Today seduction from all over the world will be sharing their first date ideas with you all. You are going to learn plenty of great techniques that will help you to take your first date to a whole new level.

Brent Smith Shares His First Date Ideas And Tips

My place or her place. I don’t date, and I don’t teach guys to date. Dating is irrelevant and it is antiquated and it no longer needs to be done, and women would rather you just go to their place or your place. So there is no meeting in public of any kind, one-on-one, ever. And I’ve been doing that for years. I don’t like the word “dating” either. I use it sometimes because guys understand it better, and they’re not really on this page yet. But again, remember, women want what you want. You have to believe that. When you know this, if you’ve made them feel comfortable, you don’t need to meet at a bar for drinks and stuff like that.

first date ideas and tips for guys

I want to explain about this, so that guys will really understand this concept: Traditional courting doesn’t work. There is overwhelming evidence that it doesn’t. For instance, if you meet a girl out for a drink, this tape starts playing in both of your heads “Oh, it’s a date. It’s a date.” And what does a date mean? It means relationship. When you say, “Oh, let’s just start at my place,” you actually get to know someone organically, outside of the context of a date. Actually, you can have an even better relationship if it moves forward. So you want to take it out of the context of a traditional date, traditional courting, and you’ll be surprised at how many women will go for that.

The hotter they are, the more they will go for that, because remember, a lot of guys are trying to impress them and take them out and buy them expensive dinners and bring them gifts. What separates you from them? Invite her to your place or go to her place and how you do that is when you’re talking about getting together, simply say, “Great, let’s start at my place, Thursday 8 PM.” And give her the address.

Carlos Xuma Shares His First Date Plan

Absolutely plan a non-traditional date. Don’t take her to dinner. Don’t take her out to a movie. You’ve got to take her some place interesting. That’s not to say that you can’t eventually progress to going to get something to eat together. That’s the way I like to have it happen. I want it to be organic as a natural course of the evening.

But the first thing I do is I set up a late Saturday afternoon date because those can easily progress into dinner if things get cool or get really interesting with her. I’ll take her someplace unique in the area. I’ll tell her “You know what; I’ve been dying to go to this place. It’s called Kid Robot, it’s down in the city. It’s got some really weird little toys in it. I’ll meet you there. I want to check this place out.”

Make sure it’s someplace that you really want to go because even if she doesn’t show, or if she does flake for some obscure reason, you’re still having a cool time. You have to have that as your foundation. You are living your life for yourself first and foremost, and these women are coming along with you for the ride.

Christian Hudson Shares What He Does On The First Date

Usually what I’ll do is I’ll either invite her out with my friends who I know are cool, who I know are going to make me look good. So we’ll be doing some sort of big social activity, whether we’re going to the bar or hanging out at a movie. Inviting a first date to a movie with your friends, it sounds risky at first, but it’s actually really fun. It takes away the environment that we’re on a date, that we are evaluating each other and it makes it much more like a hang out sort of thing, which most girls are more comfortable with anyway. Now, I’m 30, I wouldn’t do this with a 42-year divorcee, who’s a professional and has little interest in hanging out with my drinking buddies.

But beyond that, honestly, I just love to meet up for a drink or two. I usually try to end it first if it’s going well, unless it’s just going so extremely well that it is 2 hours later and I’m thinking, “Oh my god, she’s committed.” But 9 times out of 10 my dates are drink dates and we just get together and see where it goes from there.

I have a program called “The First Date Blueprints” and it’s a bonus for the guy who buys “Unbreakable.” It lays out an exact road map for how to take a first date from meeting her to taking her to the bedroom. And we have some other stuff in there about how to get her back to your place, how to start at your place, how to set it up in that way.

So I don’t want to say it’s complicated, but there are quite a few steps involved that you have to get right. If a guy is interested in really nailing that, he could pick up “Unbreakable,” and that will be a part of it.

David Wygant Teaches What To Do On The First Date

There are so many things. I always say keep it as simple as it can be. In the summertime, it’s great to go and grab a Frisbee and go to the park and walk around and listen to music. It’s great if you live by the beach to take a walk and watch the sun set. Rent some bikes and go around the bike path because that way you can talk about other things that are going on. The worst date is the dinner date. You might as well bring your resume printed out and give it to her and swap it. It’s a waste of money. I always say the cheaper the date, the better it’s going to be. Meet her for coffee. Pick a coffee place where they’ve got cool music playing, not just Starbucks, so it doesn’t look like you’re just meeting her in a boring place. But keep it really, really, really simple. I’ve got a list of 75 first dates that I always send guys all the time, and none of them are about spending more than $30 because you shouldn’t spend money on a total stranger. Don’t try to impress her with a good dinner. The only thing you’re going to do is have dinner with somebody with the probability factor of you ever seeing again being very slim. Most first dates don’t turn into second dates, so you basically just blew $100.

You want to share experiences and then you have something to talk about moving forward.

Dean Cortez Shares His First Date Ideas

For most guys, taking the girl out on a traditional date, to the movies or buying her dinner is a way for him to try to impress her and the guy is going to spend all his money and time sitting there with her in the power position. He is looking at it as his chance to impress her and to make her think that he is possible boyfriend material for her. Bullshit, OK? That’s not the way to go about it. When you take girls out on expensive dates and spend the money, what you’re doing is you’re loading this whole date with pressures and expectations. You’re thinking, “Man, I’m spending, you know, $60 on this meal. I better get something for it.” And then she is thinking, “Well, he’s spending all this money on me, what does he expect from me? Does he expect me to put out because I’m a comfortable woman on the first date?”

handling the first date with a woman

At any rate, too many expectations are built onto the date. So stop taking women out on traditional dates, instead invite her to come along with you to a cool activity. You want to show her this amazing coffee shop or this art gallery or this photo exhibit or this awesome cocktail lounge that has the best DJ and a really cool happy hour and you invite her to come along with you.

It is a chance for you to build comfort with her. It’s a chance for you to share some more things about yourself and to have her share things about herself. Now, second of all, you want every date to involve several venue changes. This is why sitting in a restaurant for three hours is a very bad idea. What you want to do is keep the momentum going, keep some energy going. Meet up with her at a bar for a couple of drinks, then bounce to another spot, and then bounce to a third spot. And then from there, bring her back to your place.

So if you don’t have any off the radar cool date spots in mind right now, I want you to spend some time next weekend finding them. Go out solo or with your friends, hit some spots and identify the locations that you can bring girls to for those first dates. Have your date spots already lined up, but make sure they are original date spots. It’s not Starbucks and it’s not some restaurant where you’re going to spend $100 and sit in there trying to small talk for 2-1/2 hours.

Daytime dates can be great. Walking with a girl and strolling along the beach or going to an outdoor festival or an outdoor pedestrian mall are great places for dates. You’re burning up nervous energy and there are all kinds of ways to build body contact when you’re walking with her from place to place.