If you are not ok with you, then how is anyone going to be ok with you. Certainty is power and power is in your imagination.

This is why my Inner Game is strong. Because I don’t compromise. What. My own contracts. It’s all fucking contracts and I’m not compromising it. My law with me is first. That’s important. That’s what people respect because they want to do that. Because ultimately I believe, I know, we’re all walking around breaking our contracts. We’re all doing that shit and not even knowing about it. So that’s why we’re always broken. We’re broke in our relationships, we’re broke in our money, we’re broken everywhere, because we’re not noticing that we have a right to run our business the way we want to run it. What do you stand for, what are you suppose to look like, it’s all that shit. Who are you, who are your allied businesses.

Be Yourself

What’s confidence? Here it is, do you believe in you, yes or no? Ok. If you believe in you, you’re confident. If you don’t believe in you, you’re not confident. You can think it all day long. Ok, that’s all there is to it. Do you believe in you or not. If you don’t believe in you, how is anybody going to follow you.

If you truly believe in yourself and the only limitations you have is the ones you put on yourself, if you can do that then anything is possible.


Invalidation is defined as what? Someone says listen, what you’re doing, saying, being, selling is no good. If you accept it, you agree with it, it hits. And anytime you’re sick, or weak, or don’t have motivation, I promise you..I promise you, you can trace it back to someone invalidating you. Guaranteed! I know this as a 100% fact of life. If there is one, there’s one right there.”

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Certainty is what’s missing, and everyone’s trying to prevent others from seeing the reality of what. That they’re insecure, they’re weak, they’re doubting themselves, they’re struggling. It’s almost like we can’t let people see that. Right. Yet the moment you go, alright they can see it, they can see it, damn it. What are you trying to hide. Big deal. There’s something about that acceptance in that moment, that suddenly gives you a lot more power in the next moment. Than trying to pretend as if something that’s there is not there.

Powerful Thinking.

You have to know that you have a right as a human being to be as great and as powerful as you choose and determine yourself to be. So when they say be humble, I say be real. Where are you in your endeavors. Person says I want to be a millionaire. Well you better start thinking like a millionaire. You also better know where you are right now.

I want to ask you something. What is it about you that makes you powerful. There’s got to be something. You see. There’s got to be something because you’re not dead yet. That means somehow you’ve survived all the bullshit, all the nastiness, all the degradation, of this disgusting little planet. Somehow, we’re still here.

Damn The World.

It’s a good idea to take a good look at what makes us unique, or what makes us different. Now that right there should never be cut off. Ever! Ok. That’s your power, and you need to speak from it. You need to speak from it. If you’re out to make the whole world like you, you’re going to fail. Damn the world if they don’t fucking like you. Cause somebody will. You’re guaranteed that somebody will like you, and you’re guaranteed that somebody won’t like you. I promise you that. But what you’re not guaranteed is to live a fulfilling life. One way to do it, speak your truth. You’ve got to speak your truth.

You Are Not Ugly, Society Is.

If you are an outcast then can I congratulate you. Because you are an outcast in a society that produce nothing but garbage, and criminals, and wars, and insanity, and fucking bullshit. Ok. So you are outcasted from them. If you were in a society that was producing incredible artists, and beauty and music, and sanity, and everything was getting better, and there was peace and all that and you were an outcast then I would have a problem with you. But otherwise, you’re outcasted from a criminal society. Congratulation(clapping), you’re doing well.

Doubt Kills More Dreams Than Failure.

You are who you say you are, the moment you say you are it. That’s it. You’re the chosen because you choose to be. You have to become the authority in your life. You have to stop looking left, right, up, down, and go can I? You gotta go I can because I say so and the moment you do this, other people will challenge you. Good! Because you have to be challenged when you say that. Cause that’s how you earn your position. You earn it.

Do Not Apologize.

