Best Apps and Programs to Keep on Task (free versions available unless otherwise noted)

The Pomodoro technique (varied prices and resources):

Tasks, Planning, and Flash Cards

30/30—combines timers with a task list:

StudyBlue—combines flash cards and notes with text messages when it’s time to study again, along with a direct link to the material:

Evernote—one of my personal favorites; very popular for noting task lists and random pieces of information (replaces the little notebook writers have long carried to keep track of their ideas):

Anki—one of the best pure flash card systems, with an excellent spaced repetition algorithm; many excellent premade decks are available for a variety of disciplines:—allows you to input your own flash cards; you can work with classmates to divide up the duties (free):

Google Tasks and Calendar:

Limiting Your Time on Time-Wasting Websites

Freedom—many people swear by this program, available for MacOS, Windows, and Android ($10):

StayFocusd—for Google Chrome:

LeechBlock—for Firefox:

MeeTimer—for Firefox; tracks and logs where you spend your time:

Cheering Yourself and Others On

43 Things—a goal-setting site:
StickK—a goal-setting site:
Coffitivity—modest background noise similar to a coffee shop:

Easiest Block of All

Disable sound notifications on your computer and smartphone!

Additional Notes

Mental tricks can be powerful tools. The following are some of the most effective:

Put yourself in a place with few interruptions, such as a library, to help with procrastination.

Practice ignoring distracting thoughts by simply letting them drift past.

If your attitude is troubled, reframe your focus to shift attention from the negative to the positive.

Realize it’s perfectly normal to sit down with a few negative feelings about beginning your work.

Planning your life for “playtime” is one of the most important things you can do to prevent procrastination, and one of the most important reasons to avoid procrastination.

At the heart of procrastination prevention is a reasonable daily to-do list, with a weekly once-over to ensure you’re on track from a big-picture perspective.

Write your daily task list the evening before.

Eat your frogs first.