So as the title says that you will not get any flake numbers of girls after you read this, experts will be educating you on how to behave and what to do to get rid of flake numbers and girls. They will share their best techniques and methods with you. Let’s get started.

David Wygant Says Getting Numbers From Qualified People Cuts Down Flakes

If you listen and get phone numbers from qualified people, they’re not going to flake on you. If you go out and do the things we just talked about – having a conversation, relating to the person, relating to her and her environment, relating to the things that she’s doing – then she’s going to be excited to go out with you. If you go out there and you’re just phone number collecting, of course, you’re going to get flaked on. Women are about emotion. Women are about feelings. If you create a feeling with her, she’s going to want to go out with you again. When it comes down to texting, don’t ever text her to ask her out the first time. Pick up the phone and call her. You could text her after you first meet her and tease her about something she ate or write “Are you still in that bar right now? Man, I left hours ago. How is it going?” But don’t ever ask her out for the first time via text. Always pick up the phone and call her. She wants to feel your voice, get to know you a little bit more and confirm the fact that her instincts were right about you.

Dean Cortez Advices To Call Girls Instead Of Texting To Avoid Flakes

I used to always tell guys to call women and not to text them, because calling them demonstrates confidence and also the tone of your voice can be so important in conveying your confidence and your playful personality. But nowadays, I think texting is the way to go because women really prefer it as a form of conversation and a way to make plans. And when you text her, you don’t need to worry about catching her when she’s in the middle of something. She’ll get back to you when she can, hopefully very soon. Now, the way to get her to reply is to tease her, to be playful and to be a little bit cocky. For instance, I’ll say something like, “How much do you miss me?” Or “Stop thinking about me.” Or I might text her and say, “Maybe I’m too much of a bad boy for you.” And I’ll always put one of those little smiley emoticons on the end to make her know that I’m just playing with her.

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I also like to give women a funny cute nickname during the conversation based on one of her interests or something funny that she says or something dorky that she does. So between the nickname, which is labeling the girl, and some teasing and flirty banter, that’s the way to get her to respond to your text every time.

When you start calling her and trying to talk to her and have long conversations, you’re not really making any forward progress that way. So just remember anytime you use your phone to communicate with girls, it should be for one or two reasons, to tease her and to play with her and to maintain contact or to lock down a plan to see her again. There should be no more of these calling women up at night and trying to have long conversations and exchanging your life stories. No, save all that good stuff for when you see her again in the flesh.

So texting can be a great tool to use, just keep your text really brief. It should always be briefer than hers and you should let her be the one to send the last text in the exchange. You want to just fade out and then pop back in when you start communication with her again.

To get their reply and to keep things moving forward, you want to text her and lay out a specific game plan. You never want to call the girl or text her and say something really wishy-washy such as, “Well, maybe if you’re free sometime, we could hang out.” I mean, that is lame and guys use that all the time.

Just text her and say, “Friday night, awesome new bar that I found. You’re going to love this place, the best Margaritas in the whole city. At 8:00, you’re rolling with me.”

So two rules here, first of all, make it sound really awesome. Oversell it, like it has the best margaritas in the whole town, and the DJ is the best you’ve ever heard in your life. Give her a reason to get excited about it.

The second rule is to make it seem like you already have this activity in motion: you’re going to be there on Friday night with or without her. So your plans don’t revolve around her saying yes. You’re inviting her to come along and jump on board your train and take a fun ride. This is also great because when you phrase it this way, there is no chance of rejection. You’re not saying, “You know, can we go out sometime and can I buy you a dinner.” You’re saying, “I’m going to have some serious fun this weekend. You’re invited to roll with me. What do you say?” So either way, you’re going to live your life and have your fun, and she’ll miss out if she passes upon this chance.

DJ Fuji Talks About Anti-Flake Stuff

The anti-flake stuff first occurs in the venue so make sure that you’ve qualified. You’ve told her why you like her for more than her looks. If you have not told her, “I like you and this is why,” then you have a super, super high chance of her flaking on you. The second thing is you want to create an emotional connection.

So you want to actually open up to her. In the first five minutes, you’ve been basically being an ass-clown, right? You’ve been screwing around. You’re not taking her seriously. You’re pushing her off you. But fifteen minutes in that’s when you really connect with people and that’s when you’re really starting to open up. You’re starting to show her another side to you.

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And when you connect, those two things account for 90% of flakes. The other 10% is tactical stuff. So when you get her number, call it, and have a mini-conversation with her on your phone in front of each other because it’s cute. It allows you to role play and it gets that first phone call out of the way. If she doesn’t have her phone with her, leave a voice mail for her on her phone, you and her together, playful. The next day, she’s going to listen to that and it’s going to take her back to that emotional state of when she met you.

John Alanis Says Chemistry Is A Solution To Flake Numbers And Girls

If there is a lot of chemistry there, I assure you that she’s either answering the phone or texting you as soon as she possibly can. If you didn’t do a good job, then she’s going to be a little bored. Now, you have to keep in mind that there are some women who get legitimately busy. They have lives. They have kids. They have family and all that stuff, and a lot of times, they may not return your call if they got busy or just forgot and it doesn’t mean anything.

