You will learn when you start to do pick-up and seduction that “good girl” and “nice girl” are not the same thing.

Good girls will test you and they will do it tough. Remember anyway that there is one main thing good girls test for primarily: safety.

Realize that all the women you will meet in the course of your pick-up will try to have you become subservient to them.

This is deep in our culture and it is also hardwired in woman’s biology.

Thousands of years of evolution are at work.

Good girls will test you early on and try to have you become subservient to them just like any other kind of woman.

It is absolutely not true basing on my field experience that all the women will respond with sexual submission to men who do not supplicate.

Instead there are two groups with different behavioral response in regard to supplication.

The best women you will meet in the course of your pick-ups will actively try to have you supplicate in a way or another and will be extremely aroused sexually and attracted to you if you don’t.

They will test you hard for that, believe me, early on!

These are the best women and you want to go for them!

On the contrary the women who are trouble will do all what they can to have you supplicate and will become even more resistant to your pick-up and seduction if you don’t.

how to avoid supplication

They will have a reaction to your response not easily recognized in the pick-up and seduction community: they will dump you if you don’t supplicate!

In this group there are the women to absolutely avoid!

For a good girl to be really such she has to be able to live with the fact that a man will not give up his pride, masculinity and sense of honor for a woman.

The women in this “try hard” group in regard to supplication are usually:

Women in provider-seeking mode who are not able to accept male leadership. You want to be the one to decide are you going to be a provider to a woman or not.

You don’t want to start so that she chooses you for that role by having you supplicate. Drop these ones early on! They mean trouble.

Women who are unable to have a healthy relationship with a man – for example man haters or women with psychological issues.

Women with an agenda. They want you to supplicate to get some advantage out of you.

These ones will try to have you supplicate and will become resistant to your seduction if you don’t because they are either scared of the feminine side in their personality or have an agenda.

The agenda could be at the simplest: getting married with you!

They try to have you supplicate with the purpose of controlling themselves. They can control their own horniness if the guy supplicates to them.

supplicating man

On the contrary the women of the first group – the one you want to choose for a relationship – want to feel the joy connected with their own horniness and the joy of being under a strong male’s leadership.

These are the women you want to screen in and seduce! The good girls this about is about!

During the process of pick-up it is important to quickly distinguish between these two groups. If you invest too much time in the women of the second group you basically get in trouble, get a lot of negative feelings and waste your own time.

To avoid subservient behavior and screen out the “bad girls” you need to do a few things:

Ask from yourself at any step when she does a move is she trying to have you supplicate.

If the answer is yes then you need to ask from yourself the following question: if I do not supplicate is her reaction an increased horniness and emotional submissiveness?

Of course to ask from you this question you need to be good enough to not supplicate.

If you answer is that she is not reacting with increased horniness and emotional submissiveness to your non subservient behavior then you have to consider these options:

1. Your game was not good enough. In this case learn from the experience.

2. She is trying to control herself for a reason.

In the case you feel she is trying to control herself for a reason (usually too much fear or an agenda) simply eject the girl.

She is not a good girl by definition!

She either has psychological problems or is trying to put you into the subservient frame for a reason.

no more supplication

If you are interested in getting to know better bad girls just go for it. If your goal is to find good girls at this stage you can already drop her.

At this stage you already know that she is not a good girl: she is controlling herself for a reason!

The reason is either big psychological problems or she has an agenda.

We will continue this conversation in the next article so stay tuned!