As we know there are plenty of books in the market claiming to teach you the best techniques to improve your memory. I have read many of them but the sad truth is not all of them deliver what they promise and most of the techniques in those books are just a rehash of what has already been shared in many other books. Today we are going to take a look at the book titled. ” Your memory and how it works” and authored by Kenneth L. Higbee Ph.D

After reading this book, i realized that this book has been written for students and it is in fact a well written book on mnemonics. There are many questions that most of the books on memory development do not answer like, what is a photographic memory? but this books provides all answers to such questions. The author has done a good job of providing the detailed explanations and answers for most of the questioned that are avoided by other books.

Another unique thing about this book is this that the author addresses the problems that most people face while learning mnemonics techniques and provides the solutions to such problems so that reader may not give up. This is really a good thing about this book. I mean if you just provide the tools to people and do not teach them how to use them then all the tools provided by you are simply useless because this is a sure thing that we have problems while learning new thing so to be successful at learning something we not only need to know what to do but also the troubleshooting.

The memory systems covered in this book range from old to latest. Author teaches you all the basic concepts like method of loci. Another good thing about this book is this that author not only teaches you the methods and then offers advise on how to solve the common issue you face while learning these methods but also explains why these methods work and this builds your trust in the mnemonics. It is a universal truth that if we do not believe in something , it is not going to happen. For example, if you believe that you can never improve your memory and these mnemonics techniques simply do not work, then no matter how hard you try, you are never going to improve your memory. But the explanations provided by the author save you from falling into this trap.

This book basically has two sections, In the first section, you are going to learn what exactly memory is, how it is stored and how we access it. After reading the first chapter, you will have a good idea of what memory is and then author will take you on a journey to improve your memory.

This book covers most of the techniques that you need to improve your memory in all walks of the life. It will teach you to remember lists of words, names, speeches, numbers and dates as well.

i would recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn about the mechanics of memory and wishes to improve it.