Approach anxiety can cripple your success with women but if you are reading this, you are just about to learn how to beat and overcome approach anxiety.

Let’s read what experts have to say.

David Wygant On How He Overcame Approach Anxiety

Man, I’ll approach anybody. I could care less. I mean, I flirted with Uma Thurman in Whole Foods. I picked Drew Barrymore up on the streets of Santa Monica. I’ve got no anxiety whatsoever because I don’t care what people think. They’re total strangers. This is what I tell people all the time: That’s a total stranger you’re giving your power away to. You might as well take your balls, put them in a Hellman’s Mayonnaise jar and hand it to a woman on a street corner. It’s the most ridiculous thing in the entire world. You don’t know who this woman is. She can have bad breath. She could be bad in bed. She could be a mean person. You don’t know so why are you giving your power away to somebody you do not know. That’s the mindset that I took.

So when I go up and I talk to somebody, I do it the right way, meaning I observe what they’re doing. I connect with what she’s doing in the moment. None of those ridiculous pick-up games, none of those ridiculous lines. I speak with authority. I smile. I’ve got great energy and if she doesn’t respond, do you know what I say all the time? Fuck her. I don’t need that in my life. She’s not going to respond to me, there are plenty of people who will and I practice abundance. So I got rid of all approach anxiety. It’s all mindset. If you believe you’re anxious, of course, you’re going to be anxious. So really start putting the power back in your pants instead of putting the power in her pants.

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Dean Cortez Shares His Experience With Approach Anxiety

I used to have really bad approach anxiety and through a lot of work and through having a lot of success, I was able to get past it.

In my approach and my conversations in my own mind, it’s about finding some cool chicks to hang out with tonight and showing them a good time, instead of me standing around in the bar thinking, “Well, I hope I can find a girl to talk to who will accept me for who I am.”

It’s about my inner game, my mentality; it’s not about trying to find the girl to talk to who will want to talk to me. It’s about, “You know, I’m out tonight on a mission to have a blast, and you know, I’m going to find the right girl or the right group of girls to roll with me and have fun with me.” And when you have that attitude and you’re being really social and you’re being fun, you are not going to have a problem finding cool girls who want to jump on board on your train and take a ride.

DJ Fuji Says He Gets Approach Anxiety

Yeah, I absolutely get approach anxiety and I don’t know basically anyone who has gotten rid of it. A lot of people claim to, but then you see them and they feel it. In the same sense that I fought for fifteen years and after fifteen years I would get into the ring with a guy that I beat five times before and I was still scared. It’s just going to happen.

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So the way I look at it is less trying to get rid of it and more being able to manage that emotion, being able to manage that fear that can occur in the form of approach anxiety. It can occur to a fireman who is about to run into a burning building. It’s the same fear. Being able to manage that fear consists of things like realizing the pros and cons, especially in the sense of pick-up. It’s realizing that if I go and approach this woman, I’m doing the things that the attractive man would do. This is part of the growth, part of the process. If I don’t, I’m always going to regret that and I’m never going to see them again.

On a very logical level, it makes no sense not to do that, right? At the same time, hang out with guys who approach all the time. Walk into a venue and approach the first set, whether it’s a guy, a girl, gay guys, dogs, I don’t care who it is, approach the first set. We’ve all heard these things, but very few people have the discipline to do that.

John Alanis Used To Be Scared Of Women

Look I was at my high school prom, just scared of women. If I called a woman on the phone, I literally almost threw up. I mean, it was that completely irrational for me, but it was there, and the way that I got rid of it – and no, I don’t have approach anxiety anymore, I don’t even like the term – is I make it my business every day just to talk to women. Every woman that I see, whether she is a clerk or cashier where she has to talk to me or just someone that I see and want to make a funny comment to, I just talk to women. And so I just make it part of my day that I talk to women and so there is nothing in my head like, “Oh, God. I’m approaching her. She might reject me. I wonder if she likes me,” or any of that other garbage. I’m just like, “Oh, it’s just another woman that I’m going to talk to.”

The other thing about that is when you do that there is no ulterior motive that they pick up on, such as “Well, this guy wants something.”

Women like men who are man enough to talk to them. They do find that very attractive, but it is even more effective when you’re just a guy who is calm, cool, and collected and actually has conversations with women. And one thing leads to another. You’re having interaction back and forth with a little chemistry, a little spark: “OK, we’re having a good time. I’ve got to go, but let’s meet again at this time and place and continue this conversation.” And there you go. And so it becomes a very, very natural thing. So what I tell guys is forget about approach anxiety. Just make it your business to talk to women with no ulterior motive throughout your day, and then you’ll find yourself naturally falling into the attraction process and you’ll get a lot of women that other guys want.

Kezia Noble Teaches How To Beat Approach Anxiety

Women do not get any anxiety like that, and I hang around with shy girls. We are in a group usually and there is safety and power in numbers. I would say the only time that maybe girls feel a little bit of anxiety about guys approaching them is during the daytime. But at nighttime? No. They usually have a couple of drinks with all their female friends. So even if the girl is quite shy it depends on the guy’s approach. If the guy is very loud and he’s very much of an extrovert, he’s not dealing with her shyness properly, which just means he’s asking way too many questions about herself and he’s forcing her from her shell, then she’s going to be apprehensive and is going to feel anxiety to a certain extent. But no, in general, this doesn’t happen. Girls don’t sit there and feel anxious about guys talking to them at all.

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