In this post you will be learning the secrets of creating massive sexual tension (attraction) with women. I am not going to teach you that. Guess what? You are going to learn from the masters of the game. Let’s get started.

Bobby Rio Shares His Secrets Of Creating Sexual Tension

The best way to do it is in a teasing way. Misinterpretations always work well. If a woman spills her drink on herself and says, “Oh, I’m wet.” You can just say, “Oh yeah, I bet you are.” And you just kind of introduce it in a funny way. You have to have rapport at that point, but maybe turn it around that she’s hitting on you. If she compliments you, you can say, “You know, you’re not going to get me home that easily. You have to work a little bit harder if you want to take me home tonight.”

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And you’re just doing it in a teasing way. That’s the best way to introduce it.
The other way is to introduce a sexual tone. I gave the example earlier with the “drunk I love you” opener where I transitioned into, “Does saying I love you during really good sex count?” And usually with that conversation right there, the girl will start talking about it and you’ll be amazed at how quickly she’ll start talking about some of her sexual experiences and a guy who said it once. And right there you can start to tease her and say, “Oh wow, you really are a little sex kitten, aren’t you.” Or just kind of go from there. I mean, to me that’s the best way to do it. It’s either through a glorified gossip opinion style opener or just a flat-out misinterpretation tease.

Brad Jackson Way Of Creating Sexual Tension

Do not think sexually when you say something sexual. Seriously. Tell a girl you want to go back to your house, skip all this “get to know each other” B.S. and just get naked like a couple of jungle kids.

BUT here’s the secret: When you say it, in your mind you have to be thinking of something like going for a walk in the park or something innocent, that way the vibe you give and the tonality will not come off as creepy. It’s amazing how well that works.

You also have to know how NOT to take it too far, but gauge the girl’s sense of humor and ability to take a joke and then poke and prod until you find what her hot buttons are.

Brent Smith Reveals His Method For Creating Sexual Tension

I accuse them of being into me and wanting to go to the bathroom and make out with me and stuff. I will say, “Hey, what’s up? How are you guys doing?” And they’ll say, “We’re doing okay?” hen I’ll say, “Look, if you want to make out with me in the bathroom, come on, just say it, we’re both adults here. I mean, I might be interested. You never know. And if you want to go home with me, just say it.” So I will throw sexual innuendos out there immediately.

First of all, what it does is gets sex out on the table without being creepy. I’m just kind of laughing when I say it or being funny. We’re not guys who are creepy bad guys, and we’re letting them know it’s OK to talk about it. Because ultimately you realize women are out to do the same thing that you are: which is to hook up with someone. It was tremendous for me to learn that most women who are out are just waiting to do something with the right guy. They’re out to have sex. They’re not out for relationships that night. They’re out to have sex. When you realize that’s what they are there for, you spend your time not talking them out of out like most guys do. You just continue to let them know it is OK to talk about it.

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We spend most of our lives talking women out of what they already want to do. If you believe that you have to talk women into having sex, you’re going down the wrong road. Women already want to have sex. Your job is not to talk them out of it. I show up knowing every girl in the bar wants to have sex with the right guy, and I’m always the right guy. So I throw it out there, “Hey, look, if you want me to be your sex toy, just come out and say it.”

We’re kidding around with them, but we do that in the first 30 seconds of a conversation. Which is why then we can say, “I did 300 squats today and I had an ass implant last week because I had a flat ass before. Oh, do you want to see it? Let me drop something and bend over so you can feel it.”

We get it out there, so then they go for it. Because women don’t want to be judged and thought of as easy or aggressive but when you let them know it is OK to think like that and speak like that and act like that, you will be amazed at what they do and what you don’t have to do. You don’t have to press play. You’ve led them in a way that they’re not used to. You’re not taking them by the hand and seducing them. You’re doing it in a way that’s under the radar and it’s actually their idea, which is way more powerful than when it’s your idea.

Carlos Xuma’s Style Of Creating Sexual Attraction

One of the things that really comes across as creepy is when guys feel they have to bring up the subject of sex or sexual connotation in the conversation itself. And it really shouldn’t be done, at least not by the guy. The best thing to do is to let the woman do that work. In other words, let her say something that could be taken in a couple of different ways, the double-entendre. Or wait until she says something a little suggestive, and then you can take it down in that direction. But if you start pressuring or guiding it that way, she’s going to pick up on that, and it’ll make her pull back, pull away. So if you want to generate a sexual tone, it’s got nothing to do with the words you’re saying. Again, guys are so focused on the “what” that they’re not thinking of the “how.”

It’s all in how you manage things like proximity, your space to the woman, how you look at her, the amount of eye contact you hold, moving in occasionally, touching her on the arm, making a comment, stepping back, that’s how you create sexual tone intention. It’s not about the “what”; it’s about how you’re handling the conversation.

Christian Hudson Teaches The Art Of Creating Sexual Tension With Women

The easiest thing, of course, is projecting through your body language and through your eye contact. So it all starts with how you move and how you position yourself to her. So let’s say I’m standing next to her in a bar, I’m standing at a 45 degree angle, the moment I square my head up with her and we’re face to face and I’m looking her in the eye, she’s going to feel that. Then I step back away. So much of being able to generate sexual tension is about being able to push the envelope and do something either verbally or non-verbally that then pushes it and then being able to step back out of it, and allow that tension to dissipate. Then ramping it up again, bringing it back up and then allowing it to dissipate again.

I step in and then I make some intense eye contact, and then I allow my body to be present there and then I pull away. Another thing that I might do is I might say something in a conversation. I might straight up tell her, “Oh, that’s really sexy what you said.” The third thing is to bring up sex in a fun and nonchalant way. So let’s say you’re talking about going to get a drink at the bar and you say, “Oh hey, you know, let’s go get a drink.” And she says, “All right, cool.” Then you say, “Let’s do it, get a drink, I mean not sex.” And so what you’ve done is you brought up sex and you brought it up on a fun and in a non-creepy way and you introduce it to the conversation.

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The time that it becomes creepy is when you are clearly uncomfortable with it and when you’re not enjoying talking about it and when you’re stammering to get it out. Or when you’re pushing on her and she’s totally not comfortable with it, so either one of those cases can certainly put her off.

Do some very basic stuff like strong intentional eye contact, body language, allowing your hands to rest on her shoulder a little bit, for just a little bit longer than comfortable and taking it away and seeing how that dynamic plays out. If she moves away and if she’s uncomfortable in that situation, then you know that you have pushed too much and you have to go back and do a little bit less of that stuff.