This is a more important topic than a lot of men I have met give it credit for.

Being respectful is the line between the jerk and the alpha male that sends a woman from simply feeling attracted (and perhaps in tears) to feeling euphoric and telling everyone she has the “perfect boyfriend” or lover.

Don’t second guess this one guys, women love respectful men as long as you know what you are doing!

Some examples of respectful things you could do for a woman include:

Pulling out chairs.

Holding doors.

Walking her to her house.

Helping her with bags.

importance of respect in relations

If you don’t know what you are or are trying to impress her however your respectfulness will likely come off as:



Lack of confidence.

The key is as simple as making sure you are not doing things because you want or need to please her but because you just want to do nice things for her.

Make sure you are doing it as you would for anybody else.

The best way to ensure that she knows you are not being needy is to act in a slow, deliberate manner in which you can clearly convey to her that you are not:





It’s not really all that complicated. It’s all about simply acting natural and letting her know that you genuinely want to help her.

One thing I will do for example which I have done for years is go out of my way to help anyone who needs it on a regular basis… not in hopes that someone else is watching or to create an impression but simply because it is who I am.

respect in relations

For example, if I am on my way out of Wal-Mart and see a woman trying to load a huge desk in to the back of her truck I will go over and offer to help her whether anyone Is watching or not.

Many women see me do this (not because I do it for them) and understand which makes it very clear to them that it is just something I do.

I’m not trying to show off or get praise I just like to help people out where I can.

I don’t want to scare you but that last one on that list up above (manipulation) is a biggie.

It is not that you are going to “slip up” and make her think your being manipulative if you are genuinely not.

If you genuinely aren’t trying to be manipulative it will likely show up in your body language and demeanor but make a note to be aware of what you’re doing and what your motives are.