There are many habits an alpha male does not indulge in. This is the kind of behavior that low self-esteem and no confidence and in order to make themselves feel better they make it their life’s goal to get others to approve them and tell them they are right even if that means annoying the hell out of everyone around them; they need to be superior in every way.

Criticism is a disease – that’s right a DISEASE.

It breeds depression, worthlessness and selfish behavior. As humans we try to rationalize our critiquing nature in order to prevent being wrong. Not only do these habits make your life worse, they also parade your insecurities for the entire world to see. Your negativity makes you look like an ass every time you open your mouth and drives others away from you.

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People who fear the opinions of others are afraid of being rejected or brushed aside. They are afraid to take risks and are afraid to express what they really think, feel or desire for fear of being rejected or ignored.

In the case of attraction and relationships, a man who is afraid of criticism is afraid to express how he feels about a woman (to any degree) out of fear of blatant rejection or being told they were a pervert or a sleaze.

Guys who are afraid of criticism often talk to a woman and indirectly go for what they want, usually because they have major hang-ups about how they convey their intention to a woman as a means to preserve their ego. This sort of behavior is far from the most ideal way of doing things but is nonetheless effective.

The reason why this is not effective is because you are going after your desires and core needs but with a delicate and protective touch by delaying gratification, being careful and being scared to show your true self because you are either afraid it won’t be effective, afraid of changing what you are doing or afraid of having to deal with trying something you’ve never tried before.

I’m sure you have heard the guy who walks around gloating about how he is much smarter or better looking than everyone around him and how easily he can achieve things or get things because of his status… But what he is really telling a woman in doing this is that he doesn’t feel his core personality is enough to maintain a woman’s interest.

He’s basically telling a woman that he needs to cover his true personality with pick-up lines, cockiness, money, looks, fame, power or whatever else.

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Doing this makes him feel better and gives him a sense of pride and security which makes up for what he lacks in his core personality.

The problem with this type of behavior is that it is not going to get a woman attracted to you – all you are going to end up doing is ultimately making yourself miserable while making everyone else feel miserable as well.

Confident people do not need the reactions of others (good or bad) to feel validated. In addition to this, confident people also tend to get along well with everyone around them as a result of their non-judgmental behavior.

Confident people see everyone as something separate of themselves – they respect the dreams, goals and ambitions of others.

If you truly want to be confident you don’t be worry about what others think of you.

When you go out of your way to try to justify and prove yourself to everyone around you all you are going to ultimately do is destroy your confidence.

When you criticize and try to blame others all you are going to do create a bubble around yourself to avoid owning up to your own actions in your life.

Case and point: don’t worry about what others think of you and your potential to achieve.

Don’t let those who think less of you or are jealous of you bring you down to their level just because they secretly want to see you fail.