These are psychological tricks you can memorize to help to build attraction in the moment.

Teasing – Teasing should be one of the main things that you should do upon meeting a girl. It manages to keep things fun, shows that you are not intimidated by her, and helps you stay aloof all at the same time. I cannot stress how important teasing is when interacting with a girl. If you remember only one thing from my Tricks to Creating Attraction, remember to tease her.

However, be careful not to overdo it. I don’t like to use teasing as a way to make a girl insecure. I like to tease a girl about things that aren’t important, for example, being short. If I was teasing a man about that, it would make them insecure since height is considered manly, but since you are teasing a woman about it, it’s not something that will make her too insecure. Make sure to keep the teasing fun.

The takeaway – When somebody loses something, it makes them want it more. Usually, when you start hitting on a girl you send the message that she can have you. After you establish that you might be into her it’s a good idea to take that away. For example, you could say something like “You’re cute. It’s too bad I don’t date girls who have read the Twilight Books.”

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You can use the takeaway in more serious situations as well, but it is more risky. If a girl is acting inappropriate, make sure she knows it, turn your back and walk away. Tell her that it is over between the two of you. However, only use this when you already have a relationship with the girl. The less of a relationship you have with her, the less intense that your takeaway should be.

Passing shit tests – When girls are subconsciously trying to see if you really have the personality attributes from Base Attraction, they will throw out tests. They will say things to try to rattle you. For example, she might say “You know I don’t even like you.” after she has been telling you with her body language that she is very interested in you. She knows that a man with experience with women (Desired by Women) will know that she is lying. So if you see that for what it is, and react like the test that it is, she will become more attracted to you. A good response to that could be “I don’t like you either, the only reason I am here is because I like to keep my friends close and my enemies closer.” Say it with a cocky grin, so she will know you are not taking her serious. You will pass the shit test with flying colors, and you will subconsciously confirm to her that you have the attractive personality trait: Desired by Women.

Being mean, then nice – A famous version of this that is used by police is called good cop, bad cop. They are both cops, but after dealing with a mean guy, then being confronted so quickly with such nice guy, it psychologically makes the person being interrogated like the good cop much more than they would if they had never had to deal with the bad cop.

You can use this yourself by starting off your interaction with the girl by being a little mean. Then a while later she will do something and you will say “Hey, that’s pretty cool. I was wrong about you.” Then you start being nice, and she will be ten times more appreciative of it than if you just started out being nice.

Another way to use this is to follow a guy who just tried to approach a girl by being too mean. If you talk to her after he does, it will be one of the few times being a nice guy will be attractive. The contrast will make you being nice seem so much better.

Creating sexual tension – The best way to understand this is to watch how sexual tension is created in movies. Pay attention to how the sexual tension is built and what happens to create it. Usually it all leads up to the kiss. You don’t want to just kiss her, you want to make her think you’re not interested, then make her think you might be, then come close to kissing her. When your lips get close to her lips look at her cheek and tease her about a pimple, then back away. This will build great sexual tension, and make the kiss much better when you finally kiss her.

Creating jealousy – Jealousy is a human emotion that is experienced by everybody. It is very powerful and can create very strong attraction. The key to creating jealousy is that it can never seem like you are creating jealousy or it will backfire. Creating jealousy is something that women are masters of, so why not use their own tools against them.

A good way to create jealousy is to take a girl to a place where there are many more girls than guys. Take her to a place where you might get hit on by other girls, because there are no more options or because of some niche. This will create jealousy and make her like you more. It will also hit the Desired by Women attraction switch.

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Another way is to let her glimpse a text from another girl. When she asks about it say “It’s just a friend.” and change the subject. She will wonder about that text and it will create some jealousy.

Be a challenge – One of the biggest things that nice guys do wrong is that they are never a challenge. They are always trying to please the girl. You don’t want to be that guy. People appreciate things they have to work for, not things that are given to them. The harder she has to work for you the stronger her bond to you will be. Don’t make it too easy on her.

To understand the psychology behind this you need to understand that when somebody of lower status interacts with someone of higher status, they will constantly try to please them. They will try proving that they are of equal status, but a person of equal status wouldn’t need to prove it. You want to act high status, so you want to be a bit of a challenge.

There are many ways to be a challenge. When a girl ditches you, then texts you the next day to apologize and give you X excuse, don’t text back immediately and say “It’s OK, let’s do it another night.” No, she just ditched you. Don’t text her back for a day. Make her wonder if you are mad, or if you even care. The opposite of love is indifference, so the thing that will affect her the most isn’t getting mad. After that you can text her back, but when you text her back don’t act mad, act like you had something to do as a backup, so you didn’t really care. Indifference.

Have a fault she can heal – Girls love to think that they can change a man. Sometimes they can, but you can use that desire to your advantage. It is the main psychological factor behind why chicks are attracted to assholes and bad boys. They want to be the only person that the asshole is nice to. They want their feminine presence to change and soften him. They want the badboy to fall madly in love with them, and then with the power of his love for her he will change and become a perfect boyfriend. This is also the reason girls are usually only into badboys as part of a phase. When they realize they can’t change the guy, that he has to change himself, they move on from this phase.

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You can use this by emulating it. Act like a badboy, even though it’s not your nature. She will easily change you and be happy. It’s the fact that they think they might be able to change you that will make her want you more.

Make her feel a strong range of emotions – The main reason we enjoy movies is because they make us feel emotion. A good movie will make us laugh, make us cry, and bring out our adrenaline with some adventure. Women want the same thing when they are with men. They want to feel. They don’t want a dull night out, they want to feel emotion.

You can make her feel a range of emotions by doing something exciting like rock climbing, or maybe a bit illegal like trespassing into a pool in the middle of the night. If she is not up for anything too exciting you can lead her through emotions just by talking with her. Tease her, do something annoying, then do something sweet, then make her laugh, and then watch a scary movie. She will leave the night feeling many different emotions and feeling like she really lived.

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