Are you happy with your body? What do you like about it? What don’t you like about it? Listen; nobody is perfect, so be honest with yourself. There are things that you’re going to like, and there are things you’re going to dislike.

However, if you feel that you don’t really like something about the way your body looks, do something about it —no excuses. It’s time to eliminate your excuses and change the way you feel. If what you feel about yourself is a HUGE part of what others see in you, don’t you think this is a key element to your dating success? Bottom line: there are many things you can control about how you look and feel — it’s your choice!

Here are a few things to think about if you want to change your body and hygiene

Pick ONE element to work on first — you don’t need an immediate overhaul. Tackle your hair, shed a few pounds, and improve your skin or whatever. But, after you do this first thing, go out in public with the confidence knowing you’ve conquered your first insecurity. This confidence will generate success, and more importantly, it will inspire you to take on a next “image-improvement”

physical health tips

Exercise! — This is a no-brainer, but I have to state the obvious. Exercise is a great way to change your body image, and ultimately, meet more women. Ask yourself: “What types of physical exercise do I like to do?” Do you like to run, roller-blade, or bike ride? Pick one and just do it. Not only will the improved body image and appearance help, but these exercises can be great ways for meeting women and using the skills you’re learning.

Eat Well! — Folks, we ALL, on occasion, need to pig out or eat some junk food. I’m not asking you to live solely on lettuce every day. But, we want dating success, and we want to attract women – taking a few very simple steps will not only improve how you look, but will also make you feel better, stronger and more confident. So, fewer desserts, no late-night meals, smaller portions – we all know what we have to do: we just need to do it.

A quick thought: to ask you to completely overhaul your life would be ludicrous – I know. But, think about it: If you just tackle one small part of each of the above items, the impact on your dating life will be tremendous.

Example: If you got a great haircut, went for a hike, and ate a good healthy meal, you can be sure that – if only for that one night – you’ll feel far more confident than if you hadn’t done these things!

Remember: What we’re going for is confidence – one of the essential keys to dating success. More confidence makes you more attractive. More attraction brings you more romantic opportunities – from there, the sky is the limit.