Whether you want to learn another language for your business or just for the sake of travelling, or may be you want to help your child learn a new language, or just want to have basic speaking skills in another language, this article reveals how you can learn foreign words at a rapid speed.

The key to learning a foreign word is to create an image, you can create an image by finding a common link between the foreign word and its meaning. Here is an example, Bacon is Speck in German. Now to make a link all you have to do is to picture a slice of bacon with an unsavoury-looking speck on it.

To achieve the maximum results from this method, we will need a place where we can store these images so that we can retrieve these words and meanings any time. In many languages, words have genders so we also need to memorise the gender of each noun. To fix this issue, i use a method that i learnt from Dominic O’brain.

Place to store images and gender zones within

What kind of places can you use to store these images?

You can use any place to store these images. Just make sure that you are familiar with the location that you are using. It is always better to use real life locations such as your home, your room, your workplace, anything that you are familiar with and are not going to forget. I use different types of locations. For example to remember Pashto words i use a park, to remember Dutch words i use our local play ground. It just makes it much easier to retrieve the stores images and the words. I suggest that you also do the same and use different locations to store different languages’s words.

How to store images?

This is really very easy, you can use anything within your selected location to store images, it could you be chair, your bed, your windows, you name it. Just make sure that you do not attach many images to a single item because it will make you forget and get confused easily. If you are a beginner, i suggest that you only attach one word to one item. Not more than that.

And when trying to learn languages such as French or Spanish, gender zones will provide two geographical regions in your brain where everything is either masculine or feminine. For example any word that is masculine i would place it in my family house and any word that is feminine i would store it in my hospital. To remember that Post Office (la poste) is a feminine word i would place it anywhere in hospital.

The idea is this, first of all you need to select a location(s) and then you should divide that location(s) into two parts. One to store masculine words and the other one to feminine words.

In the end, i would say that you should start practicing now. I hope you are going to have fun learning words this way.