Being a man places you in a natural position of authority over women. You are designed to lead women, not by choice but by virtue of your function. Compared to women, you possess much more natural capacity. You are stronger, smarter, faster and more capable. Thus, according to your function, you must bear more responsibility. This is your obligation as a male exercising authority.

When you learn to take the lead and bring women into an orderly state, this will produce attraction. But do not assume leadership roles can be traded at your convenience. Realize that being the leader of women carries a lifetime obligation. Yes, leadership does have its privileges. But like any other position of authority, a heavy cost must be paid. You become accountable to those who submit their lives to your governing.

Since women lack the capacity to bear the burden of authority, you must take action. Too many men allow themselves to be crippled by the fear of pain or the fear of failure. They cringe at the thought of making a decision and being held accountable to its outcome. These men do not realize that pain is an integral part of success. Failure is necessary to properly calibrate decisions.

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There is nothing wrong with being cautious when approaching a decision. But paralysis proves a far worse outcome than failure. Mistakes can be adjusted. Failures can be forgiven. But when no decision is made, no correction can occur. Potential problems stay undiscovered. Avoiding a decision will not make responsibility vanish. It merely prolongs the adolescent stage of authority. Don’t be afraid of making bad decisions. Be fearful of neglecting to make any decision.

When speaking to a woman you’re attracted to, your job is to lead her toward your destination. This means you need to advance the interaction in the direction of a relationship. If you’re not doing that, you are failing to lead the interaction. If you are not expressing interest in her and pressing her to make a decision regarding your interest, you are not leading. You are merely reacting.

If she moves the conversation toward celebrities, the weather, or other equally directionless topics, you must stop her. Take the lead. Move the conversation back to what you want to talk about and move her in the direction you’re headed. This does not mean you are not allowed to talk about non-romantic topics. But be aware that your goal is not to cover as many conversation topics as possible. Your goal is to lead her toward a relationship with you. Talking about celebrities does not accomplish this goal. You need to take an active hand in meeting your romantic expectations with women.

Authority is necessary to meet the needs of everyone in a given social interaction. But this authority must move in the right direction. That direction is order. If you are experiencing directionless social interactions that go nowhere, this indicates a fundamental lack of guiding order.

When you compare yourself to others, it’s easy to feel like you’re not doing so bad. But don’t be fooled by society’s general social incompetence. A functional standard always gives you a proper indication of socialization deficiencies. The clearer the direction becomes, the more you realize where you are lacking.