In this post we will be covering some of the major signs that girls display when they are interested in you. So let’s just get started.

Jordan Harbinger Talks About Touching Girls To Make Them Give Indicators Of Interest

A lot of guys don’t physically escalate right from the beginning. At the Arts of Charm we teach that you need to start touching everyone right away, and we don’t mean groping or grabbing onto people. We mean light casual touching. Punctuate your conversation with touch. That is how you’re going to be able to see whether or not your physical escalation is happening. If you wait until you have this great awesome connection or rapport to start touching, it’s going to be forced. Now, you can look for certain indicators of interest from her. Of course, the cliché is her flipping her hair, leaning in, smiling and batting her eyes at you. That may or may not happen. Men and women have different concepts of indicators of interest.

For example, a lot of times a lot of my female friends will say, “I looked at him. I smiled. I even said hello, and he just walked on and rejected me.” And then that same guy will say, “Man, none of the girls here are interested in us.” And so the women think they have a big sign, flashing that say, “Come talk to us.” And the guys are thinking, “Man, you know, these girls are really not giving me much to work with.” So it becomes a pretty interesting dichotomy on what we register as a signal of interest and what we don’t.

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One thing I’ve noticed is young girls who start getting into bars and clubs tend to be very, very rude and that’s sort of their approach because they’re not calibrated yet. And if a girl says something or does something awkward, rude or mean in anyway, don’t assume that it’s you. A lot of times that’s because she has bad girl game, she has bad calibration. She might not know how to behave or approach guys in a bar or a club, so she does something that is weird and awkward. A lot of times it’s because they don’t know how to act or they’re nervous.

Julian Foxx Explains When To Take It To The Next Level

It’s always time to take it to the next level. It’s never not time to take it to the next level. That could be kissing her, that could be isolating her, that could be taking her out of the club, that could be taking her home, but it’s always time to take it to the next level.

However on the flip side, there is something you can do to make it more effective. For example, removing your attention from her right before you escalate, using that tactically right before you escalate can really enhance the overall effectiveness of your escalations.

Stephen Nash Says If A Girl Is Asking Questions She Is Interested In You

She will ask questions. She will look you in the eye. She’ll smile. She’ll laugh at your jokes. She’ll do something to keep the conversation going. If you have a question about it, make a two- or three second pause. Create a little discomfort in the conversation and what will happen is that she will jump in to fill it. When her friends come up she’ll introduce you, she will remember your name. She will ask you questions. She will make connections with you. If you start talking about the thing you did last weekend where you climbed Mt. Washington and Vermont and she says, “Oh yeah, my friends and I were climbing the Catskills just two weeks ago.” She’s making a connection there, so that’s a good sign.

But really, though, you can tell in your gut if the woman is interested or not.

Yad Explains Indicators Of Interest

I know if she’s doing all the classic things. So for example, on the street if she has crossed her legs, the way she’s standing – she loves it. She loves the conversation. I’m going to instantly date her in the next five minutes. That’s bouncing her for a coffee or something and then from there I try and get them back to my place. If I’m gaming her, if she’s playing with her hair, she’s laughing, it’s a good vibe.

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It’s all about energy. It’s all about moments. I’m not going to waste that moment. I’ll say, “Hey, I live five minutes away. Let’s go back to my place and maybe we can cook something. I’ve got this great piece of salmon I have to put in the oven. You can come and have it with me and you can see my gorgeous flat as well.”

And they’ve got to be open to it. There’s nothing wrong with inviting a girl back to your place. If she says, “No, it’s too soon for me” I’ll say, “Come on, we’ll have a bit of salmon, no worries.” If she’s adamant, she won’t come back. I’ll say, “Cool, you know, let’s keep in touch. We’ll do that another time. You have to come around and cook for me,” and that would be it.

But the cues are obvious, man. The cues are all through energy and through vibe. It shouldn’t be too difficult to know that the girl likes you when it’s a good vibe, if you’re getting along, if you’re relaxed around each other, that’s always the cue.

Adam Lyons Talks About His Game

My own personal game is incredibly fast. I was actually teaching a guy two days ago, and within 30 seconds, I’ve got a girl in a mall talking to me about her nipples, the fact that they were pierced and starting to describe her favorite sex positions. I can move game incredibly quickly. One of the main reasons I’m capable of doing that is because I don’t wait for signs from her for it to be OK. I’m consistently pushing in and elevating it until she’s uncomfortable with it. The minute I see she’s uncomfortable with it, then I pull it back a bit and then I slowly start escalating again until again I get that resistance or I get acceptance. And that’s why I almost always gain. So if you’re waiting for signs of when it’s working, then you’re really not pushing fast enough.

Alex Coulson Says If A Girl Is Not Leaving Conversation She Is Interested In You

I reckon if she’s still standing there and talking to you, that’s a pretty good sign. You can be on the lookout for eye contact, if she’s smiling, if she’s adding heaps to the conversation, if she’s laughing at your jokes, then that’s a great sign, stay there, it’s working. She likes you.

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And in saying that, I’m also going to say to not look for the signs. If she’s not making eye contact with you and smiling, it doesn’t necessarily mean she hates you and wants you to go away, it could just mean that she’s shy.

In fact, when you’re approaching a girl at a bar, sometimes it’s just as daunting for a girl to talk to you and keep the conversation going as it is for a guy.

So if she’s still standing there and talking to you, that’s a great sign, and I suppose you could test it. If you are standing up, you could say to the girl, “Listen, my legs are really killing me, you know. How about we sit over here,” and just like point to a chair right next to where she is standing and if she comes with you, then that’s a fantastic start. It’s a green light that’s saying, “Get in there, you’re allowed.”

Bobby Rio Makes A Comment To Gauge A Girl’s Interest Levels

I usually make a comment, and this is one of my favorite things to do. If it’s going good and I can tell we’re having a good time, and there is some flirting going on, what I’ll do is I’ll jokingly reference my wife and kids. I’ll say something like, “Well, this conversation is really good, but I’ve got to get back to my wife and kids soon.” And what I do right there, is if it’s going as well as I suspect, she’s going to give me a funny look. She’s going to like kind of look at me like, “What? Your wife and kids?” And then I’ll say something like, “No, I’m just teasing you silly. I scared you, though.”

And what I did there is sort of acknowledged the elephant in the room. And we both acknowledged it. It acknowledges that, “Hey, we were having a flirtatious conversation and you know what, it would be weird if I was married.” And now that we’ve acknowledged that it was a flirtatious conversation, you can just assume attraction and begin escalating because she knows that you know she was attracted to you and she knows that it’s out there, and it’s kind of like an easy way to get it out there.