I create my life! This is the mindset of a superstar. The only thing keeping me from what I want is the story that I tell myself of why I can’t have it. I am the steering wheel of my life. I never put my destiny in other people’s hand (never adopt the victim mindset of life happens to me).I create everything in my life( mediocrity, my struggle, or my success it’s what I choose it to be). Never blame anybody else for anything that is happening to me but me.

Never play the role of the victim it is pathetic! “Poor me will only get little pity from other people and it will get me nowhere”. Just stop! Stop giving myself excuses and just go and do it.

Only point fingers at myself first! Never blame anybody for the lack of success. And do not hang out with people or go into conversation with people that blame others for their lack of success. And in every situation is should ask myself “ what can I fix to make my situation better at the moment”

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What can I fix?? I need to push myself to open more women, I need to grow balls and escalate once I sense attraction, I have to control my nervousness around women, and I have to improve my body language. This is the way I should think what I have to fix and make better not give myself excuses and not doing anything. So take control and stop making excuses. And do not justification why I do not have what I want. And just stop rationalize why I m not doing and just start doing. Just catch myself when I am justifications and notice that I am doing it to give myself excuses. Do not justify because it’s bad for my self-esteem I will start believing my life and I am not going to fooling anyone.

Never complain to anyone about my problem with women. It just makes me feel weak! Just never complain, complaining is another worst form of justification and if I focus on the negative the negative will expand (law of attraction) and nobody like  a complainer. And it is such a turn off for girls. Remember the driver mindset. It’s easy to complain don’t do it. Just talk to the women and get over the fear of rejection.

Ps: If I want to get from where I am to where I want to be of course I am going to have to take that risk.

Stay away from complainers at all costs. Because people that like to complain stick together. and they will try to convert me into complain even more, and they will actively try to kill my self-esteem should be around people that promotes my growth and my self esteem.

Now what I should do is , try to never complain( and I d better successes), not engage in other’s complaints and never feel sorry for myself again and realize that I am the steering wheel of my life. Because when I can’t complain I will not release that stuck energy so I will do something pro-active that will benefit me. So stop myself immediately when I complain or justify or rationalize so I won’t feed my addiction and hitting rock bottom.

Remember Event + Response = Outcome, every outcome I experience in my life is a result of how i have responded to an earlier event or events in my life. Change the responses that did not get me any results, adopt different responses to my events. I control my life and every moment I am creating my reality. The events are usually going to be the same so change the response that I will get the results that I want.

There is no person coming on a white horse that will come and solve my problem. Unless I take action myself I will stay stuck all my life. Everything in my life is under my control. So every time I catch myself blaming, justifying or complaining stop myself and ask the question “ who am I giving the power to? “. And remind myself every morning “I am personally responsible for bringing women into my life, I create my sex life, and I must create the opportunity and attraction to get women into bed.”