Today some of the most successful seduction and dating experts are going to discuss female tests and they will also teach you how to deal with them. Without any further ado, let’s just get started.

Brent Smith’s Reply To Female Tests

I’ll say, “You have no idea how big a player I am. It’s much worse than you think. I’m probably dating your best friend right now. I’m probably banging your best friend right now and your sister.” I run into the light. Players are the ones who get all the women, and not nice guys, OK? So women will test you, and I’m telling you, I have so many women that have done that who thought I was going to react a certain way, and I reacted like I just said, and I mean, it’s like a freaking avalanche of sex. So run into the light; embrace being a player. Embrace dating lots of women. “Yes, of course, I date lots of women. What’s your point? Why wouldn’t I? I’m single.” And I say, “And the point would be what? Would you like to be one of them? Is that what you’re asking me? Are you asking me if you can get on the team, or what are you asking me? Look, if you want to freaking go to my house and have sex, just come out and say it.”

I own it. I am it. It’s not something I do, it’s something I am. You have to own it. Run into the light. You will be overwhelmed at the response you get when you actually stand for something instead of try to tell chicks what you think they want to hear.

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The standard line doesn’t apply and doesn’t work or else every guy would be successful with women on the planet, and they’re not, OK? So do the opposite: “Yes, I’m a player.” She might say, “I have heard stories about you. I heard that you’re bad news.” I’ll say, “You have no absolutely no idea how bad. I mean, it’s much worse than you’ve been told. The stories are even wilder.”

I have girls still angry with me about what I do who say, “Oh, you teach guys to manipulate women.” I’ll say, “Actually, no, I don’t, but I see you’re very angry about it.” And they’ll say, “Oh, yeah, I’m so angry about it.” And I’ll say, “Great, how long have you barely been into me? Do you want to just go to my place now or later?” And I’ll say, “What are you really angry about?” And they’ll say, “Well, I’m sort of angry that you’re not paying attention to me.” And I’ll say, “Great, let’s get out of here.” Dude, it’s that simple. That’s what it’s always about. It’s never that they’re angry about your “playerism.” They’re just always hearing the same thing from guys, “Oh, no, no, I’m not really a player. You don’t understand. You have the wrong idea about me. I’m actually very open to a relationship. I do want to settle down someday.”

There is nothing sexy about that. That’s provider talk. That puts you in the category of a guy who is going to come over and fix her stereo, buy her a new car, and be a good father. And there is nothing wrong with being a good father, but it’s not sexy, and the only thing that is sexy with that moment is owning it, own who you are. Run into it.

It’s a level that is so far above most guys they will ever meet in your lifetime. Those guys will never catch up to you. So if you’re worried about having more women than every other guy you meet, do what I’m telling you. They will never even figure out how to do it because you have this specialized knowledge that’s next level, and that’s counter-intuitive and that’s opposite of what most guys do, and so all the women will be yours.

Carlos Xuma’s Method For Dealing Female Tests

It depends on the woman. If she’s saying that, it’s a positive indicator because it shows that she cares and that she’s picking up on the fact that you’re not like other guys. You’re not another guy she can dismiss really quickly. So what she’s doing is a qualification question and she’s looking to see how you’re going to answer.

As far as dating other women, oftentimes I have a couple of different answers depending on the woman, but more often than not I’ll tell her, “You know what, I have been seeing some other women, not all of them are interesting to me. It really just depends on the person. I’m kind of interested in seeing where this might go with you.” And leave it at that.

Leave it very indeterminate because she’s not really looking for an answer per se. She’s looking to see how you answer it. She’s looking to see if you are confident in your answer, or are you going to waffle around and say, “Oh… Ah… Well ah… Geez, you know, I think I got caught.” If you act like you got caught or any of that, she’s going to immediately call that out in her mind and say, “This guy, he’s not all that.” That’s what she’s really looking for.

Christian Hudson Shares His Tips And Techniques For Dealing With Female Tests

Well, I haven’t been asked that too much. I did have some girl the other night who said, “You think you’re so smooth, don’t you?” I think I said something like, “Only for you and the 30 other girls who think I’m smooth.” You can do that and deal with that in a couple of ways. The way I deal with it is through saying “yes” and through absurdity. This is conversational technique that we teach, and I’m sure other people teach, too because it’s very basic. Basically you agree with what they’re saying and then you take their answer and you make it more absurd.

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So if a girl says “You’re such a player” you’d say something like,\ “Yeah, I am like that. The hundreds of woman in my life would tell you that I am a damn good one, too.” So I kind of laugh and defuse it. If somebody puts up a wall like that, I don’t want to just come right back at them and knock it down because that’s going to create tension in the conversation.

So rather than just saying, “No, I’m not, or “What are you talking about?” You can play with it and say, “Yeah, of course. Of course I love playing games. “Sorry” is definitely one of the most fun games I’ve ever played before.” So yeah, I’m going to allow and she’s going to laugh at me “Oh, that’s really funny.” And I’m going to say “No, but seriously.”

What is most effective is I’ll say something like, “Look, anybody who I get close to, I get close to for a reason because I truly care about them. I truly get to know them. I’ve had some beautiful relationships. I’ve had 5 longterm relationships with girls who I’ve absolutely loved.” And I think that’s what we all seek, right? We all really seek the ability to get close to someone and connect with them, and really what’s important to me is being able to connect with another human being and allowing myself to be open and for them to be open when they’re listening.

If they don’t feel comfortable doing that, I can understand. It would be weird to me, but if they don’t feel comfortable with it, that’s fine. But that’s not what I want, I tell them, “what I want is for you to feel comfortable with me and for me to feel comfortable with you and that’s the most important thing.” When a girl says that to me (about being a player) what she’s really saying is “You’re not going to use me and abuse me and let me go on the street, are you?” And so you have to defuse the objection in a fun way and say, “Listen, I really want to be with you right now, and I’m going to respect you and I’m going to take care of you and as long as you’re open with me and I’m open with you we can have an amazing time together.”

So hey, the important thing is that you actually are that way. I never want to leave the girl used and abused and feeling left out, and whenever I’ve done that I’ve always felt bad about it. Sometimes you have those drunken nights and it’s like you guys hook up, and then the next morning “I don’t want to see her again.” And I never felt great about that. So at this point in my life though, again, I am 30 years old, if a girl is asking me that and I can see that she’s developing some sort of interest and attachment and that I’m not really into her, I’m not going to pursue it because I know that it’s going to result in her wanting something that I can’t give her.