So it’s general persistence. But it’s all handled at that initial meeting where you’re creating attraction. The way that you avoid all of that nonsense is to set up another meeting and get her to meet you there. You made a commitment, and you’re going to show your ass up there. A lot of times if you have that attitude, they’ll call you, “I’ve got to make sure we’re on.” “Yeah, yeah, we’re still on, same time and place.”

Just forget about getting a return call or text message. Set up the next meeting right there, “Let’s continue the conversation and the fun that we’re having.” Why wouldn’t she want to? And so it’s just a continuation of what you’re doing and it’s so it’s a very easy transition, not even transition at all. You’ve already done it. You’re just doing something you’ve already done again, and so that’s really the best way to handle that. Set up the meeting. Forget about the call or the text.

Kezia Noble Advices To Have A Deep Connection To Get Rid Of Flakes

A great thing to do is deep connection. I have a DVD out about deep connection, which goes into really extensive detail on how to do that with a girl. Nine times out of ten once you’ve made a deep connection with a girl she will want to see you again because you have created an emotional investment by her. And like any investment, a girl wants to see their investment again whether it’s time, money, or emotions. That’s one way, but to shorten the answer, you’ve also got to use follow-up game, which can secure your chances of seeing her again. A lot of guys get the number and they don’t have follow-up. They text her: “Oh, really nice meeting you.” Or they say something really, really uninspiring like that. The girls think, “Oh, OK, whatever.”

no more flake numbers

Now, if the guy used a PIN text, which are really effective, which finds out how the girl is feeling at that exact time and whether she’s got time to speak. So you want to get on the phone really quickly. You want to start getting interaction to be more verbal rather than by text. A PIN text is a way that you put something really outlandish out there. You put a text, which almost doesn’t make sense, but it hooks the girls in like she feels like compelled to respond. So for instance, you’ll write her, “Dalmatian, or Chihuahua?” And the girl will write back and say something like, “What are you talking about?” You can write, “Come on, dummy. You know, I’m picking a dog. I need your advice: Dalmatian or Chihuahua?” Girls love dogs. Don’t underestimate it, guys, women love puppies. They get really into this. Then you can arrange to call her or she’ll suggest it to talk more or go look at the puppies, which is a really good date.

Another PIN text is to say to a girl, if the girl has blonde or brown hair and you met her in the night, you can say: “I just forgot, are you Ginger?” Or “Do you have red hair?” And the girl always responds, “Oh, no, I don’t.” And so she gets used to responding to the guy straightaway. You could text: “Do you have a twin sister?” And she’ll write back: “No, I don’t. Why?” And you write: “Because I just saw a girl who looks like you.”

So what happens here, she responds to him straightaway. Most guys when they send a text, the girl doesn’t respond for ten minutes or 2 hours or the next day, or just doesn’t respond at all, because they’re not compelled to. There wasn’t enough attraction. He’s sending her really boring texts like everyone else sends her, so he’s in this big long list of guys that she will get around to speaking to someday. But something that pulls her in and distracts her from whatever she’s doing is much more powerful. Plus you can assess the situation. If she is sending you a text back and it’s been 5 minutes, this girl has got time on her hands and you can phone her. So you can say to her, “You know what? I’ll call you in ten minutes.” And she’ll be much more set to taking that call and arranging something with you.

Entropy’s Method For Decreasing Flake Rate

Your flake percentage really just comes down to how solid you ran your game on her. There is a lot out there about quirky texts and specific times to call and stuff like that. But if a girl feels something for you, she will always make time to get back to you. If she feels nothing for you, then she’s never going to make time to get back to you. So it’s really about how solidly you gain her.

The one tip I will say that has helped me a lot is I always text her within 24 hours of meeting her, just to keep myself fresh in her mind. For some reason, that seems to help a lot. And it’s something very simple and pleasant, like, “Hey, it’s really nice meeting you.” And then I might reference something like a joke that we had or something like that. But I think that’s really important because a lot of guys wait 2 or 3 days. And by the time they do text the girl 3 days later, she’s collected 6 guys phone numbers and doesn’t remember which Mark you are, etc., etc.

Marni Wing Girl Offers Her Advice

Well, don’t throw up on us. My best friend just moved away from Los Angeles, so I’m looking for a new best friend, and it is very similar to dating. I’m still dealing with women. I find that when certain women will be over the top with me and jumping right into relationship status, like a friendship status, I find that really weird. It makes me really turned off by them. I think in my head, “Why are you texting me so much?” Or “Why are you sharing this information with me?” Or “It’s like you don’t even know me yet, but why are you acting as if I’m the only thing in your world and I’m the most important person to you? We just met last week.” It is odd behavior and it makes me question the person because I think, “Do they have nothing else going on in their life?” And it turns me off.

