In this post you some of the best seduction masters will be sharing their opinion openers with you and according to them these opinion openers work in most situations.

Vin DiCarlo Tells How He Starts Conversations With Women

I do have ways of starting conversations that work great in many situations, but what’s more powerful – and I think more useful – is to understand the formula of what makes a conversation starter work vs. what doesn’t work:

Short and puts the focus on her to win me over.

Complete but incomplete. (creates intrigue).

Shapes her future behavior toward you.

For instance, something I’ve used while travelling is whatever city I’m in, let’s say I’m in Scottsdale, I would say something such as “Why are Scottsdale girls so friendly?”

Number one – it’s short. This is important because it takes the pressure off of the guy to approach. If a system isn’t simple no one will use it. You just won’t use it. Think of the stuff you procrastinate about. It’s all the long, complicated stuff.

One of the biggest crimes that other gurus have committed against the guys they’re trying to help is to over complicate meeting women. If I told a guy he had to memorize a 3 paragraph story, think about the pressure it would put on him. The chances of him ever approaching and get success drop by over 350%. 350%!

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I’m a big advocate of simplification. When I found this “community” about ten years ago, I was so overwhelmed! And that was like when there were just two guys teaching professionally! Now there’s several hundred, so I can imagine what guys are feeling when they are just starting out. So my goal is to give you the ONE easy tweak that’s going to be a game changer for you. Like in Pandora’s Box for example that is another way of SIMPLIFYING the process of attraction. Most guys are trying to use a million different techniques on one girl. If you know her type, you don’t need 99% of the stuff out there. You just use the 3 simple steps that are going to work ON that specific girl.

So it’s short, and it immediately puts the pressure on her to answer. Put the focus on her. Let the girl do all the heavy lifting in a pick up. If you have to do all the work, it’s going to be difficult, not fun, and you’ll have less success.

Secondly – it’s complete but incomplete. It’s a complete sentence, a complete thought. It’s not like you went up and said, “Why are Scottsdale?” and just stood there like an idiot. So it’s a complete idea: “Why are Scottsdale girls so friendly?” but it creates some unanswered questions in her mind. For instance, she might be thinking “Where is he from? What happened to him that he thinks we’re friendly? How many other girls are chasing this guy?”

And those are all good questions for her to be thinking. You’re controlling the direction of her thought process in a direction where you want it to go. That’s number 3 – it shapes her future behavior toward you.

People will always treat you the same way you’ve been treated in the past. It’s a concept called precedence. That’s why you never talk about how your last girlfriend cheated on you. Then she’s going to be thinking “Oh, OK, I should cheat on this guy because that’s what people do to him – they disrespect him.” You always want to give her a positive blueprint of how to respond to you. So don’t say, “How come Scottsdale girls are such bitches to me?”

So it has three components: short and puts focus on her; complete but incomplete; and shapes her future behavior towards you.

Action Jackson Shares Openers That Help Him Attract And Pick Up Girls

I’ve been testing out a bunch of new different openers and it’s funny because I keep coming back to this old school one because it’s just been working so well. It might be called the Mistaken Identity opener. It’s been around forever, but I’ve been using it at the mall, airports, parties, even in church, and it will work in bars and clubs, too.

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And a lot of guys listening will probably know it, but I can attest that it works great. And basically what you do is you approach the girl and you say, “You know, excuse me, this is going to sound totally random. But your name isn’t Kathy, is it?” And she’s going to say, “No, sorry,” or whatever. “Oh OK, well,you know, sorry, you look a lot like a childhood friend of mine. And here I was in a pickle because if I didn’t come over and see if it’s you I’d be kicking myself the rest of the day. But if I did come over and it’s not you, then it would be totally weird, so you know, thank you for this embarrassing moment.”

From there you can say, “So what is your name?” And then she’ll say, “Oh, I’m blah, blah, blah.” And you can say, “Cool, I’m Chris.” And then you can go into a cold read, qualification question and you’re off to the races.

Bill Preston Shares Openers That Help Him Seduce Girls

It depends. I almost always use a situational opener. I can give an example of one I used.

I really like dogs and one day I was walking on 3rd avenue in New York City and I saw two really attractive women with a puppy. And they smiled at me and I literally jogged over to them and I said, “Oh my god! That’s the cutest dog ever. Would you mind if I pet it?” And we were just completely talking about the dog. We were just completely and genuinely interested in the dog, but of course, I wanted to talk to them because they were pretty hot. That is the perfect example of a situational opener: I was not afraid to talk to them just because they were hot and I really liked how cute the puppy was.

Another time, I was in line at a bakery for lunch and I think it was the worst stock market day in history and the stock market had crashed and there was this really attractive girl behind me in line. I said to her “Man, can you believe what’s going on?” We were actually on Wall Street at the time, but she was a volunteer worker for a charity and she really had no idea. And I said “You know this is the biggest knock down in history” and I started explaining it to her. Then I immediately transitioned into another conversation because that was my opener and we ended up getting a drink after work and the rest and it was really fun. It’s always situational for me.

openers that work in most situations

Another thing that I want to touch on is to say that it’s really important, if you see a girl looking at you; it doesn’t matter if she is smiling at you, just go up to her and say, “Hey, I noticed you and I had to come over and talk to you. What’s your name?” It’s as simple as that.

Lance Mason Uses His Facial Expressions As Opinion Openers

Well, my opener is the way I walk. It’s the expression on my face. It’s the way I touch a girl’s arm before I talk to her. Because by then she’s already decided if she’s comfortable with me, she’s already decided if I’m the kind of guy that dates women like her and she’s already decided if she’s going to give me a chance as a potential dating partner. And as for what I say, I don’t want to be sneaky. I don’t want to ask for her opinion. I don’t want to do something that makes it seem like I’m there just to have normal conversation. I want to let her know that I’m the guy who is confident enough to flirt with her right away. I love those opening lines, and you can say something really simple like, “Hey, you look fun.” Just walk into a group of girls: “You guys look fun.” And they will think: “Oh cool. We look fun. Let’s talk to this guy.” And that’s a great one. You can walk up to girls wherever they are.

Another one that I like is from one of our coaches, Lee, in New York. He was walking and it was raining and he waved his finger at a girl and said, “You know, you look like the kind of girl who wouldn’t share her umbrella with anyone.” And she busted out laughing. She shared her umbrella with him, they had a great time. But I started using that everywhere. What I find is amazing is if you take a guy who thinks he’s not creative and thinks he can’t come up with stuff on the fly, push him to a group of women and have him wave his finger at the hottest woman and say, “You know, you look like the kind of girl that…”

It’s amazing the guy always comes up with something really funny right there in the moment. I love that opener.