date is you’re giving her a sneak preview of your world: What it’s like to be a part of your life. So you are best served doing what you enjoy. I’m a night owl. I like going out all the time. I’m very social so I like to include that stuff in where I take my women. Really the only rule of first dates that I teach a guy is no lunch dates and no movies in theaters. That’s date suicide basically.

Marni Wing Girl Tells Guys Where To Take The Girl On The First Date

Where should he take me? There are tons of fun places. It’s whatever the guy wants. If it’s normal for him to go go-karting and he wants to bring me along to see if I can “hang” with him and his world, then he can do those elaborate things. But usually I say for the first date, don’t spend a lot of money. You’re really trying to get to know a person. Maybe go for a drink or ask them if they want to go for a walk somewhere if there is a pier by where you live. There isn’t really the ideal first date spot.

Don’t invest too much in somebody who you’re not sure you want to invest in, especially if you’re going to be dating a lot of people. You don’t want to be shelling out hundreds of dollars every single week. The important thing on a date is for the man to lead and maintain that masculine role no matter where he ends up going. So if it’s taking you to a wine bar and leading by recommending a cool wine to try, this enhances the female’s experience. She gets to feel more feminine and he gets to feel like more a masculine leader. That’s attractive to me. Or he could take you to the batting cages and show you how to swing a bat. It doesn’t matter where it is, it matters the type of character that you represent yourself as on that first date.

Nick Quick’s First Date Ideas

Tell her to come up to your place. I see all these guys come up with these crazy dates and whatnot when really all they want to do is fuck in the first place. But guess what? Set up the girl, and invite her to your place, if possible. If you can get her back to your place, guess what? You’re going to be in a better logistical situation. So that means you need to have some stuff set up at your house: Have a hookah, have a bottle of wine. Or let’s say you don’t even have a bottle of wine – I like to have the girl bring something when she comes over.

Here is something that I’ll do and this is kind of a horrible thing to do, but I do this all the time with girls. Have them come over and say, “Hey, on your way here, can you pick me up a Surge Slurpee at 7 Eleven?” And the funny thing is I know for a God-damn fact that they haven’t made Surge Slurpees for over ten years now.

But I will have girls that will go to ten different 7 Elevens trying to find a Surge Slurpee, only to find out that they don’t even exist in the first place, “Oh, I guess a Coke one will do.” I do that because after they have done all of that, they feel so much more invested in the interaction. Then when they get there, they want a fucking payoff on that interaction because they put so much work into it.

What if she won’t go into your house? That happens on occasion. Some girls will feel a little uncomfortable. So you want her to come as close to (your home) as possible. So I would just go to the bar around the corner, whatever bar is closest. The more divvy or less clubby, the better and then when you’re that close it makes it a lot easier to go back to your place.

Richard La Ruina’s First Date Ideas

I don’t have too many dates because I tend to sleep with women the night I meet them. But the dates I do go on when I haven’t slept with them I meet them in the nighttime at a bar. Ideally, I’m taking them somewhere where I know everyone and I get free drinks. And she just thinks that I’m going to start the best night of her life. But it’s definitely going to be somewhere that I’ve scoped out beforehand and I feel comfortable in. And she’s going to be sitting next to me and it’s going to be nice and relaxed. I think it’s definitely better to meet in the nighttime where you’ve got things that you can talk about, things going on in the environment. She can loosen up with a couple of drinks, and the focus isn’t all on the conversation, so it’s not so high pressured.

Scot McKay’s First Date Ideas

Stop doing the default dinner to movie thing and start thinking “Hmm, how am I going to get myself into a situation with a woman where sexual attraction happens?”

You want to get into a situation where romance is likely to happen. Find a place that’s safe. No coyotes, no muggers, but if it’s a starry night you can take her out, lie under the stars on a blanket and start a conversation.

If you live in a decent-size city, but maybe not a metropolis like New York that never sleeps, but another big city, maybe take her out there at 2:00 in the morning on a Tuesday night and walk around together, assuming you are in a decently safe city. There is not going to be anyone there. You’re going to own the city. That’s a romantic situation. That’s a uniquely shared situation. If you find any situation like that that is unplanned and it doesn’t cost you anything but you feel like, “Hey, this is really cool because I’ve a woman to share it with” then you’re on the right track.

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I’ve actually got an audio on my new program that gives you 14 of those different situations and they all replace dinner to movie and they all make it so she wants to touch you. So you replace dates by putting yourself in a situation where romance is likely to happen.

Jon Sinn Shares His First Date Ideas For Men

I’ve been going on the same first date for 5 years now. Basically in different cities, I always live in a part of town where there is a block of bars and restaurants. It doesn’t have to be the hot block of bars and restaurants. Like when I lived in San Diego I lived at Pacific Beach. When I lived in Dallas I lived in the McKinney area in Uptown. When I lived in Miami, I lived in South Beach near Lincoln Road. I always live where I can walk girls to three different bars. I always set it up as a surprise. I always like to show girls it’s a surprise because girls love trying to figure out what surprises are. You can tell them what to wear as a surprise which means you can tell them to wear a skirt. If you’re trying to get laid on the first date, having a girl show up in jeans doesn’t really help you all that much. So this is a little gift from me to you.

So I’ll tell her it’s a surprise. And I’ll tell her it’s a mini-pub crawl which basically means we’re just going to go to a bunch of places to drink. And they’re progressively closer to my house and they’re progressively less fun to be at. So the first place is like a really nice hotel bar, the second place is like a kind of funny theme bar and the third place is like a dive. Because basically by the time we get to the third bar I want to just have one drink and get out of there. So the less comfortable she is in that environment the better it is going to work in getting her back to my place. And that’s basically what I do. I always have girls meet me at my place. I always pretend to forget my wallet, so they have to come up and see my place early on and that’s basically it.

It just works really consistently. Man, just like I get laid on 90 to 100% of my dates, I’ll literally go 6 to 8 months getting one or two dates a week and get laid every time. It’s really consistent.