In this post some of the best pick up artist will be sharing their best seduction techniques that will help you have a fun life and attract more girls in your life. Let’s get started:

John Alanis Shares His Seduction Tips To Have Fun And Attract More Girls

I don’t teach guys about getting pumped up or any motivational stuff, or anything like that at all. My point of view has always been if you’re a guy who has learned the skill of attraction, who can make a woman feel like she wants to feel then any time you go out any woman you come in contact with is – I hate to say “lucky” – but that it’s a privilege to come in contact with you. That’s because you spend the time, energy and effort to develop those skills that very few guys have that can make her feel that. So my mindset is that whenever I step out of the door I’m attractive to all women no matter what I do or no matter what the venue is. So if I go to the gym and I see an attractive woman, I’ll go up and talk to her. I do this even if I’m in a grocery store or anywhere.

Have the attitude and the mindset of, “Yes, I developed the skills, therefore I’m attractive to women.” It’s with me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And I don’t just limit it to women who I may have a romantic interest in. Any woman who I come into contact with, whether it’s a waitress or the girl at the check-in counter at the gym or the old granny at the grocery store, I will do something that makes them feel a little bit of attraction because what happens is, it then becomes a natural habit. If you try and get into mindset actively before going out, women sense that. They don’t want a guy who has to go into the mindset. They want a guy who is absolutely 100% congruent with who he is. That’s an attractive man, and that’s really the most important thing to focus on.

Women can pick up on what I call “schism in consciousness” where you have one self-image and you have another one that you’re trying to act. That’s why a lot of the old pick-up stuff just doesn’t work no matter if guys executed it correctly because the women picks up on the schism. I mean, women can feel what you’re feeling inside. So when they feel 100% congruency, then yeah, you’re an attractive man because you’ve developed a skill to make her to feel like she wants to. Then all of a sudden you have the mindset all the time and women are automatically attracted to you, and as you develop this, they actually will come up and approach you first.

Seduction Techniqes And Mindsets

It’s just not about attracting. What you find is you’re attractive to everyone, money, friends, other people and stuff like that, and so it’s a level up, but you want to work on being attractive to all things, not just to women and you’re going to find that you’re going to attract more and better women that way.

Kezia Noble On Seduction And Mindsets

DVDs and music really, really help much better than alcohol. For instance, when I go out or go to a very important meeting or have to be very sociable, I have a box set of DVDs that I watch religiously. And I watch about three episodes and I feel so empowered and so great. Some guys say that they get that from watching Entourage. Some guys say that they that from watching the Sopranos. Some guys get it from watching the film Scarface before they go out. Some guys listen to their favorite music. That can really put you in a fantastic state of mind. I had heard about this a lot, and I didn’t really believe it until I started doing it for myself because, of course, women can do it too.

SeductionTips To Seduce Girls

Unfortunately, what most people do is they start drinking before they go out, which I really, really don’t encourage. It’s not that I’m anti-drinking or anything, but obviously, it’s a slippery slope when you start having to drink before you go out. Watching a DVD or something inspiring or that makes you feel empowered or listening to a piece of music really, really gets you into a fantastic state. It works for me and it has worked for my students. You just have to find what that DVD or song is for you.

Entropy On Seduction And Positive Mindsets

It’s vastly underrated how important it is to have fun when you go out. One of the biggest problems that I run into is that guys just take this so seriously. They get out and they treat it like a job or a mission – like they’re commandos in the military or something. You’ve got to make it fun. For me personally, I blast music before I go out. I like to sing, not very well, but I try. I dance – just anything that gets me in a good mood. If you’re going out with friends, I’ve found the coolest thing you can do is to create little games to get yourselves in the right mood.

For instance, we would give each other silly words that we had to approach the first couple of girls with. So I look at my buddy and say, “You have to go talk to the blonde about dingle berries.” And he’d go do it. And then we’d sit there and laugh about it and it was completely ridiculous, but it put us in a good mood. And it gets you to a place where you are not taking things so seriously and not taking yourself so seriously.

When I’m out with students I usually play similar games with them. I usually do silly things with them in the club or the bar or whatever. And at first they kind of look at me like, “You know, Mark, this is kind of retarded.” But after we do it, we’re laughing about it and we’ve loosened up, and we feel pretty good about the way the night is going.

Miami Wing Girls On Seduction And Positive Mindsets

In the beginning it comes down to scheduling and making the effort to do the things that you want to do. So for some people, if they work really hard and they have a busy week, they say to themselves at the end of the day, “Oh, I don’t have to go to that barbecue. I’ve had a really hard time. I don’t want to do it.” I do these things myself. But the important thing is that if you’re trying to establish yourself as a social person and trying to re-invent yourself to be more outgoing and have the opportunity to be more social in practice, you do have to push yourself and you have to schedule. I use Google Calendars. I’ll say that on the 18th of every month that will be a day for me to do something for myself and do something that I’ve never done before. So whether it‟s an art class or a cooking class or whatever it is that I want to do to push myself, I schedule it on the 18th and I have to do it. I can’t break it. It’s in my calendar.

Nick Quick Reveals His Seduction Techniques

The biggest thing that you can do is to remind yourself that women want to have sex more than you do. In fact, when they are in the bar, that’s really the only reason they are there. If you ask a girl, they will say something along the lines of, “Why you are here? I’m here because I want to dance and drink with my friends.”

Now, if that were true, they wouldn’t have spent 2-3 hours doing their hair, another hour on the makeup. They would not be there wearing clothes that are uncomfortable but make them sexy like high heels which will make their feet hurt all night. Or some will wear corsets that push their breasts up and make them sexier.

If the girl really wanted to drink, she could do that at home. She could buy a bottle of grape juice, drink with her friend, and have a good time. It would be a lot cheaper. If she really wanted to dance, she could pop in the latest Lady Gaga CD and dance her little ass off with a friend, but she’s in a club. Why is she there? She wants to fuck. And it’s your job as a man to realize that, and go out and make these women happy by giving them exactly what they secretly desire.