This question will be answered by some of the most famous and successful seduction and dating experts. They will teach you when to take a girl’s number and when to take her home. Let’s get started.

Jordan Harbinger Says It Depends On Escalation

It all depends on how much you’ve escalated up to that point. If you’ve been making out with her at the club or if there’s a lot of sexual tension, you can say, “Hey, let’s go back to my place for some drinks.” And you can be with other friends at that time. It can be you and your buddy and her and her friends. You can bring them back to your place as a group for drinks and that tends to be much, much easier rather than asking one girl to step away from her group of friends and come back with you. Now, if you’ve been making out with her all night and you guys have been going at it in the dark corner of the club, you should definitely go ahead and say, “You know what? Let’s get out of here and let’s go to bed.” Go for it.

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If you get the number for later, there’s absolutely no guarantee that there’s ever going to be a later. I’ve done that plenty of times where I’m like, “All right, things are awesome. I’m going to ask for her number and then I’m going to call her tomorrow, the next day and we’re totally going to pick up where we left off.” And nothing, poof, gone and it’s a very, beginner, newbie mistake to think that you can pick up where you left off. If you have gone through the attraction phase, she’s really into you, you’ve escalated, you’re in that seduction phase where she is ready to go, don’t get her phone number thinking that you’re going to be able to pick up on that momentum.

A lot of times she’s just going to go home with somebody else and I’ve seen that happen before and I’ve also done my fair share of cherry picking where I’ll meet girls really late at night and they’ll say: “Oh, those guys didn’t pull the trigger. Well, I guess we’ve got to go look for something else.” Always ask her back to your place because you’ve got nothing to lose. The worst case is she says no.

Julian Foxx Thinks It Is Always The Right Time To Take A Girl Back At Your Place Instead Of Taking Her Number

It’s always the right time to get her back to your place. The only time I would not try to get a girl back to my place is if my girlfriend is at my place. That’s the only time that logistically it wouldn’t make sense, so, yeah I would definitely always try to bring her back to your place unless it’s logistically impossible.

It depends on what your goal is. If you are working on the phone game then maybe you should get her phone number, but for me the shortest distance between two points is a straight line, so, why get her phone number and go through all those tedious additional steps, if they are avoidable. I would say the only time to get her phone number would be if it is a) logistically impossible, because your girlfriend or your wife is at home or b) it’s just not happening, she is just not going to come back home with you.

Stephen Nash Says A Lot Of Things Can Happen Before You Know What To Do

There are a number of things that happen before that can be known. If you’ve just met somebody whether it’s at a party, or club, or a bar, nothing’s happening in terms of going back to her place usually unless she’s a little tipsy or very easy and you can tell the difference. I mean, if you try to make out with her in the club and she makes out with you and she gets into it, she’s ready to have sex. But usually if she’s not like that, which is 90% of the women I bet you’ll meet in those venues, she’s not going to actually have sex with you in a bathroom of the club, for example. What you want to do is change the venue to a different place. So what you do is say, “Listen, I was thinking about grabbing an ice cream on the way home, you want to join me?” It’s something like that, something very simple.

If she likes you and trusts you, she’s going to want to do that. So you go and you have an ice cream and have a 30- or 45-minute conversation with her and you really get to know her. You connect with her and in the midst of that conversation you introduce something about your house. “Oh shit, I forgot. I’ve got to get home. I got to walk my dog.” If she comes back with you, you walk the dog with her and then you might say, “Come up for a night cap. I’ve got to go to bed in 15 minutes, but let’s have a little something before bed, and then we’ll get together soon.” It’s something like that and then she’s back at your place and you can escalate from there. This was our kind of MO during Project Hollywood. A venue change and then from the new venue, you take her back to your place.

Every so often, a woman is ready to go. That happens. One of my first nights out ever in New York with some guys, I couldn’t believe it. We met some girls and there was a woman in the group who was cute and she was into me and we started dancing. She started grinding me up and I’m like, “Holy shit, this is going to happen.” And we went to a private booth and just started making out and I said to her “Listen, it’s a shame we can’t be more private right now.” And she said, “Well, come with me.” And so we went into her friend’s limousine and we had sex in the limousine with the fucking limo driver in the front seat. It’s very surreal, but nevertheless that was what I was doing at the time and looking for and she had a good time too, so no one was harmed.

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But there’s a difference between those two situations. She was kind of the easy girl, I don’t know, she was ready to go. But in the usual situation a woman is not going to be quite that aggressive and what you have to do is change venues then you could circle back to her place or yours.

Yad Thinks It Is Very Obvious If You Should Take Her Number

It’s very obvious: when she’s in a hurry, if she really got to go somewhere. I never have less than 10 minute interactions, by the way. There’s no point of calling a girl when you’ve had a less than a 10-minute interaction. Always try and keep them there by at least a good 10, 15 or 20 minutes. Once that happens, you can build a little bit of attraction, a bit of comfort, a bit of like teasing and push pulling. Once all those elements are in place, you can take her number for sure.

You’ve got to call them the next day and say, “Hey, listen this is the guy from yesterday. How are you?” Carry that vibe on because that vibe is tenuous at the moment. You do not want it to get lost. You can say, “Hey,so where are you going on Thursday night? It would be cool to go out for a drink. Is that cool?” It’s as simple as that.

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Then we go out to a place near mine. If she’s really nice and classy and I get that vibe from her, she’s just not a girl I’d like to have a one-night with then I would like to sit down with her. I would like to get to know her for two hours and then just like in a really polite way just say, “Okay, you know what, I’ve got to go, but I’ll be in touch.” I’ve sometimes done that with a girl for five dates and then when she’s back at my place, it is better because we know each other more. So you don’t always have to be that quick, but it’s the power of game that you could, with day game especially, you could actually choose what you want.

Adam Lyons Thoughts On The Whole Situation

For me it’s really a simple rule: if I meet a girl during the day, I’m always going to push for an instant date. I’m going to get her phone number as a matter of course to handle logistics if I can’t get an instant date with her. If it’s a girl at night, I’m always going to aim to bring her back to my place. I get the phone number almost always just to secure the situation at some point about halfway through the interaction. So during the day, I’m always pushing for an instant date and at night I’m always pushing to bringing her back to my place. The phone number is always literally something I’ll just do as part of that process.