In this article we are going to introduce you to the fundamentals of hypnosis that will turn you into a ten second hypnotist. So let’s get started.

Remember the basics: H+ and friendly eye contact.

  1. Close your eyes and go into a trance.
  2. Every time I touch your shoulder, you’ll go deeper.
  3. [Suggestions: eg self esteem]
  4. Count out, feeling relaxed, refreshed, etc.

Here is an example of the 10 second hypnotist. Notice that when you see “[TAP]”, you are to tap their shoulder; you don’t need to say [TAP]”.

  1. Close your eyes and go into a trance.
  2. Now, every time you feel me touch your shoulder like this [TAP], you are going to go deeper [TAP], and deeper [TAP], and deeper [TAP] into hypnosis.
  3. Now, you are a wonderful, caring person, at the same time you are an amazing hypnotist, and you are so pleased to notice how easily you are constantly enhancing your hypnosis skills.
  4. Now, I in a moment, I am going to count from one to three, and at the count of three you will open your eyes feeling relaxed, refreshed and simply fantastic! One, two, and three, open your eyes now feeling relaxed, refreshed, and simply fantastic! You did a great job; it is a privilege to have worked with you.

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5 Words of Power

  • Every Time
  • Because
  • Means
  • When
  • And

These are examples of words of power. It is not just the words that matter, these are ways of building experiences, linguistic bridges between ideas.

5 touches

  • Head tap
  • Head rotation
  • Shoulder tap
  • Arm tap
  • Hand tap

The five touches are used to emphasize positive resources, and to create triggers for those positive resources. It is important to ask permission to touch before inducing a trance, it is part of the “hypnotic contract”. In general, it is a good idea to avoid touching knee and/or leg because many people consider it too personal.

Hypnotic Themes

Now, the words of power by themselves aren’t really very useful unless you are trying to achieve something with it. The something we are trying to achieve is what I call a trance theme, or hypnotic theme.

A hypnotic theme is the thing you talk about as a form of suggestion, and then you use your linguistic bridges peppered in with the hypnotic trance themes in order to get someone to experience whatever it is you want to have for them.

The core hypnotic themes are:

  • Relax
  • Comfort
  • Focus

A few more examples outside of the core themes: safety, security, ease, automatic, unconscious, and peace. For more words than these, you can look in a thesaurus for additional related words, and you will find that there are lots of related hypnotic themes that you can come up with.

Here is an example of putting together the 5 words of power with the core hypnotic themes:

Every time you breath, your body can feel more comfortable because you have felt comfortable before, which means that it rs so easy for you to focus on my words when you know that relaxation and comfort are pleasant experiences.

Boiler Plates

Let’s talk about them.

Boiler Plate 1 (BP1 )

  • Sounds around you
  • My voice follows you
  • Sanctuary (Feel the chair beneath you, you know you are safe)

Boilerplate 2 (BP2)

  • Ease of re-induction
  • Self Esteem
  • Good Work

You should get in the habit of putting all the elements of BPl right after putting someone into trance, and putting all the elements of BP2 just before bringing someone out of trance.

Sounds Around You

Wherever you perform hypnosis, there is a good chance that sounds will occur. Whether it is the ticking of a clock, the hum of an air conditioner, a door opening and closing, people talking, a fire engine siren passing by, you can use any sound that occurs to your benefit when you suggest that any sound they hear will simply bring them deeper into hypnosis.

My Voice…

When people go into trance, they may go off on their own journey without you. To keep control of the experience, you should begin with a suggestion that your voice will follow them, that wherever they go, they will always hear your voice while they are in trance.


It is important that people feel safe, and that they can trust you. Again, you can use physical sensations to anchor a feeling of safety. If they are sitting in a chair, simply giving them a suggestion that they feel safe as they feel the chair beneath them really enhances their sense of trust. In addition, this physical anchor is very important for safely bringing them back to reality if they have an abreaction, which you will learn about later.

The sanctuary is also an important place for people to experience, a place in their mind where they feel safety and security. In this way, they know that whatever happens, they have a place they can return to whenever they need. This allows them to move from a place of safety, so they can confidently explore their hypnotic experience. If they start out in a state of fear, they may hesitate to follow your instructions, and they may give themselves unproductive experiences, blocking real change.

Self Esteem

The world would be a better place if everyone felt better about themselves, so go ahead and give everyone you hypnotise the gift of self esteem. Not only are you helping them, you are making the world a better place, one person at a time.

