Women accessorize with their bags, earrings, purses, jewelry, nails, and a million different things. Girls usually accessorize to accentuate their girly-ness and femininity. After all, that is what men are attracted to and how women compete with each other.

Most men don’t really accessorize. This is a huge mistake because accessories can add a huge boost to any man’s perceived sexuality to women. Generally speaking, male accessories signify tribal dominance and elite-ness within a group (thereby also related to his power and social influence). Below are the key accessories categories and why they attract:

Wrist bands

+Individuality /Hunter Identity

+Tribe Dominance

The reason why the leather wrist bands might have been so popular is that they were tough, durable, and easy to make. The supply for the material was also abundant, and there is a “hunter feel” to leather because it comes from a hunter’s prey.

Leather also appears to be the most durable and bendable material, although metal wristbands also exist. The reason why leather acts as such a good material is because, while it is tough and durable, it also easily bends and shapes. This is important when thinking of everyday wear and comfort. Historically men found that leather wrist bands also were great to draw and write on. This allowed each person to illustrate their own tribe sign that was used for helping distinguish and his tribe against others. It signifies ownership, belonging, and dominance.

Metal is cold and classy. It adds a sense of elegance. Some metallic wristbands also make a nice “clink” when you move your hands, further signaling dominance with a man’s walk and gestures.

Today you will see many forms of metal and leather wrist bands in a variety of styles. From rockstars, professional fighters, and artists, to just the regular guy, a wristband can provide a neat and tribal look that helps display masculinity, confidence, and individuality.

wrist band


+ Wealth


I am not a big fan of watches, but James Bond and Rolex’s marketing department would argue otherwise. A watch can signify a lot about a man’s taste as well as his wealth. When worn correctly with a fitted and sharp suit, it can work wonders.

Watches are traditional symbols of masculinity and male power, and can be used to convey dominance, sexuality, wealth, and other Style Attraction Switches, depending on what type of watch you get.

What kind of watch to purchase is a personal question, and there are more watches than can be adequately covered in this article but some of the things to look for are the case (is the watch plastic, metal, or crystal?), the band type (is the band narrow or thick? What is the band made of? Leather? Metal?), and whether the watch is analog or digital (digital watches are perceived as cheaper or more sporty).

When looking at watches, just as with any other clothing piece, ask yourself what kind of emotions and signals the watch conveys, and how it will fit into your overall look. Like all things, experiment.


+ Status and Dominance

+Artistic Style

Rockstars often wear rings because they add weight to a rocker’s hand movements as well as express artistic individuality. One ring is fine, but usually more rings add a chain of expressions to a man’s hand. Kings wore rings (hence the Dave Chappelle expression, “kiss the ring, bitches”) as a marker of class and social status.

Sometimes, newbies err by adding too many rings that don’t match, and it looks funny. Well designed rings add a story to every finger, and mood rings are also great conversation topics with women as they change colors. Rings are organized by the diameter of the ring circle and over time you will learn to remember length of the circumference of each finger. Experiment with different types of rings to see which ones fit best on your fingers and express who you are.


+Sexuality as status symbol

+Tribal Leadership

Well picked earrings can do wonders to a man’s face. First, it expresses individuality and sexuality. Left ear piercings are for men, while right piercings only has a stigma of the man being gay (although not necessarily true). Second, they can rebalance and add symmetry to a face or otherwise unsymmetrical facial feature.

At first, fake clip-on earrings can be used to explore if this look is for you. Rings also accentuate the neck, and add symmetry to the face. They are a great tool to increase the attractiveness of a face. Women often wear big hoop earrings to distract from a less beautiful facial feature, and this works for men as well with smaller hoops.

Having earrings also signifies good disease immunity. The man was able to fight off possible infection and breakage in the skin, and has his health intact. This is a small but hardwired biological response to any type of piercing. Piercings were also associated with those that were elite within a tribe, another SAS.

love systems

Here is Love Systems coach Savoy makeing great use of earrings and necklace pieces.


+Eliteness via class status

+Sophistication via layering and color contrast

The necktie dates from to the Croatian mercenaries and the French King’s fashion movement. Today the necktie is worn add luxury and color to business attire. Celebrities and entertainers have furthered its meaning to add a elite, higher class sense of sophistication and sexuality.