You have to regain your ability. You have regain your ability to gain for yourself shit and not apologize. You have to quit that bullshit of like, “I’m really just here to help people.” Look, I am here to help people, and at the same time, I’m here to devastate and destroy people who will destroy me.

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Before you look right outside of yourself for advice, you look at yourself for advice. But not yourself from a small point of view, you look at yourself from a grander point of view. You create you, as you would be.

Mind Your Thoughts.

The moment we change the way we think about it, and it becomes real, the outside world starts to look differently.

Use What You Have.

Whatever you have, you should start using it. If you want to be flexible, go to your flexibility, use it daily, and you’ll be more flexible. If you want to be strong, go to your strength daily and use it. You’ll be stronger. Anything you have, you use it and it gets stronger. That’s something we weren’t told. Because we’re taught to have scarcity in our life instead of abundance. It’s like you have so much, you don’t use it. Why? Because you want to save it. No! Don’t fucking save it. What are you saving for. You and I are connected to an infinite potential.

Hack away at the unessential and find you. You’re in there, it just has to be hacked away, at the unessentials. At the belief systems you have.

Grow Through Life.

What’s really interesting is, if you stand for something, if you go this is who I am, this is what I do. Immediately, you’re going to have just by virtue of saying A, you’re going to have B behind it. You’re going to say heads, there’s tails. And people go through life trying to not do it. You have to own it.

Raise Your Standards.

We have to take our standards, as a society, as a group, as people and we have to raise it. We have a high admiration for those that speak their minds, stand up for themselves, and stay true to their goals. This the level of society’s interaction. Shouldn’t we all be doing this! We’ve lost integrity as adults. The president wouldn’t be able to take a 3 or 4 yr. old child’s lollipop from them, because we start with integrity. Yet as we become older, become wise, become mature, and successful, we stop standing up for ourselves, stop speaking our minds, and admire people that do. We have to reevaluate our values, and stop admiring things that should already be happening.

It is Your Life, Own It.

If you’re gonna develop Pickup skills, and Pickup Power, and Seduction, and business. I’m successful in my businesses. Ok, and just climbing on that shit. You have to own it! You can’t be like, “I’m kinda making money got that.” “Fuck yeah I’m making money, more than everybody.” “Oh that guys conceited.” Fuck you, fuck you! Now what. Because the idea of someone telling you you’re conceited is a manipulation of the mind anyway. They’re trying to get you to stop communicating a certain way. You see.

Believe In Your Success.

If you are surprised by your own success, how good are you really? You know what I mean.

Key Points To Remember.

So many of us admire those that are very confident and know exactly just who they are. Many times we hide behind veils and so often compromise who we are when seeking validation from the outside world. We say that we are confident daily but many of us are pretentious and deep down wish that we can be like the admired.

The first contract is you with you. That one should never be broken, compromised or doubted. When you look to the inside for the answers, at times you will come to find two inner conflicts. Guaranteed that one is yours and the other belonging to an exterior source. Follow you, and believe in you. You have to hack away at those unessentials that are limiting and regain your inner strength. Reestablish your integrity, and raise your values because this society has set those standards for you. Everyone of us are unique and occupy a strength that has gotten us this far in life. You are powerful beyond measure but you have to no longer look to yourself from a small point of view. You have to look to you from a grander point of view.

Certainty is what the majority of mankind lacks. Certainty is the strong point that everyone of us desire. We are all walking around doubting ourselves and continuously breaking our own contracts with ourselves. When certainty is found, the state of mind will change, and you will then walk through this life more freely and securely.

You have to own it. Own your strengths, own your uniqueness. Focus on the strengths that you know you possess and use them daily. As you use these strengths, they will strengthen and you will gain more confidence and competence.

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Understand that anytime someone tells you that you think too greatly of yourself, that you are “conceited.” Know that this is a process of manipulation of the mind. They’re trying to get you to stop communicating a certain way. Trying to get you to stop communicating your confidence and certainty that you possess. You believe in you. Regardless what anyone thinks or says about you.