Females have been damaged by the permissive philosophy of feminism, which encourages women to defy male authority. This is no different than giving a child permission to enforce her dysfunctional desires and whims on her parents. Such an arrangement will lead to a loss of order in the child’s life. The child, lacking foresight, will eat unhealthy foods (ice cream), engage in dangerous behaviors (running in the street) and resist protective limitation (refuse to wear a jacket outside). Eventually, the child will suffer poor health, injury or death.

Limitation makes children grow properly. Even in nature, you can see this principle at work. The best wine is not produced by wild grapes, but by those that have been carefully restricted by pruning and arrangement. Restrictive training produces the most useful animals. Restrictive workout programs and confining diets produce the world’s best athletes. Restrictive education and self-limiting discipline produce the most successful businessmen. Even the President undergoes the strictest public scrutiny and is subject to the most limiting regulations of personal conduct.

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Those who apply limitations and restrictions to themselves, excel. Those who indulge unmeasured freedom, don’t.

As agents of order, one of your primary functions is to prevent disorder from happening.

When women operate outside the guidance of men, they move in a disorderly direction and become dysfunctional. This is no different than a child trying to live productively without parental guidance. Such a situation is doomed from the start.

Children require the ordering function of their parents to maintain peaceful lives. A large part of a parent’s responsibility is devoted to disorder prevention; don’t play in the street. Don’t stay up too late. Don’t eat tons of sugar. Don’t hang out with dangerous people. Don’t make friends with people of poor character. Don’t be lazy. Don’t neglect your chores. Don’t damage your reputation in society. Don’t take drugs. Good parents must constantly tell their children “NO” to prevent them from becoming dysfunctional.

Permissiveness leads to dysfunctional behavior. Emasculated men have allowed women to treat them disrespectfully. As a result, women today feel entitled to do whatever they please without fear of reprisal. You need to stop this dysfunctional cycle. You need to stop allowing your expectations to be violated. You need to stop catering and deferring to the dysfunctional whims and demands of women and start caring about getting your needs met.

You need to stand your ground. Being a functional man means saying “NO” to dysfunctional women. Don’t be fooled even though women may be considered adults, when divorced from the guidance and restriction of men, they remain childish in their attitude and behavior. This is why social interaction proves so difficult for many men. They just assume females are supposed to be difficult and demanding. Men fail to realize that their own dysfunctionally submissive attitude reinforces disorderly female behavior. Whereas functional men cause women to become responsible, emasculated men simply adapt to disorder. Their acceptance permits and normalizes the problem.

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Telling a woman “NO” is one of the most valuable thing you can do for her. When you take the opportunity to tell a woman NO, you demonstrate your ordering capacity. Women respond positively to orderly men who make their limits and boundaries known and have the conviction to enforce them.

The idea of a man controlling his wife has been demonized by society, often called an “abusive” character trait. But being in control is necessary for healthy relationships. For example, a husband should rightly control his wife’s associations. This valid, practical use of his male authority protects her from potential harm. He realizes that men mainly associate with women for sexual purposes. Just as parents routinely restrict the associations of their children as a matter of safety, in like manner, men should restrict the associations of women.

But men should take care to meet the needs of those under their control. Restricting the associations a woman forms with other males keeps her safe. But the reason she seeks to form unhealthy associations also needs to be addressed.

Women need approval and constantly seek it out in various forms—the most popular being male attention. If you fail to provide this, they will look elsewhere for it. Prohibiting a woman from hanging out with other men will only work if her need is met.

Women, like children, are in dire need of restriction. But this carries a huge responsibility. Their physical and psychological welfare rest in your hands.

Since men have the obligation to protect women, they must maintain a position of authority over women. And since women receive the benefit of male protection, they must sacrifice their freedom by submitting to male authority. This functional governing arrangement can even be observed in our society.

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Today, airport security is restrictive. It requires extra arrival time and causes passengers to sacrifice certain personal freedoms to maintain it. But people are willing to sacrifice their time and privacy to feel safer.

This governing dynamic also occurs in relationships. To have security, women must give up their personal freedom to men. To have their sexual needs met, men must give up their personal freedom to women. Each gender binds itself to the other to secure its needs. A mutual sacrifice occurs. Just as children must sacrifice their personal freedoms to receive the benefit of their parent’s care, so too must parents sacrifice their lives to ensure the welfare of their children. Authority always comes with a much greater responsibility; while women must sacrifice their freedom, men must sacrifice their very lives.

Unfortunately, feminism teaches women to avoid making sacrifices while demonizing males who refuse to make any sacrifice. Women routinely withhold sex until men meet their demands. They abuse the legal system with its female-friendly laws. They abuse the media with their professional victim mentality. They abuse the dating game through entitlements and special gender privileges. Feminism epitomizes this self-serving indulgence.

If you are willing to give up the right to pursue other women to be in a relationship, then the woman should respect this by meeting your needs. This requires her to sacrifice her freedom just like you. As a man, you should never be ashamed of restricting and limiting women. Not only does it foster attraction, it also provides the means to meet your gender responsibilities.