There are many mistakes that people make while learning mnemonics but i just wanted to write a quick post highlighting the number one mistake made by people when it comes to learning Mnemonics.

And that mistake is

Learning From everyone

When people get interested in mnemonics what they do is this that they try to get their hands on all the books and audio courses available online. This is the worst mistake. There are many Memory champions and almost all of these memory champions have their own unique style and techniques.

When you try to learn from all of them, you just get confused and end up learning nothing. So the best way to learn mnemonics is to decide on one memory champion and to learn his methods and only after that you should try techniques from other memory champions.

I know that there are many memory champions out there teaching their techniques that it is hard to decide on one of them but if you ask me, i would suggest that you should start learning mnemonics by learning from Dominic O’Brien First.