Does your behavior and conversations with your wife or girlfriend resemble a relationship between a strong man and a woman that craves him or does it resemble a relationship between a little boy who’s terrified of upsetting his mommy? Think about it.

It’s important to be aware of which one it is because any attempt to lead a woman who doesn’t respect your authority will end in spectacular failure. She needs to be convinced that you’re convinced that you’re the one wearing the pants in the relationship.

No woman in her right mind is going to be attracted to her child. So if you act like a little boy who’s afraid of upsetting mommy she will unhappily take on the role you’ve unknowingly forced on her.

It has probably never even occurred to some guys that their wives or girlfriends continue to test them because they actually want them to push back. A woman would rather feel an intense attraction and adoration for a strong, authoritative man than feel contempt for a fearful, approval-seeking wimp.

common lies

By cowering in fear of her emotions you’re actually signaling to her that she possesses the authority in the relationship and that you’ll do just about anything to avoid her wrath, sadness, moodiness, or rejection. If making her emotionally uncomfortable makes you uncomfortable, you’re afraid of her.

Sometimes you can tell if a relationship stands a chance based on how much importance a man places on his woman’s approval. Women who subconsciously see their husbands and boyfriends as children or little brothers that they have to take care of have a much harder time respecting them.

Overtime these women may grow to despise their husbands and boyfriends simply due to the fact that they can no longer feel the attraction that once existed. It is extremely difficult for a woman to fall in love and stay in love with a man whom she does not or cannot respect. The best way a man can tell if he wears the pants in his relationship or not is how he interacts with his woman when he knows without a shadow of a doubt that she won’t approve of his words or actions. Read that sentence again.

The best example of this concept at work is how ready and willing a man is to lie to his woman just to avoid her “punishment.” If you find yourself lying to your wife or girlfriend because you’re terrified of upsetting her, you’re not being much of a man. If a woman’s emotional state determines how honest you are you’re not living your life by your principles, you’re living it based on her approval.

Here are a few of the most common lies men tell women:

“I’ll be there soon.”

No, you won’t. You’re running late and you won’t arrive anytime “soon.” Tell her the truth. Something like, “I’m running late.” Short, succinct, and non-avoidant.

“Yes, I did it already.”…Or… “I’m finishing up now.”

No, you probably didn’t. You forgot, she asked, and now you’re going to do it. Tell her something like, “No, I didn’t. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll get on it after _____________.” It’s important that you don’t insult a woman’s intelligence by using vague terms like “later” or “soon.” Give her a definite point in time. Be responsible.

“I didn’t know that was today.”

You probably did know but you’re hoping that your convenient amnesia is going to help you wiggle out of something you don’t want to do. If you don’t want to do something, tell her you don’t want to do something. Don’t be a passive little wussy.

lies told by men

“I’m okay. Everything’s fine.”

No, it isn’t. You’re in a bad mood and you don’t want to discuss it. Either that or she did something to upset you and you don’t want to show signs of weakness. It’s too late, she probably already knows. You’ll be a better man by just being honest about needing some space from her for a while or by telling her exactly how you feel. I’ve been guilty of this phrase more times than I can count.

“It didn’t cost that much.”

Poppycock. It probably did but you’re afraid that she’s going to disapprove of your purchase. If mutual agreement of money expenditure is priority in your relationship then telling her the truth is always the best option. On the other hand, if how you spend your money is none of her concern you might want to express to her those very sentiments, albeit in a cocky, playful way.

“I didn’t have a signal.”…Or…“My phone was off.”…Or…“I missed your call.”

All lies. You were screening her call for whatever reason and you didn’t want to answer. If you’re having a good time with friends and you fear picking up the phone and telling her that you can’t talk right now, you’re acting like a child. I can’t imagine a mature, masculine man being afraid to let his woman know that he’s busy at the moment and will return her call later.

These are just a few simple examples but I’m sure you get the point. As men, we sometimes have the bad habit of telling our women these little white lies just to avoid confrontation and seeming punishment. We’re all fond of taking the easy way out because we’re creatures of comfort that prefer the path of least resistance. The problem with thinking this way is that we fail to consider the long term repercussions such behaviors might have in our relationships.