hungry kids

There are millions of hungry kids out there who do not go to school.

There are millions of adults who are killing their self-respect by being dependent on others.

There are millions of rejected old people who are living in grief and panic.

One major factor is the poverty. Poverty is what we like to blame for most of the things. Brain Director does not buy into this theory.Brain Director is a living proof of this.

Let’s take a look on the flip side

failed student

There are millions of kids who go to schools but face failure.

There are millions of adults who have lots of money but they still lack self-respect or they simply have nothing to be proud of.

There are millions of old people living with their families but they still are in grief and panic.

And there is more to it

poor kids and education

There are millions of kids who secretly wish that they could go to school. They pray to Allah for help. They want to be scientists, doctors and engineers.

There are millions of talented adults who have hit rock bottom waiting for someone to pull them up.

There are millions of criminals and drug addicts who hate crimes and drugs but they have no one to support them to be a better person.

There is yet more to it

mother and sister

While you were reading about these people, did you ever stop to think about those people who are connected to them?

The disappointed mothers with tears in their eyes ?

The fathers who are lonely even though they have sons?

The innocents sisters watchings their fathers and brothers go to jail?

No. You did not think about them. We request you to think.

Brain Director wants to cure that pain.


Brain Director focuses on brain to cure that Pain.

As Brain Directors we believe that if we could just develop better brain, we can put an end to this pain. We want to help low lives. Yes! honestly we want to help bad people be good. We want to help those people who have been left alone by most of others. We want to be a symbol of hope.

We want to help our little flowers go to school and score great marks.

We want to guide our adults to a noble life.

We want to sit with failed students and provide them all the help that they need to be best students.

And Brain Director Wants To Help strayed people

Many talented people in our world are destroying themselves. Either out anger, our of hurt or out of frustration, many talented people turn into drug addicts and criminals. And many many commit suicide.

Brain Director wants to reach those people and using a scientific and tactical approach, Brain director aims at guiding them towards the path of  self-improvement and a bright future.

Our Tools

learn and lead

We use a variety of tools to accomplish our goal and to help people have something better and positive to do and to think about.

Memory Techniques

We teach people memory techniques. We believe that this will not only help our professionals and students but also result in better relations.

Speed Reading

We teach people speed reading so that our professionals and students could do more in less time.

Creativity Techniques

We teach creativity techniques to help people break out of their thinking patterns. To help people come up with new ideas that can change their life for ever.


We combine the power of hypnosis with other technique to achieve fastest results possible.


We unleash the power of NLP to achieve even faster results.

Social Dynamics

We use solid social dynamics techniques that took masters years to discover and we use these techniques to make people socially smart and charming. We teach how to talk, how to sit and even how to drink tea based on thousands of years of research.


We focus on teaching how to brainstorm alone and in a group to help people lean the art of brainstorming and be more creative as a result


We focus on confidence building techniques to pull people out of negativity and disappointment.

Health And Grooming 

As the saying goes that a healthy body has a healthy brain. We focus on teaching people how to stay healthy both physically and mentally.


To help people stay focused on their goals even when they are not here with us, we provide great relevant books. We try to keep things light and fun unless an issue calls for a serious necessary steps.

Motivation And Positivity

We teach people how to use their brain to be in control of their habits. We explain in details how to give up old habits and form new ones.

Goal Setting 

We sit with people and help them discover themselves and their goals in life. We then help them come up with a step by step practical plan to achieve their goals.

Time Management

We teach people how to stay ahead of time by understanding themselves and what they do plus what they want to do.

Mind Maps

We use and teach the concepts of mind maps

Stress Management 

We focus on teaching people how to beat stress and negativity and stay positive all the time

Brain Development Game

We love kids so we have a gaming section dedicated to kids. Our games are designed to increase children’s memory and to develop their creative side. These games are equally good for people of all ages.

Exclusive Study Tips For Students

We understand that our students are our future and that why is we focus on providing useful study tips and guides exclusively for the students.


And We Are Non-Profit

Yes. We are proud to say that we are a non-profit educational organization. We do all this for free.

Why We Do It For Free?

We do it out of our passion to help humanity. We feel the pain of others and we want to help every kid, every adults and all the old peoples in the world. We know that we might never be able to achieve this goal. But when it comes to our mission….

Our mission is literally to help all the kids, adults and elderly people in this big vast world. And we shall not relax unless we achieve our goal. We understand that we will never relax but we are up for the challenge.