In this post we will be sharing some cool techniques that will help guys get any girl’s number easily. So let’s just get started.

Yad Explains How To Get A Girl’s Number On The Street

On the street, I always get it after ten minutes whenever that is and I always hang about. I don’t just leave. I always hang unless they have to really go and they’re in a rush and I just managed to get their number at ten minutes, which is good. I’ll ask them a few more questions after and say, “So now, listen, I’ll be in touch.” But one of my favorite ways to number close is to actually have a nice chat. I’ll try and bounce her for an instant date. This is after a good 10-15 minutes. So I’ll say, “Hey listen, you know what? I was just on my way to grab a cup a coffee and I have about 15 minutes and I have to get back to work, so why don’t I get you a coffee? I’d love some company. So come and join me.”

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This is the difference between night game and day game. It is totally okay to buy a girl a bit of a coffee during the day. You’ve just randomly met on the street and you’re fucking inviting her for a cup of coffee. It’s just a nice and gentlemanly thing to do. But it’s even better to get her to pay for yours: Be cheeky, just say, “Listen, you know what? I always have this rule that women should wine and dine me, and I think you should pay for me.” Say that if that’s the vibe, if you’ve got cocky and funny vibe. It is better than you paying for your coffee and her paying for her coffee because then it becomes really serious and weird. So yeah just get her a cup coffee, it’s no big deal.

If she has to go, say, “OK, cool. Just put in your number. I’ll invite you out another time.” So I always like to go for an instant date first because that will cement the date anyway.

Adam Lyons Shares How He Asks For A Girl’s Phone Number

I’m always going to ask for a girl’s phone number about halfway through an interaction. So if I feel that the interaction is going to last for an hour, then I’m going to do it after about half an hour. If I feel it is going to be a very short interaction that will only last about three minutes I’m going to do it one minute and a half in. You get to know that by experience. I look at my logistics, as well. For instance, if we are on a bus and I’ve only two stops left to go then that’s going to be a very short interaction. If I’ve met her and we’re wandering around the shopping mall together looking at clothes, I may not ask for it for half an hour because I feel that we probably will be wandering around for another hour before one of us has to jump off and move. So it’s all about understanding your logistical time and then trying to slap the phone number in the middle of that time.

Alex Coulson Method For Asking A Girl’s Phone Number

I’m a nonstop talker. I could really talk a girl’s ear off. I wasn’t always like that. It just came down to practice and talking to heaps of people and sort of getting in the swing of things, like learning from people. But what I found that’s really effective is if you tell stories about interesting places and events. Just tell them to her, and then sort of set it up, bait her with those. So she’ll think, “Oh that sounds like a really cool place.” I would mention this really cool band that my friend plays in every Friday night at a jazz bar. “It has cheap cocktails, it’s a really chilled out place, really relaxing with a great energy about it, fantastic service and great bartenders.” While I’m saying that, I’m not inviting her, I’m just mentioning this really cool band, this really cool bar. And 5 minutes after telling that story, I’ll say “Hey, listen. I’m going to that place on Friday night. Why don’t you come along, you know, and bring your friends? I’ll tell you what,” – and I’ll pull out my phone – “enter your digits here, and I’ll SMS you the address.” And by doing that, you’re going under the radar, and you are not making her feel uncomfortable. It’s more like, “Hey, I’m heading out to this place, why don’t you come with me?” And that’s probably the best way of really getting a phone number, baiting her with interesting places and stories and events.

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If you haven’t got 10 minutes to tell her a story just say, “Listen, it’s really cool catching up with you. You seem like a really cool girl. I’ll tell you what, let’s hang out sometime.” And pull out your phone, put the phone physically in her hand, and say, “Enter your digits, I’ll SMS you.” You want to call her, but just say SMS, because you’re going under radar. If you say to a girl, “Listen, I’m going to call you ten times a day. Enter your digits here” she’s not going to do it, so you want to go under the radar.

Bobby Rio’s Method For Getting A Girl’s Phone Number

I find the best way to get a girl’s number is early on in the conversation and by having an excuse to get it. Let’s say early on you’re talking and you find out a girl really likes an obscure band that you like. Say something like, “Oh, next time they come around, we’ve got to go together. I don’t know too many people who like them. Give me your number.” And right there, you just get it and you’re just very casual about it.

But now you have it and you just got it over it with. A lot of guys, myself included, used to make the mistake of waiting to the very end, right as she’s about to leave and saying, “Hey, can I call you sometime?” And it’s really awkward. You’re better off just using an excuse early on.

When you get outside of your head in a conversation you can focus on what’s actually being said and find so much more material to use. She’s going to say something early on that you can use to get her number. Maybe she’s in school and she’s thinking about her major. You can say, “Oh, my friend actually graduated with that major. He can probably tell you some really good teachers to take in that major,” and you get her phone number. You’re just looking for opportunities to get her number early on in a conversation.

Brad Jackson On How To Get A Girl’s Number

I like to get the number sooner rather than later. I DO teach a magic trick that makes that super easy too. It’s called the Jedi Ninja Text Message Magic Trick and though I can’t explain the whole thing now, it is available in my PUMA Skills Mastery Course and it works wonders.

But the real question is when. It depends on the situation. If I think there’s a chance of going home with her I won’t ask for it, I’ll wait to see if we go home. If I think that’s not going to happen, I’ll get the number earlier so I say, “In case I forget, give me your number because I want to call you and hear more about you.”

Carlos Xuma Teaches His Method For Getting A Girl’s Number

We fall victim to these patterns with women. I tell guys right off the bat that the best thing you can do is to defy patterns whenever you can. If there’s any interest at all, I’ll try to get her phone number earlier in the conversation rather than later. I don’t want to make it the closing note because then it becomes just like every other interaction she’s had, right? So what I’ll do is I’ll do some sort of a game with her. You can say, “Hey, look at this little thing I just learned on the phone. Give me your phone number. I’ll text this to you.” You can do that as a method of getting it.

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Don’t wait until the end. Establish a little bit more connection, and then you can just walk off on a cool note. You want to end on a high note. Getting the phone number is not necessarily the high note you want. It’s to make sure that she wants to start this up again, so I’d rather do it earlier than later.

David Wygant Says Anytime Is Good

Anytime is good as long as the guy is listening to the girl. As long as he has built up some rapport and he’s talking about three different things with her. If they’re in line at a coffeeshop and he says, “I want a caramel macchiato, what are they?” She tells him about caramel macchiatos, and then he says, “Gosh, it sounds like a lot of caffeine, are you having a rough day today?” She says, “Oh my God, my boss is riding me.” He says, “Really, what do you do for a living?” And she says, “Oh, you know, I do this.” He says, “That sounds like an interesting career, so what made you get into it?”

So you are having a conversation where you’re exchanging information. It could take 30 seconds to exchange information where both of you are excited about each other. It’s a feeling that you get. Grab her phone number and say, “Look, I’ve got to run. I’ve got to get to work. My boss is riding me today, too. I would love to talk to you again. Give me your number.” Don’t ask for a number. Don’t say “Can I have your phone number?” It sounds like you’re begging and pleading.

Have a conversation first. Women want to go out with a guy they’ve had a conversation with, be it 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds. They want to feel like they have had some kind of conversation with you, not that you walked over there with you dick and said, “You know, my dick thinks you’re hot. Give me your phone number.”