Today we are going to review “The Memory Book” authored by Harry Lorayne. Harry is a magician holding live shows worldwide in which he performs amazing feats of memory.

So what will you learn if you buy The Memory?

I have read this book  so i can testify that you are not going to learn anything NEW. This book teaches the basis techniques and intended to be for those people who are new to the world of mnemonics. The techniques covered in this this book are for memorizing lectures, speeches, digits, quotations, and dates. And that is pretty much it.

If You Already Know The Basics Then Do Not Bother To Buy It

This is just a rehash of the old memory techniques shared by Harry Lorayne in most of his other books (According to an amazon reviewer). And it is true because i myself have read most of the books authored by Harry Lorayne.

What are the basics of mnemonics?

Association – associating one thing with another thing to remember it.

Imagination – creating bizarre and fun images in your mind and using them to memorize information.

Location- Using places also known as Loci to store information.

The three ingredients of the mnemonics i just mentioned are considered the basics of mnemonics. We have three different articles here on braindirector providing you with detailed explanation of these three basics.

Apart from this Number rhyme system, using body to to store information, number shape system and loci method are also known as the basic mnemonics techniques.

So now if you are familiar with the techniques that i just mentioned above, then you do not need to read this book as these were the techniques that this book is going to teach you. And no, there are no detailed instructions. Just the basics.

If You Are New To Mnemonics

then i would recommend reading this book. This book will help you understand and absorb the basics of mnemonics and will provide you with some exercises to practice the techniques taught within this book. Harry shares some small memory feats with you like memorizing a list of random names and numbers just by listening to them once. Again do not expect any out of the box memory feat. But this book is certainly going to help beginners.

Tips On How To Read This Book

Do not try to read this book in a day. Take your time and make sure that you fully understand the current chapter before moving onto the next one.

Perform all the exercises provided in this book because they are designed to help you learn the applications on the memory techniques taught in this book.

If you feel that you do not understand any concept on techniques then please ask us in the comments section so that we may help you by providing more details and examples of the techniques and concepts that you did not understand from this book


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