As you become more intuitively aware of where you are on the road of life, it might help to know how you got here. Understand that where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you’re headed are a result of either your steady, exceptional, or reckless driving. Meaning, if you’re not happy with where life has taken you so far or if you’re feeling frustrated and stuck in the intersection you sit in now, you have no one to blame but yourself. While this might sound a bit harsh, when you realize that you’re the driver behind every event and circumstance in your life, you also come to understand that you have absolute power to change the direction of your life at any ti located within the extensive root system of the Tree of Life.rely either to make me.

This next step of awakening is about recognizing the role you’ve played, and are currently playing, in creating the life you have now. Set the intention to spark further insight into your life by developing and fine-tuning your inner vision. And when you do, you’ll come to understand that the people, events, and situations that have shown up yesterday and today are not mere happenstance. Rather, you requested their presence.

The question is: How?


You’ve already begun the work of resetting your intuitive wisdom, and the most compelling reason for doing so is that the decisions and choices you make on a day to-day basis will become less and less influenced by your fearful mind. You see, the thoughts and visions you repeat in your mind every day work like an invitation, where what you think about most will eventually become your waking reality. This doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing, except for the inconvenient truth that most of us approach life from the dark corners of our mind, where envy, anxiety, self doubt, and fear like to hang out. I call this “our icky place,” and what you should know is that this place is not real; it’s a creation of your mind, and yet over time, the longer we spend time there, the more real it actually becomes.

Financial struggles, relationship strains, and health issues are most often the eventual manifestation of negative thoughts. Understand that when you approach life from a limited perspective—I’m not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough; I’ll never fit in; I’ll always be overweight, broke, alone, unhappy—not only will your life feel incomplete, deprived, and unsatisfying, but eventually it will look that way, too.

A client named Jason is a perfect example of how limited thinking can become reality. When Jason was a young boy, his father tragically hung himself. He was raised solely by his mother, who was emotionally absent, always struggling financially, and resentful of her parental obligation to her son. As you might imagine, Jason grew up a pretty sad, lonely, and fearful kid. By adulthood, he’d adopted a “poor me” attitude toward life. He believed he would always struggle financially, that people could not be trusted, and that the world was generally unkind.

But then he met a kind woman who cared deeply for him, loved him unconditionally, and also had a boatload of money. Triple score! From the outside, it appeared that Jason’s luck had finally turned around. Except Jason didn’t see it that way. He continued to think and act like a wounded victim. His attitude evolved from “poor me” to truly entitled. Surely, he thought, the world owed him for all that he’d suffered as a child. Instead of appreciating his good fortune, he abused it. He quit his job, sat around the house, spent his wife’s money, and self-medicated with drugs. For years this went on, until finally, his wife had had enough. She cut him off financially, separated their bank accounts, and eventually filed for divorce. As far as Jason was concerned, this turn of events was just further proof that he’d always be poor, that people could not be trusted, and that the world was unkind. Yet, in truth, Jason really had no one to blame but himself. It was his thoughts, attitude, and actions that determined how his life story had played out. This is exactly how the Universal Law of Cause and Effect works—every cause has an effect, and every effect has a cause.


that everything is happening just as it was intended, our perception experiences a seismic shift, and suddenly webure When you step back and look at your life, understand that much of what you see— the people, circumstances, experiences, and situations—has shown up in response to your mental invitation. Good or bad, I encourage you to be accountable for what you’ve invited into your life. Own it. And if you don’t like what you see, determine to change it. You have the power to create a different reality for yourself by continuing the practice of reflection, quieting your mind on a day-today basis and allowing your intuitive wisdom, rather than a limited mind perspective, to guide you forward. While taking your intuition’s lead requires faith and trust, I hope you can recognize that you have a choice in how you experience your life. Abundance or deprivation—you decide. Sarah Ban Breathnach, author of Simple Abundance, says it well: “Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend.”

Eva had lost her sister to cancer, and she came to me hoping I’d help relieve her grief. When I opened myself up to be a channel for Spirit, Eva’s deceased mother came through right away, and not to console her, but to dish up a plate of tough love. By clairsentiently impressing me with feelings of criticism and harsh judgment where I actually felt beaten down, Spirit helped me understand that Eva had never felt good enough, that she believed her parents had always favored her sister. I was also shown that Eva overate as a way of punishing herself for being inadequate. When I asked Eva about the validity of these impressions, she admitted that she’d always struggled with her weight and was currently self-medicating with food to assuage her grief over her sister’s death. At five-foot-three, she weighed over 250 pounds, so her mother was rightly concerned and her message to Eva was simple and direct: Pray for a change in perception. I explained to Eva that her limited, self-sabotaging thoughts were throwing her off track from fulfilling her life’s purpose—to express and extend the divine and radiant love, light, and beauty within her. I suggested hypnotherapy and daily affirmations to help her reprogram her thoughts. I told her, “If you could see yourself through God’s eyes rather than your limited mind’s eye, you’d be more compassionate and empathetic toward yourself, and less judgmental and punishing.” Eva’s mother in spirit urged her daughter to take responsibility for her “fat,” “ugly,” and “unlovable” thoughts and recognize that they were creating her unhappy reality. As incentive, Mom clairvoyantly showed me two people coming together and holding hands—my symbol for soul mate—and promised Eva that a man was waiting for her, but that Eva had to turn her thinking around before she’d attract him to her. This excited Eva and gave her motivation to change course.

To help you remember that how you think determines much of your waking reality, I suggest a simple and symbolic practice I created years ago. Take a book out of your personal library and cover it with a brown paper bag, as you may have done in high school to protect your textbooks. On the cover write your name in big block letters as the author of your story. This practice is to symbolically remind you that you are the author of your life. Set this book out in plain sight for you to regularly see and acknowledge that you alone write your past, present, and future.