Please check off any of the following beliefs which have applied to you.

It’s wrong to want a woman sexually.

It’s wrong to sleep with more than one woman at a time.

Talking about sex is disgusting and wrong.

Sex shouldn’t be talked or joked about publicly or with strangers.

Women don’t like sex.

Women don’t like sex as much as men.

Women have the control in the relationship.

Women don’t want to be talked to “that” way.

Attractive women get hit on all the time so they’ll shoot me down if I try to say one word to them.

Attractive women are only attracted to good looking men.

All attractive women are bitches.

Attractive woman want a man to do everything for them.

If I do her favors, compliment her, call her constantly and treat her like a princess she’ll fall in love with me.

Once you get a girlfriend you’ll change your tune.

beta male qualities

You will change your behavior when you get a girlfriend.

You should change for a woman.

Whew! That was quite a bit of paperwork there. I cannot believe I had that many beliefs about women programmed in to me that I could name off the top of my head.

So on the whole monogamy thing here is my take on it:

I don’t think guys should go behind women’s backs and have multiple girlfriends that don’t know about each other.

At the end of the day however it is a matter of personal preference and no one is right or wrong on it.

The reason we believe monogamy is the only ethical way to go is because society has taught us that.

To the largest extent they spoke for us when they outlawed Mormon polygamist marriages… society as a whole decided it was not acceptable and conditioned everyone in the society to believe that marriage was the “right” thing to do.

Some separation of church and state, huh?

The one exception being (ghasp) the Mormons who were raised from childhood on the belief that multiple wives are acceptable and universally saw no problem with it.

Earlier I talked about being a sexual being and being comfortable and even embracing it.

This means being completely comfortable with who you are, your desires with women and your needs as a man and not making any apologies or excuses for them.

I got in an argument a while ago with a girl friend of mine a while ago over the E! show The Girls Next Door and the ethics of a 79 year old man having three girlfriends aged 20, 25 and 32.

It was very interesting the way she argued from a woman’s point of view that it was “wrong” for such a “dirty old man” as she called him to have young, beautiful girlfriends who are “just with him for his money”.

It wasn’t “I think they’re with him for his money” or “a lot of rich men have young girlfriends who are just with them for money” it was “they’re just with him for his money.”

I was fascinated by how she made that statement as a fact and how she could gather this insight just from watching a 19 minute TV show… amazing!

As I was talking to this girl, I realized that this is also the society-based mindset my mother conditioned me to hold about women for years on end; be nice to women.

But knowing this girl not to be very open minded, I contended that no one was getting hurt and everyone was happy knowing in my mind that these girls were likely feeling attraction to Hefner because of his alpha history and status.

beta male pic

Now it is not that a person shouldn’t be nice to women.

I wholeheartedly support treating women well to the fullest extent but like anything else that isn’t explained to us properly when we misinterpret what we are taught it can become a problem.

We’re taught to go out of our way to do things for others.

Now, I have given this a lot of deep thought and upon further reflection, realized that this is an exact representation of male and female gender roles.

What would it have been like if Nicole Caldwell (Founder of Playgirl Magazine) had a show called The Boys Next Door which was about three boyfriends living at her mansion.

It would seem kind of weird to see her paying their way and leading them wouldn’t it?

Men were meant to be in control.

In saying this, I don’t mean men were meant to run women’s lives or that women don’t deserve the same business opportunities in their lives but men were meant to run their own lives and go after what they want with no apologies or excuses and protect the woman in their life and take care of them.

“Religion takes everything that makes us human then calls it wrong.”

Many men try to hide their needs and desires as a result of growing up in a society where open expression of sexuality is taught to be shameful.

It’s “wrong”…

Basically society teaches us that being open about our sexuality is shameful.

You need to realize that there is nothing wrong with your needs and desires; they are completely natural and should be embraced and cherished so that you can truly enjoy just how much pleasure they can really offer you.

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It’s a cruel joke society has played on us to take our sex drive (and so many other things) and teach us that it was wrong to openly use. What you need to do in order to work past this joke is make a decision about whether you want to remain a society zombie or whether you want to go out and get what you’re worth.

One thing anyone who knows me personally will tell you is that when I do things I give it all I have got.

Not people want me to but because I want to get the best for myself and I won’t take no for an answer.

One thing I am very big on and you should be as well is not changing for a woman.

I’m not saying don’t compromise with her on things but don’t allow her to change who you are, how you behave or what you believe in.

If you’re going to be in a relationship it is to make each other’s bodies create good feelings toward each other.