Please Read Carefully Before You Submit Your Content

Many users submit content for publishing on BrainDirector and we are always happy to allow people to share their knowledge with the world using our platform. To be honest, most of the content we publish is submitted by our visitors. But we have some rules.

  1. No outbound link to any website that is not authentic.
  2. No more than 2 outbound links. (That too to quality sites).
  3. Your post must pass copyscape test (Must be your own creation). Even if it passes the test and we receive a genuine copyright claim, your post will be removed and you will not be allowed to post again.
  4. We do not log your ip address, in fact we don’t even force you to display your name. You can just appear as ‘The Writer’ (Write ‘The Writer’ in the name field and if you want the article to be published under your real name, type your real name then and also include your bio at the end of your post. Our editorial staff will take care of the rest). Feel free to have your say without having to compromise your privacy.
  5. You acknowledge that we might edit and modify your posts.
  6. We do not keep the records of all emails and posts as it is simply not possible for us and it sometimes can confuse us and result in duplicate content. So, once a post has been scanned against copyscape and published, that email will be deleted.
  7. BrainDirector does not take any responsibility for the content submitted by users. But we will be more than happy to remove content that infringes anyone’s rights. All you have to do is just to email us (Or use the contact us page) and we will respond and take action within two working days.
  8. We do not allow adult material. If you are going to write about relationships, please use words that are not sensitive.
  9. Articles focused on helping people learn something that they can put into action right away will be given priority.
  10. If you are sure that your content meets the guidelines as mentioned above, use the following form to submit your content.

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