The power of your brain

You must have heard so many times people say “Human brain is like a computer”. In fact, the brain is much more powerful than a computer.

The human brain has around 1 million million brain cells. These brain cells are called as neurons. Its an estimate that the capacity of each neuron can be likened to that of one computer. That means you have a network of 1 million million computers in your brain!

You know the kind of wonders one can do with just one computer. Imagine what you could do with millions of computers.

If every brain has this kind of amazing capacity, then how come only a few people in the world are branded as “genius”? Why is that every one is not intelligent? Why do people forget things on a daily basis in spite of the huge potential of the brain?

The answer is simple: lack of proper use. There’s a statement about brain power which is 100 % true.

Use it or lose it!

The more you use your brain in a variety of ways, the sharper it gets. It is sad to say that “the most ignored part of your body is the brain”. If you ask any one, what do you get when you multiply 24 with 16?, the first thing they do is to search for a calculator. Do you think they really cannot calculate that simple calculation in the head? I am sure they could. But its much “easier” to use a calculator! Ok, if its one or two times, then fine. What if this becomes a habit?

If you search for too many shortcuts, the result will get cut short.

The more and more you depend on gadgets and devices for calculations and memorising, the natural abilities of the brain get weaker and weaker.

Neck-to-neck competition

There is tough competition everywhere. The person who will withstand this competition and emerge out as a winner is the person who has good mental alertness.

It is very common these days that interviewers screen their prospective employees based on their scores in a “reasoning test”. One needs to focus on sharpening their brain power to get the extra edge over others. To be a winner you need to have:

Concentration power
Observation skills
Analytical power

If you don’t have the above skills, you will be mercilessly shown the “exit door”.

The solution

The solution is simple: Use your brain!

Stay Tuned, we will be covering some great tips on mnemonics and other brain related topics to help you get the maximum of your brain.