Memorizing playing cards is not a mandatory skill, but this exercise is good practice for your imagination and concentration. The process is similar to that for memorizing numbers, symbols and numbers are changed to keywords.

Using a Simple Memory System To Memorize Playing Cards

You can easily memorize cards by combining a simple memory system with the method you developed for memorizing historical facts.

For example, you can use the image of Snow White’s seven dwarves from the number-symbol system for 7 and assign them different activities, situations, and movements for each of the different card suits (clubs, spades, hearts, and diamonds). Your images might be like this.

7 of clubs

7 dwarves with bright yellow, pointed hats are hopping excitedly among a whole lot of clubs and are upset that they can’t hide behind them.

7 of spades

7 dwarves wearing black swimming trunks are sitting by the sea and digging with their spades in the wet sand.

7 of hearts

7 dwarves in red jackets are serenading Snow White, and they all put their right hands over their hearts.

7 of diamonds

7 dwarves playing at being detectives are wearing suits with a diamond pattern, they are running along in single file, bent over with magnifying glasses in their hands.

You can come up with comparable groups of images for each of the other numbers. For example, for the four 8 cards, you might use the keyword from the number-rhyme system gate. It’s useful to further differentiate the term gate to clarify the playing card hierarchy. You could assign the four suits to four different kinds of gates. You can remember the four 8 cards using the following symbols, an elegant wrought-iron park gate for clubs, a farm gate for spades, a cozy little garden gate for hearts, and an ostentatious gate to a mansion for diamonds. Th en you can memorize the cards using the following images.

8 of clubs

As the sun shines brightly, you go through a park gate to a country club that has a lake and a magnificent view.

8 of spades

Under black clouds and pouring rain, you go through a farm gate and are annoyed that you can’t do any digging with your spade because of the bad weather.

8 of hearts

As you go through the garden gate to your home, you think, “Home is where the heart is.”

8 of diamonds

Announcing that “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” a millionaire stops his car outside the gate to his estate to give his girlfriend a diamond bracelet.

For the other cards, I suggest using a group of people for each number. Here are a few ideas.

For the 9 cards, use male or female friends from your elementary school (diamonds), high school (hearts), college (spades), and adult (clubs) years.

For the 10 cards, choose famous male or female tennis players.

For the jacks, think of hosts of TV shows.

For the queens, select actresses.

For the kings, choose male rulers or politicians.

For aces, pick male or female pop stars.

Th ere are no limits to your imagination.

I hope you enjoyed reading these techniques. I recommend that now you read how to memorize poetry and how to get rid of forgetfulness.