If you are into hypnosis, it is important that you understand the power of beliefs. Considering the importance of beliefs for our future successes, let us define what a “belief” is and how it is formed during a lifetime.

From the moment people are born, a system begins to take shape inside them—their “belief system.” This mean  that all the information that is gathered though their five senses and every thought that goes though their head is processed by their subconscious and turned into a belief. For example, seeing a red rose, which is a symbol of love, beauty, and nature, becomes a signal that enters the sub-conscious mind through the eyes and after processing, subconsciously builds a portion of one’s belief system, or at the very least affects one’s belief system. As a result, when you see a beautiful red rose, you come to believe that “life is beautiful,” which is a lovely belief that the subconscious mind creates inside of you. On the other hand, if instead of a beautiful flower you were to see a rotting fruit, the sight would instantly be processed by your subconscious mind to generate a belief within you that “life is ugly and unpleasant.” So whereas one signal gives rise to positive thoughts, another brings forth negative ones.

All of the elements of your environment, including media such as the Internet, radio, and television, and especially the people you’re around—your mother, father, teachers, friends, and other family members—are all architects building, shaping, and structuring your belief system. Let’s say that during your childhood, your math teacher praises you in front of the class for correctly solving a problem. You will begin to believe in your mathematical abilities, and when you come across a math problem, you’ll solve it. Why? Because your abilities are determined by your beliefs. In other words, this kind of belief creates a powerful notion inside you, which guides you toward solving the problem. This is the relationship between belief and notion.

If, for example, your ninth-grade chemistry teacher constantly criticized you, saying that you would never be successful at chemistry, chastising you in front of the class, your belief in your ability to excel at chemistry would be shattered. This weakened belief in your abilities would create a notion of failure inside you that would actually cause you to fail.

Beliefs even play an important role in building one’s morale. A strong belief in yourself builds confidence, and a weak belief creates uncertainty for achieving success.

What you believe in is what you create. Your achievements in life are built by your beliefs. As it is written in the Quran, “For man, everything is achieved through effort.”1 This, here, is where the role of the subconscious, which is responsible for building a person’s beliefs, becomes clear, and the Technology of Thought validates and emphasizes this vital role.