One of the traits you will have to acquire to successfully leave your body is focused concentration. You have to master the art of focused concentration for better hypnosis. Try this method to assist you in this goal.

1.Sit comfortably or lie down and breathe deeply. Take a deep breath and hold it for a count of six. Let it out slowly. Take a second deep breath and hold it for a count of nine. Let it out slowly

2. Select a positive goal or quality that you would like to attract in your life. Emotional fulfillment, peace, compassion, and love are examples.

3.Concentrate on this quality and think about the different ways it could be a part of your life. How would this change your attitude toward life? Imagine how this would affect your family and friends. Keep images of these thoughts and impressions in your mind for six minutes. Set a timer to assure this amount of time.

4. Monitor your thoughts and filter out the unrelated ones. Keep your attention on the images and thoughts concerning this positive quality that you now have incorporated in your life. Note your feelings and make this a part of your reality

You can try several variations of this exercise by focusing on an object. A favorite piece of jewelry, a flower, or crystal works well. As you concentrate on this item, note its texture, color, and size. Do this for six minutes.

Here is another exercise designed to assist you in focusing:

1. Place a lit candle at eye level and sit in a chair within four feet of it. Make sure there are no drafts in the room. Set a timer for ten minutes and end this exercise the moment the timer sounds.

2. Relax and breathe deeply. Ask your Higher Self to assist you in projecting colors onto this candle flame. Concentrate on the color blue and mentally project that color on to the flickering candle flame. When you see the blue color look away from the candle and begin again.

3. Stare at the candle flame once more, only this time focus on the color green and repeat this procedure.

Your conscious mind might tempt you with outside thoughts. Ignore these mental distractions and continue gazing at the candle flame. You cannot succeed with this exercise if you focus on outside thoughts. You must discipline yourself to deal only with the candle. This applies to any other potential distraction that may be around the room or your home. In future sessions, you might want to make the candle flame higher or lower with your mind as you develop your psychic powers and your ability to focus on one thing at a time