It’s similar to how I felt when I was dating men. So for men, respect yourself first and then respect a new person after. So if you meet somebody, you don’t have to text them immediately the next day. You can hold off and say “You know what? I met this girl. She’s really nice, but when I have some free time during the week, I’m going to text her. I’ll see what she’s up to this weekend and I’ll ask her out because I want to find out more about her, but I have a lot of clients…” There are men I dated who would text me once, then I would text back and then they would text me back immediately. I would text back a half an hour later because I would be put off by the immediate first text response and they just continue to text and contact and – I don’t know. It’s throwing up and it’s just too much. So just pull back and decide who you want to give your time and energy to, because you don’t know this woman yet that you have just met. And there is no need to put her on a higher pedestal than the rest of your life until you decide that she deserves to be on that pedestal.

Neediness is not attractive at all. Are you sending this text because you have a fear that she’s going to forget about you? Or are you sending this text because you just want to reach out? You have to acknowledge what the reason is behind your actions, and if your actions are because of an emotion that you want to calm, then don’t do it. But if your actions are genuine and authentic and they are under emotional control, then move forward with it.

Nick Quick Shares His Opinion

The easiest thing to do is to create that sexual vibe, that flirtatious vibe in such a way that you are so compelling that she wants to talk you later. I actually did this recently when I was New York. I was coaching that night and one of the students wanted a demo set, so I went up and approached this very, very attractive Argentinean girl and I talked to her for five minutes. And then I did what we call the “hot potato game.” It’s where I just hot potato that girl off in the direction of my student. So I get her all warmed up and throw her in the direction of my student, and he went and worked his magic, and did all he could with her.

The funny thing is three or four days later, she found me on Facebook. I’d only talked to her for five minutes tops, probably three minutes. She was so excited to get in contact with me and to hang out with me again because I’ve set all those sexual frames, because I built up that flirtation, and because I left. Really, if you’re in an interaction with a girl that can’t go anywhere, you’re almost better off leaving earlier than later. Because then she can have this mystery that she wants to unravel: “Who is this guy who came in and flirted with me, and then just left? Man, I want to know more about him.” Really, anything longer than five to twenty minutes, if you stay an extra half hour, it’s probably not going to help you in getting her later. In fact, it would probably hurt you because then she doesn’t have anything, any mystery, to solve.

Richard La Ruina Talks About Making Sure That The Number Is Rock Solid

If I want to make sure the number is rock solid, I will have given her some points to connect with. Something that’s important is that I would have set up various ideas or things that we can do together. So have her imagine them: “Do you like cocktails? We’re going to go to this place. It’s really cool. Do you like fruity ones? Well, they do this raspberry mojito” or whatever it might be. OK, so bang, we go for a cocktail. “What else do you like doing?” If she likes going to art galleries, “Oh do you know what? I’ve been meaning to go. We should go, blah, blah.” So just very subtly, you’re suggesting the things that you can do together so that she can build those up in her mind.

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The next thing I would do when getting her number is find out her schedule for the next week, how busy she is. I’ll seem like I’m pretty busy too, but we’ll find the day when we’re both not busy and we will arrange the date there and then. So I’ll say, “OK, cool. I’ll give you a text in the afternoon on Thursday. We can meet around 8 o’clock, something like that.” If I want to take it a step further and make it more solid, I might deal with anything that her friends might say. So I might say, “Your friends are really cool.” And then they’re going to say, “Ah, that’s so exciting that you’re going to meet this guy. Have a great time on the date.” Or they’re going to be like, “What? You’re going to meet this guy that you only talked to for fifteen minutes in the daytime?” So I might deal with any potential future objections right there and then.

If she has been drinking, I’ll say something like, “You know what? We’ve had a few drinks but I think we get on really, really well. When you wake up and you’re sober, you might realize that we’re going to have a fantastic date.” In fact my dates are always great so that’s kind of taken care of. Say something like that, that deals with any future objection that she might have, whether it’s the friends or second thoughts or whatever it might be.

Scot McKay Advices To Call Girls

First of all, please call her, especially if you haven’t asked her out yet. Text a woman little flirty things during the day, especially when you know she can’t answer the phone because maybe she’s in a business meeting; text her when you have a quick message, and you don’t want to get it all winded up in a conversation; text her when you know she can’t answer the phone and you’ve got something she needs to know, but if it’s a two-way conversation, call her.

Jon Sinn Says Biggest Things Happen Before You Take A Girl’s Number

The biggest things happen before the phone number, on their qualification. The more qualified the girl is, the more a girl has worked to get your attention and invested in the interaction. The more reasons she has that you legitimately like her for more than her looks, the more she’s going to not flake. Also, if you set up a date properly for a specific time and specific place and she agrees, that cuts down on her flaking a huge amount. And lastly, it’s having a good follow-up plan, having a good text to send. I like to send something like, “Hey, do you speak text?” And then have a good way of following up and getting her on the phone. Those are really the ways to cut down on their flaking. Very, very little flaking control happens on the phone, most of it happens in the initial interaction.