Today i am going to explain number rhyme system

what is number rhyme system?

It is a system to boost your memory by using number rhymes.

what kind of information does it help us remember?

It can be used to remember speeches, quotes and lists or words

Sounds ineteresting! teach me please

Ok let us start

Take each number between 1 and 10.

Now we will create rhymes for each of those numbers. You should do it yourself, but here is what I usually use. It is not important that you use my list, you may prefer to come up with your own number rhymes. The impportant thing is that your number rhymes should be unforgetable and solid.

1 Bun

2 shoe

3 tree

4 door

5 hive

6 sticks

7 heaven

8 gate

9 wine

10 hen

Do not continue reading unless you are sure that you can remember your object rhymes.

Now, when i say the word ‘1’, you should immediately have the rhyme of a bun.
You will get to speed in time like the trickle becomes a stream, and it will take less effort.
This is your peg system

Now i am going to give you a list that you have to remeber using number rhymes.

Here we go











Now try to memorise these ten words using number rhymes. For example to memorise the first word “computer” attach it to your number rhyme for one that us bun.

To remember the second word “Pen”, attach pen to the number rhyme for number two (shoe). You can easily link them together by imagining ” A pen sticking out of shoe”.

And so on with all ten words. The beauty of the number rhyme system is that it allows you to remember words in sequence. If i ask you what was the number two on our list? you are probably gonna think. “2 = shoe = a pen sticking out of shoe, so that was a pen on number two”

did you notice how easy it really is to memorise list of words in sequence. You can as many number rhymes as you want, 100, 1000 or 5000? choice is all yours.

But just make sure that your number rhymes are memorable so that you can be sure of remebering the information you have attached to them.

A simple rule of the thumb is to go with the number rhyme that comes first to your mind because usually the first thoughts, ideas and number rhymes are the strongest canditates.

Do not get discouraged if you fail in the your first few attempts, just keep practicing and you will be able to remeber more and more words. It is just like the, the more you practice, the better you get.

All mnemocis techniques take time but once you master a technique, you notice an immense memory boost. So regardless of how poorly your perform in your initial attempts, just carry on with the practice and soon you will be able to memorise 20, 50, 100 and if you continue practicing, 10000 of words with no difficulty at all.