A Practical Outlook—For Life.

Indifference to success or failure is the ultimate power. In fact, it’s impossible to define success or failure, because each is contextual and can only be assessed in retrospect. For example, if a woman you’ve been involved with decides you’re not the one for her and dumps you, and you didn’t see it coming, does that mean you’ve failed? In the immediate context of the moment it appears you did. but if the next day, to feel better you go out with your single friends and meet the woman of your dreams, did you technically fail in the long run? Of course not! If you’d “succeeded” with the other woman, you probably would’ve missed the opportunity with the new woman of your dreams. You need to stop thinking in terms of success or failure, and start taking this overall view of life, instead of viewing things as separate “bubbles” in your life where success or failure are defined in the moment.

The Myth of General Confidence.

There is no such thing as “confidence” as a general term. Confidence is context-specific. Let me explain:

Let’s say that you’re a highly-skilled heart surgeon. After years of schooling and training, and experience in the operating room, you’re as confident as it gets on the job. You’re tops in your field and you know it. Now, just as you leave the operating room, you go into the waiting room and see that a terrorist has left a nuclear suitcase bomb in the waiting room! There’s 2 minutes until it blows, meaning there’s no time to call the bomb squad. You open the bomb and see a bunch of wires and parts, and your confidence drops to zero as you realize that you’re clueless and powerless in this situation.

myth of confidence

Suddenly a man in the waiting room sees what you’re doing and comes to help you. He calmly reaches into the device, turns a dial and pulls a wire, and the timer on the device stops. He doesn’t even look scared! In fact, he looks extremely confident. You ask him how he knew how to stop the bomb and he proudly says “I designed this weapon. I worked for 25 years at Los Alamos building nukes. Turning it off is child’s play.” Now your heart is still racing at this point and the stress hasn’t gone away yet, and all of a sudden you have a heart attack and stop breathing. The nuclear bomb technician has no medical training whatsoever, not even a first aid course. Suddenly his confidence drops to zero as he realizes that he’s clueless and powerless in this situation, and he calls for help.

The above story illustrates my point: There’s no such thing as a “confident” person, only a person confident in areas he’s very familiar with. If you have no skills and experience dealing with something, you won’t have any confidence in dealing with it either!

And so it is with women. If someone is experiencing nervousness or a lack of confidence in dealing with women, it’s because they don’t have the skill-set or experience for dealing with them. No hypnosis tape, no affirmation program, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming trick will give you instant confidence for dealing with women. The only thing that will give you that confidence is the skill-set of how to deal with women (the point of this guide), and experience in dealing with them (you getting out there and interacting with them, using your skill-set).

The Power of Beliefs.

Strong beliefs set the groundwork for a proper mindset.

You can’t control events. Instead, you can always control what things mean. You need to communicate to yourself what things mean, in order to control your reaction to them. Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning you give it! The meaning you give something forms the basis of a belief.

What you believe becomes your reality. When you have beliefs that you are the prize—such as “women find me irresistible” or “women just want to use me for sex” your mind begins to find evidence of this in the real world.

And the more evidence your mind finds of your beliefs, the stronger they become, and the stronger they become, the more convincing and congruent you’ll come off to women.

Does it matter if these beliefs are total bullshit? Of course not! Most of the beliefs we have are wrong anyway, be it the belief that we’re not good enough to do A, not smart enough to know B, etc. If you’re going to believe things that are wrong, why not adopt a wrong belief that empowers you instead?

Once adopted, beliefs can take on a life of their own and turn us into a completely new person. Look at a hardcore racist for example: His beliefs are ignorant and ridiculous, but to him they’re completely real. His interpretations of his experiences, according to his beliefs, have led him to believe that certain races are better than others, or even that the inferior ones should be wiped out. If a person can adopt such extreme beliefs as those, then having it become your reality that women want you should be a cakewalk. All it takes is the right thoughts and influences, and whether you realize it or not you are in complete control of these.