Today you will be learning some of the best techniques to deal with rejection. As you will see, it is easier than you think to handle rejection.

Christian Hudson Talks About Dealing With Rejection

The only time we are going in and opening conversations is when we know that we are going to be well received. Because we’ve already received signals that somebody wants to talk to us. So whether it is eye contact, whether the girls are moving nearby or what have you, I’m very confident because of my ability to read situational dynamics that I’m going to be well received.

It’s funny because as a guy is developing his skill in trying to get better at meeting women, the ability to manage and create favorable situational dynamics is just as important as any conversation skill. I think a lot of people overlook that. They just say, “How do I open?” which is why your question gets so hard. What I will say is that if you do end up in that situation, then have fun with it and enjoy it and try to play with it. Don’t take this stuff too seriously. Certainly don’t be personally offended. There are any number of things that could be going on in her life that are making her uncomfortable and are making her not want to talk to you.

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So have fun with it. For instance, like we do in some of the bonding openers: We go in and say something that’s mildly offensive to very offensive in an attempt to shock the girls, but not personally offend them. For instance, we’ll say, “Hey guys, you know, my girlfriend is out of town this weekend, and I’m looking to have a threesome, are you two down?” In those situations you’re kind of trying to get rejected, but you’re having fun with it and that’s the key point. If the girls are not enjoying it, if they get offended, you can say, “Oh well, look, you know, if you guys aren’t both fine with a threesome, then I’m happy to just do one-on-one, and it wouldn’t be my preference but, you know, I’ll take it, and maybe we can get somebody else.”

So you see in that situation you’re trying to make it more absurd and basically are breaking the emotional state that they have and making them laugh. It’s all about taking a long-term approach to this and enjoying it when you’re in the moment and having fun with it.

David Wygant Teaches How To Handle And Deal With Rejection

Walk away. And I tell everybody, “Hey, it was great speaking with all of you. Nice meeting you.” I get everybody’s name, “What’s your name, what’s your name, what’s your name?” And I walk away. What happens, though, is that most people just walk away and never talk again. You probably weren’t well received if you were a non-contributor and that’s because you’re a non-listener. Because actively listening means that you can actually get involved in any single group. You may not know something about what they are talking about and instead of learning about what they’re talking about so you can use that knowledge moving forward, all you’re doing is acting like a 4-year-old. You’re thinking to yourself, “I can’t get the conversation in my direction, so fuck all these people.” In reality you should be listening to the art that they’re talking about, the history that they’re talking about, whatever, because life repeats itself every 30 days. And you’ll be at another party and they’ll be talking about some political debate that you didn’t listen to two weeks ago, and once again you can’t contribute.

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But if you drop your ego and you listen, you would have learned. And I guarantee you, the next time that conversation comes up; you would have been able to contribute. So the next time you’re in a conversation and you feel awful because you can’t win over people, listening is actually winning them over. Say something like, “Oh, this is great to listen to because it’s really not something I know much about. But I really thank all of you for allowing me to listen to this and learn. It was great. I mean, it was really great.” That’s going to give you the respect from the other people also.

Dean Cortez Shares His Tips For Handling Rejection

The answer to this is to have patience, be persistent. Many times I have met women or groups of girls at bars and clubs and at first, they were very standoffish. They were sort of doing their own thing and didn’t want to be bothered. But as the night wore on, they loosened up because they’re having some drinks. When I approach them again to see how they were doing, they were like, “Hey Dean, you know, where have you been? How are you?” They’re totally receptive.

So if you’re at a bar or a club and you are sort of planting your flag there for the whole evening, spread positive energy, approach girls and talk to girls. If they’re not into it right then, wish them a fun evening, demonstrate total charm and confidence and excuse yourself. And an hour later or three hours later, you might see her again and she’ll be in a totally different mindset. She’s been there for a while now and she has realized that most of the guys there are lame and boring and you’re a fun and cool guy, and now she’s down to have fun with you.

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I will also add that if the girl mentions she has a boyfriend, that doesn’t necessarily mean your chances are all fucked. In a lot of cases, your chances are actually very good. What she’s doing is she’s mentioning her boyfriend to sort of clear her own conscience. She likes you. She wants to go home with you perhaps, but she’s mentioning the boyfriend just to get it out there, OK? So she’s doing her part for her own conscience, and then if you wind up bringing her home, she can tell herself the next day, “Well, you know, I said that I have a boyfriend, but he had seduced me anyway and things just sort of happened. It wasn’t my fault.” With women, giving them plausible deniability is really important sometimes.

DJ Fuji On How To Handle Rjection

When you encounter that disinterest, you have to realize that you’re going out for one thing and one thing only, and it’s not sex, it’s not to get a girl, it’s not to impress people. It is simply to learn, to get better at this, to develop the social skill set. So when you go out and you get disinterest, or you’re not well-received, you can’t let that affect you. Because you’re not out to impress people, so if you don’t impress them, who cares? You’re out to learn to get better, right?

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You want to be the guy who learns to fish and not the guy who buys the fish every day. So when you get that response, shrug it off. Just shrug and keep going. Don’t leave the set. Try to keep going. Now, if they ask you to leave, if they say, “Hey, you know, we’re not interested. Please leave.” Then go ahead, leave. If they walk away from you, OK, cool, don’t chase. But if they say anything else besides that, in my mind, it’s still on, keep talking.

John Alanis Shares His Method For Dealing With Rejection

I’m a big fan of the book, “Winning through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer, which is the best book ever written on the subject of business. One thing Ringer always says that also applies absolutely to attraction is to understand this: “In the real world most deals just don’t close.” So the probability is no matter how good you are the probability is that she might not be interested.

What I’m going to do is say “so what?” There are other women to talk to, especially if you’re an attractive guy, and so it’s not worth getting hung up about. She could be busy. She might not want to talk to you, and so I’m just not particularly fazed by her. I’ll say, “Now, I’m frozen in that area. You just go along and do this again where you’ll get to where you’ll receive more.” But if you’re not, it’s no big deal. There are a lot of women in the world. Go and spend your time talking to another woman who has a high likelihood of receiving you.

I’ll make one quick point here. Attraction is a time management deal, OK? You can either be spending your time talking with the wrong woman or spending your time with the right woman. And as soon as you find out that you’re either not interested or she is uninterested in you, then you need to end the conversation and move on to the next one. Because what you’ll do is you’ll begin to build yourself a circle and have a group of women around you that you can spend a lot more time with. So if you’re not well received, you’re not well received. The reality is, well, most deals just don’t close, so you move on to the next one.