Any one can start working on his memory any time. It is never too early or too late. A game that i used to play with my cousins when i was a kid is Kim’s Game. It is really a fun game that you can play with your kids. Feel free to try it with your friends as well. Here is how to play this game

Ask your friend or child to arrange 20 household items on bed or table (does not matter). These 20 household items must be covered and you should not be able to see them. Then uncover the items and try to take no more than one minute to memorise all 20 items. Then you should turn your back and ask your friend to remove five or six items. And then your job is to tell which items were removed by your friend.

If you did not use any memory technique to remember the 20 items, you will be performing poorly. But just by using a simple memory technique, journey method, you will be having an unfair advantage over others while playing this game.This is the difference between a trained memory and untrained memory.

Another game that you can play is ‘Pairs’ and here is how to play

This involves dealing out a deck of 52 playing cards face down in four rows of 13 cards. The goal here is to win more matching cards (two sevens, two aces and so on) than your opponent. Players will take turns to turn over two cards and if they reveal a match, then they will win that pair of cards. Then they will remove that pair from cards and take a free turn. If a player turns over two different cards, then they will replace them face down in the same position and it will be the next player’s turn. The person who will recall the exact position of the most cards from previous turns will reveal the most pairs and will be the winner.

Playing these kinds of games really helps exercise your memory muscles and results in a better memory. Apart from these games there are computer games available that can help boost your memory. You can either download these games or you can just play them online. Following is a website that has some nice memory improvement games

I suggest that not only you try out memory building games but also get your kids play them. It is better to play a game that actually helps shape a better you than playing a game that does your brain no good. And it is really easy to get your kids interested in memory improvement by introducing them to such fun games. Memory games present a kind of challenge and if we can get our kids to love challenges then in future this trait (loving a challenge) will help them get through many of the tough situations that life presents.

If we think about it no matter what we want to succeed at, if we have a great memory, our chances of success shoot through the roof.