Think of Justin Timberlake’s ties and dance moves. The skinny tie accentuates the man’s chest and adds a favorable decoration with its colors and designs right at the center of the body. The tie also has a high class business affiliation, making the man seem more elite and sophisticated.

Learning to tie a tie is a man’s rite of passage and a display of his manhood in today’s society, so be sure to study this from your father, a brother figure, or online. A black skinny tie and a well designed tie are key pieces in any man’s closet.


+Sophistication and Artistic Style

Hats come in many forms, and a well placed top hat or cowboy hat can work wonders in creating attraction. Think of Bret Michaels with his cowboy hat and the iconic hat of Indiana Jones. Hats also serve to add mysteriousness by covering part of the face and adding shadow to the eyes. Peacocked hats with flashy feathers or colors and styles draw significant attention to the wearer.

Be sure to experiment with different types of hats and find one that suits your desired identity. Neyo and Michael Jackson are great icons to study on wearing different types of hats during their performances to inspire mystery and awe. Be careful not to seem overly metrosexual with the use of hats.



+Sexuality via accentuation of V-chest area

+Power via showing the neck

Tribal Chieftains and kings wore necklaces to display their status and power. Rockstars wear well designed cross and gothic symbols, while rappers wear iced out bling on their necks. A well placed, well designed necklace adds sexuality, dominance, and power to a man’s overall look. When planning your attire choose between a necklace and a tie. Be sure the necklace is not too loose, doesn’t hang too low, or isn’t so tight that it looks like a chokehold on your throat. The necklace can show off  the man’s chest as well as his wealth if the right design is placed correctly. Necklace chains differ in length, and some are more easily adjusted than others. You can learn to buy only the chains and also switch out certain types of chains appropriately over time.

tribal warriors


+Eliteness via layering

+Power via sexual stereotype

Ari Gold (Entourage) personified the businessman with the vested, Hollywood agent look. Vests are worn by lawyers and businessmen in serious situations and boardrooms. They add a sense of sturdiness and call to mind a warrior’s armor. They add style to an already impressive power suit. Be sure to compliment a vest to color and pattern coordinate with the suit as well as be fitted and layered just right between the shirt, tie, and suit jacket.


+Eliteness via power play of hiding eyes

+Dominance via mystery

Sunglasses can really add to your look because they are often associated with movie stars and celebrities who use them to hide their faces. Sunglasses also hide your eyes and make it difficult for others to tell what exactly you’re looking at, which can add an element of mystery.

Why sunglasses draw attention (good and bad)

• Sunglasses protect you from the sun. But they also hide our most important communication device: our eyes. By blocking out the eyes, glasses can make a man look more mysterious, more elegant; they have a bad boy look. (Hollywood icons: Terminator, Tom Cruise)

• The eyes are a power source in social interactions. If you take away that element, you keep people guessing. This has a profound effect on creating more power. Also, when you take off your glasses to talk to someone, they appreciate your eyes a lot more.

• However, they can also hinder communication if the other person does not know you are talking to them, or they cannot make eye contact with you directly.

There are many different types of sunglasses that you can wear. Aviators are broad sunglasses that cover a large circular area of the face. These were initially popular among pilots, but have grown to be associated with celebrities and bikers, all sexual stereotypes. Thinner glasses can communicate a sense of coolness and refinement.

Also, different sunglasses may look better depending on your facial shape. If you have a round face, your sunglasses should contrast that with only slightly rounded corners and a darker tint. For an oval face, larger glasses can help accentuate your cheekbones and eyes. If you have a triangular face, try to get sunglasses that mimic your bone structure.

One final consideration regarding sunglasses is UV protection. UV protection is very important because the quality of the lenses is essential to the health of your eyes. Experts recommend sunglasses that block 90-100% of UVA and UVB radiations.

shutter shades

For the advanced and more adventurous, try out the crazy glasses from Kanye West’s video. They are called Shutter Shades. You can’t see anything in them, but they are great for peacocking if your personality matches it.