Let’s explain the concept of mind control.

Story 1

A man enters an AA meeting for the first time. He has personally experienced what alcohol has done to him, his family and his job. He sees all the people one by one describing their (“battle with addiction. He feels as if this is his only hope for a better life. He stands and sees the eyes of others focus on him, his voice quivering, “Hello, my name is …”

Story 2

The doctor has told her what she has already suspected. She has CPD, cardiopulmonary disease. Her life long love affair with the cigarette will either have to end now, or she will have to begin carrying a bottle of oxygen wherever she goes. The thought of stopping smoking creates a shot of anxiety as she opens the paper and sees an advertisement that reads “Stop Smoking With Hypnosis is 20 Minutes.”

Story 3

The young woman enters her appointment with her counselor weighed down by a lifetime of guilt. The secret that she has held all her life was now about to end. The words come out. Tears are shed. At the end of the session she notices a lightness in her step. Something has changed within her and she realized she can begin to make better choices in her life.

Let’s make it clear. Mind control is happening all around us.

This is not the fearful mind control envisioned by the paranoid conspiracy theorist who see covert signs and manipulations written on the back of a dollar bill. This is the mind control that happens within the settings we walk through every day. It is the mind control that happens in friendly conversations and the subtle pleas that tug at us in everyday life.

Is mind control good or bad?

Neither. Mind control is the sincere attempt to influence our thoughts to effect our lives in some measurable way. To look objectively at mind control we must abandon all the moralistic garbage others have given it

Mind control is at the very core of our communication. Even when we talk to ourselves (and we do it more often than we might admit) we are doing it to influence ourselves.

People are even willing to employ the mind control skills of others when their own mind control skills fail. This is why people visit or hire psychologists, hypnotists, and coaches.

There often looms an aura of mystery around these people but still their services are needed and desired.

Hypnosis is probably the most mysterious and misunderstood form of mind control. There have been endless books written on the subject that often say much of the same thing. The authors of these books are usually experienced and well; meaning professionals, but are invested in maintaining a divide between “mind control” and “hypnosis”.

I intend to close that divide. Hypnosis i5 a form of mind control. That does not make it bad. It makes it an extension of how we communicate. Nothing more.