I want to dig deeper into the subject of eye contact, because it is the key to confident body language.

The eyes are the central focus of any living creature

We see out of them when we are talking to someone and they see ours when we are talking to them.

Proper eye contact is of the utmost important. If you try to hold eye contact with other males after reading this article you will most likely realize most males with their girlfriend or otherwise will look away and down if you maintain eye contact with them.

It’s been said the eye contact accounts for as much as 90% of all nonverbal communication.

Maintaining eye contact is also the highest display of an alpha male. Try observing the average guy with a woman and I guarantee 99% of the time, the guy will break eye contact first.

It’s important to know how to handle eye contact as well, appropriate delivery can be deadly and can leave a powerful emotional impact.

eye contact guide

This is a CRUCIAL one!

Don’t ever underestimate the power of eye contact on a situation.

If you have ever tried locking eyes with another man – even after checking out his girl you will often find after about two or three seconds he looks away (a sign of submissiveness) and says nothing.

You will stand out if you can lock and maintain eye contact with a woman (this is true of Americans – If you live in another country I’m not sure what social standards are).

The reason goes back to what we’re taught and the fact that most men are easily intimidated wimps on the inside.

If you can make eye contact charming demeanor instead of a jerk demeanor or a “murder stare” you will win girls over like there is no tomorrow.

Strong eye contact (having the emotional power it does) can thrill a woman beyond words.

Why do you think the intimate puppy-dog look two lovers share is so powerful? When you can start into a woman’s eyes, she feels like she is looking right into your soul and can melt on the spot.

If you can hold a woman’s gaze it will covey unshakable confidence and alpha dominance.

If you used to be Mr. Nervous with darty eyes like me you need to realize that eye contact is crucial. You need to master it to be a master at attracting women.

You must understand how to control your eyes and annihilate all of your bad habits.

Now that we’ve covered the “do’s” of eye contact, let’s cover the “don’ts”.

beautiful eyes

You do not want to give the Charlie Manson rapist stare of a guy who tries too hard to act alpha and looks at a woman as if he is about to kill her.

Even if a woman wants a man like there is no tomorrow chances are that if you give her this stare it will be enough to creep her beyond words and lose her forever.

So how do you read a woman’s eyes and tell if she’s attracted to you?

A woman will not forget the how you make your initial eye contact with them. A woman will remember how you…what…made feel. If you looked at her with caring and compassion, if you looked at her like a rapist or if you looked at her like a piece of meat she will remember it.

It has been said many times that the eyes are the window to the soul.

Given the right circumstances, eyes can give a woman away even if you showing no other signs of attraction.

When a woman looks at you, you should show that you have nothing to hide and show her that you are not intimidated by her, but instead intrigued and interested.

Try to look at her with innocence and love the way a baby child looks at others around him curiously and lightheartedly but with an air of confidence.

I am now going to give you the first major body language clue which can be witnessed when talking to woman you are attracted to.

If you’re not aware that it exists it is highly unlikely that you will ever notice it so be careful because this signal is very easy to miss… It is a very quick motion.

eye contact techniques

The next time a woman is talking to you and are questioning whether not she is attracted to you notice what happens when you make eye contact with her.

What do her eyes do?

If her eyes quickly dart down to the floor it means she found you attractive.

This is also a major signal that she will be open to being seduced by you.

The second major body language clue usually occurs well into conversation.

It is a cue that she is attracted to you and ready to be seduced.

She will jump from one eye to the other while she is looking at you in order to try to interpret what you are thinking. When this happens, jump right in for the kiss.

The third major cue, which is probably the most common, is dilated pupils.

Our eyes grow larger when we see someone we are attracted to because larger pupils are seen as more attractive than smaller pupils. People with larger pupils are often seen as friendlier and more attractive like puppy dogs.

Pupil dilation is a natural attraction response.

The reason for this is because when our eyes dilates they are able to take in more light and when we are attracted to someone; we want take in as much of them as possible while we’re looking at them.

This is an uncontrollable and involuntary response so watch for it!

A few years back, there were studies done with photographs which are shown that attractiveness increases in relation to a woman’s pupils size.

beautiful female eyes

In the experiment, researchers digitally modified the pupil sizes of models in photographs to make them smaller or larger. What they found was that male subjects rated the photos with larger pupils as more attractive.

It is important to remember that pupil dilation is an unconscious process.

In these experiments, the male subjects were noted as having found the photos with dilated pupils more attractive but could not explain why.

The noted that the women in the photos just seemed happier, nicer and friendlier somehow despite having no idea (consciously) that the women’s pupil size had been altered.

Next time you’re talking to a woman, pay close attention to whether her pupils expand, stay the same or contract; if they contract that is a sign of active disinterest.

It should be noted however that environment can affect this response heavily. If you are outside or in bright lights her eyes will likely not dilate no matter how attracted to you she is and if you’re in a dark room her pupils will likely be dilated no matter how much she hates you.

Next time you see her in general lighting though, take note of what the base level of her pupil size is, as this can vary greatly from person to person.