Post Hypnotic Praise

Many people may have doubts about if they were really in hypnosis. Telling them how good they did reinforces that what they experienced was hypnosis, and that alone increases the effectiveness of your suggestions.

BP1 Example

The sounds around you allow you to go deeper into hypnosis while you continue to focus on my voice, and the meaning behind my words. Now feel the chair beneath you, which means that you can feel safe and secure. Every time you feel that chair, you KNOW that you are safe!

BP2 Example

Now, the next time you choose to go into hypnosis, you will be pleased to find yourself going into hypnosis faster easier than ever before, and really experience hypnosis on a much deeper level than you previously thought possible. And you are a wonderful person. You are so amazingly intelligent and such a joy to be around! Now, I want you to know that you have done such a great job today, you have made many wonderful improvements in your life.

The 60 Second Hypnotist

image for learning hypnosis

(10 Second hypnotist plus all BPs)

  1. Friendly Eye contact, H+, contract(permission),
  2. Induce trance
  3. Deepen
  4. Sounds around you
  5. My voice follows you
  6. Sanctuary (Feel the chair beneath you, feel safe)
  7. General learning suggestions
  8. Re-induction boilerplate
  9. Self esteem boilerplate
  10. Good work boilerplate

Example of the 60 second hypnotist:

  1. From time to time I may want to touch you on the arm of forehead as part of the work, is it OK with you if I do that?
  2. Close your eyes and go into hypnosis.
  3. Now, I am going to count down from five to one, and every count will bring you ten times deeper into trance. Five, ten times deeper into trance, Four, ten times deeper. Three. Two. One.
  4. Now, the sounds around you simply allow you to go deeper into hypnosis, and allow you to focus on my voice.
  5. Now, as you experience this state of hypnosis, you will notice that my voice follows you wherever you go, which allows you to hear my voice, and the meaning behind my words.
  6. Feel the chair beneath yo(t, and know that you are safe.
  7. You know that you are alive, which means that you have an effect on this world, and that means that you are learning so much more about hypnosis than you ever thought possible, because hypnosis is an amazing gift that you get to give to others to improve their lives.
  8. Now, you are in hypnosis, which means that the next time you choose to go into hypnosis, you will find it easier than ever before, and you will have the privilege of experiencing hypnosis even deeper than before.
  9. Now, you are an incredible person that people love to be around, you make everyone’s lives better simply by being you! You are a fantastic hypnotic subject, and you can took forward to all the positive changes you have already made in your left. Good work!
  10. Now, in a moment I am going to count up from I to 5, and when I reach S, you will open your eyes, feeling refreshed, relaxed, and simply fantastic! One. Two. Three, energy flowing back into your arms and legs. Four, becoming present, and five, you are fully present, relaxed, refreshed and simply fantastic! Welcome back, you did a great job!

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The Hypnotic Blitz

  1. Close your eyes and go into a trance.
  2. Every time I touch your shoulder, you’ll go deeper.
  3. Full hypnotic blitz around self esteem.
  4. Count out, feeling relaxed, refreshed, etc.

A hypnotic benediction is a gift that you can easily give to anyone you talk to. It can be done overtly or covertly.

Many of us have had the experience of having a bad day, and then a good friend comes along and somehow cheers us up (gives a hypnotic benediction). On the other side of the coin, doctors have a way of accidentally hypnotising their patients. If they should tell a patient they have one month to live – this can work as a negative suggestion, a hypnotic curse.

People often create a hypnotic context without realizing it, and inadvertently give powerful suggestions. It is good to keep this in mind so that you can be more aware of what you say, even when you are not consciously using hypnosis, and it allows you to be aware of the effects of other people’s words on you.

When you perform a hypnotic blitz, it may be done covertly, which means you don’t perform a full induction. To make this work, it is important to create a strong hypnotic context. First of all, go first: put yourself into an outwardly focused trance, create inside yourself a high level of emotional intensity, and speak with enthusiasm. In addition, when you lock eye contact with them, it puts pressure on them to go into trance.

When you list out the desired results and identify the resources that help to achieve those results, you simply combine these with power words and hypnotic themes.

Blackjack Rule

To maximize effectiveness, include 15-21 repetitions of each resource and each desired result. This takes advantage of the Law Of Compounding Effect – which means the more you use a suggestion, the better it will work!