Many people think that study is a boring activities as compared to watching movies, sports or listening to music. A simple logical reason behind this kind of thinking is that study does not provide immediate pleasure in some cases. For example, if you are studying for exams, you can not really feel satisfied without the scorecard in your hands. While on the other hands movies and sports provide a sense of pleasure and happiness almost immediately.

But lets accept it, reading is necessary not only to pass an exam but also to increase your knowledge on various topics ┬áthat you might be interested in. In this article we are going to learn how to study. The guidelines that i am going to share here will help you study with concentration and get the most out of your study time. So let’s begin

It all comes down to techniques. When you have the right techniques to help you study, study becomes a fun activity. The first step should always be


Before you start reading blindfold or start trying to memorize anything, you should always review the information first. If you going to read about a topic, skim through it. Form an idea of what the talk is about and what you are going to learn from the topic. Ask yourself questions about the topic that you are going to read. Think about what you already know and what new information might be present in the topic. This helps you get engaged with your topic that you are going to study. This is a kind of mental warm up.

After you are clear on the things that you want to learn from a certain topic, then you should read in detail seeking the answers to the questions that you came up with during the review process.


Just use any memory technique to memorize the information. Browse through our memory section. It has plenty of memory boosting techniques to help you memorize almost any type of information.

Here is how to pass exams using two memory techniques.