The process of memory consists of three stages.The stages are:

1. Registration
2. Retention and
3. Recall

These stages can also be called as the three R’s of memory.


The first stage of memory, the registration stage is the beginning of the process memory. If there is no registration, there is no memory. Registration is the stage where you learn something, or simply try to register some data in the brain, with an intention to retain it for a length of time and recall it when you need it. This stage is so crucial that if the quality of registration is good enough, the later two stages – the retention and the recall will be automatic processes.

Many people resort to inadequate methods of registration. As a result, they suffer problems in the retention stage and recall stage.

It is estimated that 95% of all memory problems are the problems of registration.

In order to tone up your memory capacity, you need to learn effective registration techniques. This book is all about the ways to register the information properly in your brain.


Retention, as a stage of memory, means the capacity to keep the information in the brain for as long as you want it. As already discussed, retention would be an automatic process, provided the registration is perfect.

If the registration is of poor quality, retention would be difficult.

No one wants to have the kind of memory in which, one memorises information in a very short time and also forgets the same in a very short time. Retention, as a stage of the memory process, implies you have to be able to retain the information for as long as you want. Only then, you can call it as a good memory. What is the use if you cannot retain the data which you have learnt with lot of effort?


Recall is the final stage of the memory process. People can only accept that you have a good memory based on the quality of your recall. Recall, as a stage of memory process, implies “recall at will”. The crux of recall is, one should be able to recall any information, exactly as and when it is required.

The real test of memory is the Process of Recall.